2013 Mercedes A-Class Sport

Mercedes’ stand at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show included a particularly sporty and racy A180 that was designed to preview the German automaker’s new Sport program.

If this display is any indication, then Mercedes has a versatile choice of options to give its customers.

Dressed in a Polar Silver exterior paint with Jupiter Red detachable parts, the A-Class Sport is a real sight for the senses. The new components fitted into the sports hatchback and treated with the Jupiter Red shade include the front apron spoiler lip, the roof spoiler, and the rear apron trim, all of which carry a distinct complement to the shiny Polar Silver body.

From there, Mercedes decorated the entire body of the A-Class Sport with a sticker kit that features a checkered-flag design with a color gradient and a silver-tinted sun protection strip with red linings and a choice of racing numbers that customers can have run the entire length of the car. If that isn’t enough, the German automaker is also previewing its "Night" styling package, one that comes with its own front and rear trim, a new diamond radiator grille, illuminated door sills and a set of 18-inch two-tone light-alloy wheels. A sports steering wheel is also part of the program, as are the new sports pedals.

Last but not least, the A-Class Sport also receives performance and handling kits that feature a two-pipe rear silencer, a new sports suspension system and perforated brake discs and red calipers.

Check out the full list of Sport spec accessories available for the A180 after the jump

Mercedes A-Class Sport
W 176 AccessoriesPrice (€)Item NumberAvailability
Front apron spoiler lip449A176 880 0008Immediate
Diamond radiator grille565.25A176 880 2083 9982Immediate
Front trim, chrome-plated169A176 820 0090Immediate
Decorative "Road" sticker kit in chequered flag design for bonnet, roof and sides429Upon requestAvailable from 2nd quarter of 2013
Decorative "Track" sticker kit with numbers (0-9) for bonnet and door as well as sun protection strip199Upon requestAvailable from 2nd quarter of 2013
"Night" styling package (black radiator grille and waistline trim strip)339A176 880 2383Immediate
Exterior mirrors, black high-sheen159A212 810 0079Immediate
Sport badge25A176 817 0420Immediate
Roof spoiler259A176 793 0088Immediate
Front trim, chrome-plated119A176 820 0190Immediate
Rear silencer kit499Upon requestAvailable from 2nd quarter of 2013
Rear apron trim in diffusor look, no-pipe/two-pipe359A176 880 0208Immediate
Mercedes A-Class Sport
W 176 AccessoriesPrice (€)Item NumberAvailability
Sports suspension kitUpon requestUpon requestUpon request
Sports brake kit with perforated brake discs and red brake callipers on the front wheels855Upon requestAvailable from 3rd quarter of 2013
18-inch (45.72 cm) two-tone light alloy wheels, black high-sheen309A246 401 1602 7X23Immediate
Mercedes A-Class Sport
W 176 AccessoriesPrice (€)Item NumberAvailability
Illuminated stainless steel door sills, set of two379Upon requestAvailable from 3rd quarter of 2013
Leather sports steering wheel279A172 460 1603 9E38Immediate
Velour floormats with logo, set of four125A246 680 3848 3D16Immediate
Sports pedals in brushed stainless steel52A246 290 5401Immediate


When I see the gallery, I realize that the 2013 Mercedes A Class Sport will be a lot cuter if it is smaller and a hybrid version Polar Silver exterior paint makes the car glossy looking and a Jupiter red shade add a great touch to the car.

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