2013 Mercedes G63 AMG by Brabus

At the upcoming Essen Motor Show , Brabus will unveil a tuning package based on the latest Mercedes G63 AMG . We have to admit, we never imagined a G-Class could look this good, especially when wearing that black coat of paint.

The most awesome part of the tuning kit sits beneath the hood. Here, the standard 5.5-liter V8 biturbo engine received an additional intercooler and some ECU updates that boosted it from its already monstrous 544 horsepower to an incredible 620 ponies. Along with the extra ponies came a few extra pounds of twist, as its torque jumped from 560 to 590 pound-feet. We can’t tell exactly how the extra 76 horsepower will improve the SUV’s performance numbers, but we’ll surely learn more during its debut in Essen.

To add a little extra style to the package, Brabus placed the G63 AMG atop a set of 23-inch wheels painted in black and covered the calipers with a layer of yellow paint


this car has such strong lines no one would dare to cross you in traffic. i want one!

i think i’d rather have this car then the new ML of the GL or any other 4x4 mercedes has to offer.

this car has never looked better. and it has enough power to go camping and take your whole house with you, if you put wheels on it!

this is the type of car you get into and go where you see! and wherever you like! and it will never let you down.

i would put off-road tires on this car, on smaller wheels, and take this car to a road trip.

i love the all-black look of this car. it is awesome!

otto, you may be right there. but the range rover does not have 620 HP!!!

this car has almost the same design since ever. but that makes even better, because it still looks good!

as much as i love this car, john, i must not forget the range rover. and that car can off-road just as good.

off-roading with style. what other car can give you that?

wow, this car looks amazing! it’s like a crew of hit-men must come out of the car at any moment!

this car can beat a porsche just by going near the track in a drag race!

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