2013 Mercedes SLS AMG by Vilner

German aftermarket specialist Vilner won’t waste your time with any performance upgrades. That’s not their style.

Instead, they specialize in the kind of modification that makes the interior of a standard Mercedes SLS AMG look pauper-ish by comparison. That’s not directed at the fine folks of Mercedes , who we believe do an outstanding job with styling choices.

It’s just that Vilner specializes on this kind of thing, so much so that anytime they work on an interior of a car, you expect nothing short of spectacular.

On this particular program, that’s exactly what they did, and the result is bloody impressive. There’s a whole lot that went to this program so instead of just rambling on about it, just hop on past the jump and find out what Vilner did to this particular Mercedes SLS AMG.

Here are a couple of hints: leather and Alcantara.


Mercedes SLS AMG by Vilner

The big thing about Vilner is that these guys are all about interior makeovers, so don’t expect a whole lot of upgrades on the SLS AMG’s exterior. Having said that, there are the cursory upgrades that add flavor to the German supercar. Not that it needs any, but Vilner thinks it needs a few nips and tucks, and who are we to disagree?

For one, the inserts just below the headlights have been painted black, which probably won’t notice it unless you take a close look at the supercar, but trust us, it’s there. Presumably, Vilner decided to do that to establish a contrast with the SLS AMG’s shiny silver exterior.

The central strip just around the Mercedes-Benz emblem also makes use of this contrasting style and the grilles have been painted in Black Piano Varnish. The exterior mods are subtle, to say the least, but they do make for a palatable appetizer for what Vilner did on the inside of this Mercedes.


Mercedes SLS AMG by Vilner

This is where Vilner earned the reputation of one of the best interior designers in the aftermarket auto scene. For the SLS AMG, Vilner used two materials that it’s come to be known for — red leather and Alcantara. Notice the prevalent use of the two materials all over the interior, including the airbag and the dashboard box, both of which have been treated and customized in black Alcantara.

Vilner also made use of an embroidered AMG emblem and plastered it on various parts of the interior, including the trunk floor. Then there’s the steering wheel, which has been wrapped in black leather, adding even more panache and style to the interior. Just the way Vilner likes it.


Mercedes SLS AMG by Vilner

No performance modifications were given to this exotic, so expect the same 6.3-liter V-8 engine that produces a stout 563 horsepower and 479 pound-feet of torque. Those numbers are good enough to allow the supercar to hit 60 mph in just 3.7 seconds and a top speed of 197 mph.


Mercedes SLS AMG by Vilner

Vilner didn’t say how much the exterior and interior upgrades will cost. It’s probably best to personally contact them so they - and you - have an idea on how to cost the entire program.


Mercedes SLS AMG by Vilner

Ideally, we would’ve liked this project more if the SLS AMG came with some wonky mechanical upgrades. However, this is a Vilner-tuned vehicle and they’re not really known for being a maven for performance enhancements.

What they’re famous for are fancy interiors, and to their credit, they came up aces on this program. It’s not as audacious as some of the previous works they’ve completed, but for overall styling that combines style and luxury, this program hits a lot of the right notes.

  • Fancy interior
  • The luxury of it all is nice
  • No mechanical upgrades
  • Lack of exterior mods
  • Will likely cost a lot


I like the way the Vilner works. I heard about them before but I had no idea about their nationality.

I must admit that the car looks very nice They did a good job.

it’a a pity that they don’t do anything to the engine cause otherwise, the car would have been more interesting.

I like their job, but i am not impressed, unfortunately.

Alcantara is a synthetic material very resistent used not only in the auto industry but even in furniture etc

mr. Makaveli is right, Vilner is bulgarian. And they do good job.

Vilner is bulgarian?!

Alcantara?! what is what is that cause i never heard about it beforesmiley

Its not german.... Vilner is BULGARIAN.

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