2013 Mercedes-Benz CL63 AMG by Famous Parts

It’s been a while since we last heard something about the Mercedes CL-Class , but Famous Parts brought it back to our attention with a tuning package based on the CL63 AMG .

Its Black Edition Wide Body Kit will provide the car with a more aggressive look and more muscular proportions. The kit includes a new front bumper and spoiler blade, new side skirts, a new rear bumper and diffuser, a pair of front mud guards, rear side wall enlargements, a new hood, and lattice inserts.

The front bumper received integrated LED daytime running lights. The Benz is painted Frozen Gray Matt Champagne Metallic paint combined with tinted rear side glass and windshield.

The car sits on a set of 21-inch Monoblock E wheels wrapped in Continental Sport Contact high-performance tires and combined with a lowering module.

Under the hood, the 6.2-liter V-8 engine remains unchanged, but by using software modifications and optimizing exhaust system, the output has jumped to 610 horsepower — an increase of 85 horses over the standard version.

Press Release

Famous Parts for Famous Cars: CL63 AMG with Black Edition Wide Body Kit

Mercedes-Benz CL63 AMG by Famous Parts

Since the emergence of the SEC models (C126) of the 1980s, the great S-Class Mercedes Benz Coupés have been seen as the coronation of the German art of automobile production and count among the most luxurious and prestigious vehicles of the world. Even the current CL Class C216 can also lay claim to this internationally acclaimed nimbus. Yet the C216 has other capabilities: With the Black Edition Wide Body Kit, the elegant Businessman is transformed into a masculine athlete with muscular proportions and broad shoulders.

The transformation was performed by the company “Famous Parts“ from Ratingen near Düsseldorf – specialist in the exclusive refinement of automobiles – responsible for the equipment of the 2009 pre-facelift model of a CL63 AMG with the bulky Black Edition V1 Wide Body Kit. This covers a front bumper together with spoiler blade, a pair of side skirts, a rear bumper with diffuser, a pair of front mud guards, rear side wall enlargements, a new engine hood and lattice inserts to match. Also: integrated Famous Parts in Prior Design front bumper with bright LED daytime running lights with exact fitting molded parts.

Mercedes-Benz CL63 AMG by Famous Parts

One more highlight of the bodywork styling is no doubt, the complete wrapping in the striking and conspicuous yet non-pervasive color shade of “Frozen Gray Matt Champagne Metallic“ rounded up with the tinting of the rear side glasses and the rear windshield.

The high-grade Brabus alloy wheel rims of size 10.5 x 21 inches found their way into the mud guards in a perfect blend with the character of the great coupé. The “Monoblock E“ rims were fitted with Continental Sport Contact high-performance tires of the dimensions 265/30R21 on the steering axle and 305/25R21 on the drive axle.
Famous Parts performed lowering on the vehicle through the electronic adaptation of the serially produced ABC chassis frame while spacing discs of the company H&R accounted for the horizontal alignment of the wheels in such a way that they blend perfectly well with the edges of the wheel arch.

Famous Parts did not leave even the 6.2 liter V8 driving mechanism of the CL63 AMG untouched: Using software modifications and optimization of the exhaust gas system, the specialists from Rhine Land gained a significant power boost of 85 horse power from the high torque engine in such a way that measurement on the capacity test platform uncovered a big fat 610 horse power.

Mercedes-Benz CL63 AMG by Famous Parts


610 HP in pure luxury. it is like heaven for any car enthusiast!

this is a nice revival of a great car! but maybe mercedes will gives us a new version soon!

to be honest, this car can easily be in a class of it’s own!

i thought of the jag too. but you are right, it is not as good. an aston martin is sportier, so is a maserati.

there might be a 2 door jag, but i do not think it rises that high.

i was trying to think of another car to compete with this one, except the continental. and in terms of size and luxury, there is no other i can think of.

i think that the continental would be the only true competitor for this car!

let’s not forget about cars like the bentley continental.

you got that right. i think this is one of the best 2 door cars out there.

this is luxury and performance at it’s best.

i love the mate paint finish and the bonnet. gives an aggressive look to the whole car!

this car looks mean as hell. and it sure is!

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