2013 Mercedes SL500 R231 Tuningpremiere by Wheelsandmore

In case there was ever a question in anyone’s mind, German tuner Wheelsandmore is considered one of the best in the tuning business for their impeccable versatility in tuning sports cars. These guys don’t discriminate with their work, and that’s no more evident in their latest project involving the all-new Mercedes SL500 R231 . Fresh off the press, Wheelsandmore’s program for the SL500 R231 is billed as "Tuningpremiere," and like everything the tuner does these days, the program comes chalk full of amenities.

To begin with, Wheelsandmore wrapped the Mercedes roadster in an aluminum-silver-gray finish that adds a vestige of mystique to the car’s overall look. In addition to that, the tuner also fitted the SL500 with a new set of 20" 6SporzĀ² wheels that can be wrapped in Continental Sport Contact 5P tires.

The car’s suspension was also tweaked, courtesy of a fully adjustable suspension module called LowMaXX. As always, the final piece to the tuning puzzle deals with engine modifications. Thanks to a remapped ECU system, Wheelsandmore managed to increase the engine output of the SL500 R231 to an impressive 505 horsepower and 590 lb/ft of torque, an increase of 70 ponies and 74 lb/ft of torque.


Wheelsandmore can still make some improvements and adjustments to this model to achieve the maximum performance and design of Mercedes SL500 R231.

I am a wheel-lover person. I always look to it at first when I’m looking at a car. Mercedes SL500 R231 is awesome. I just don’t like the top-down style.

More good specs need to be added to this model to make it complete. I think they have still not overcame the bad side of having a convertible car. Though overall, it looks fairly good.

How many tuning programs did Wheelsandmore collaborated with Mercedes? A lot maybe, but this SL500 is most promising with their impressive upgrades and remapped ECU systems. 

It looks good although it lacks design because it is a convertible. More components have been added to improve its performance.

This time, Wheelsandmore has paid enough time SL500 R231’s style. It isn’t as minimal as the others they have tuned.

Its fascia lacks prominent features, but since it is a convertible, it is forgiven. Besides, the tuning has made its paint job sleeker. The other additional features have greatly contributed to its empowered performance.

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