2013 Mercedes C63 AMG Estate Black Series

Mercedes has officially released details on the C63 AMG Estate Black Series Sedan and Coupe models, as well as a promise of a Cabrio version , but recent spy shots have also revealed that the company is planning an estate version for its most powerful C-Class . The C63 AMG Estate Black Series will be launched before the convertible model, so expect it sometime in 2013. Unfortunately, since the standard C63 AMG Estate isn’t offered in the States, neither will the Black Series version.

The C63 AMG Estate Black Series will be the perfect car for those who want to combine a spacious family car with extreme performance. It will use the same 510 HP 6.3L V-8 engine from the sedan and coupe versions, but since the Estate is heavier, its performance numbers won’t be as good. The engine will be mated to an AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT 7-speed sports gearbox and the added AMG package will make it even more aerodynamic.

The exterior and interior features of the C63 AMG Estate Black Series will be similar to its Black Series brothers. All these elements will be combined with adjustable AMG coil-over sports suspension, the AMG high-performance compound braking system, and functional standard equipment.


Well, I hope that it also has an impressive interior, and I must say that just like them, I will surely wait for the other official details of it. Moreover, I’m already satisfied on its engine.

I hope that they already include the interior pictures of this C63. Moreover, unlike with them, I’m not so impressed with the front bumper of this but sure it really looks great on its body paint.

I love its aerodynamic package, specifically on its engine specification, which could truly give a nice and awesome speed performance on this. However, I’m just a little curious on its interior feature?

It looks cool on its body paint. It is as well so elegant on its car lines, especially on its front hood. I also noticed that its exhaust system is perfect on it. Moreover, it’s a good thing that it has a very efficient engine.

I love the air intake of this Mercedes on its front hood; it only gives an aggressive look on this, which looks so perfect! Moreover, I like the body paint that they use on it even with the powerful and efficient engine.

This future vehicle of them really looks so aggressive because on its car lines and air intakes on its front hood. Moreover, I’m glad that they still use a powerful engine for this sedan coupe of them.

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