2014 Mercedes A45 AMG Edition 1

Mercedes told us in the past few month that every new model launched on the market will also get a special "Edition 1" and, of course, the newA45 AMG is no exception.

The new Mercedes A45 AMG Edition 1 is painted in cirrus white combined with AMG sports stripes in matte graphite grey on the hood, roof and sides. The white finish has been combined with contrasting red insertions on the radiator grille, exterior mirrors and rear wing. The car sits on a set of wheels, sized 19 inches and painted matte black and combined with contrasting red-painted brake calipers.

For the interior, the Edition 1 is offered with AMG Performance seats in ARTICO manmade leather, a dashboard in ARTICO manmade leather and the AMG Performance steering wheel wrapped in Nappa leather.

The A45 AMG Edition 1 is also offered with a new Performance Package that removes the speed limiter, so that the A45 AMG Edition 1 can hit a top speed of 167 mph not the 155 mph the standard version is limited to.


The new Mercedes A45 AMG looks okay and the cirrus white paint makes the car look clean. And the matte grey on the hood, roof and sides gives unique look to the car.

Great speed coming from a great looking car ! Awesome project, guys, keep up the good work!!!

I like the interior design and the details..Also, the materials they used are really a good choice.Congratulations!!

Well, this prototype number 1 makes me wanna puke, judging by the aestethic part.But so ar, it seems to be a good car

Seeing its pictures gallery made me fell in love.Go go, Mercedes!!!

It seems to be powerful enough for a 2014 car, but to wait one year to see this sportsy racey car looking, it’s a shame...

I want to test one with the Performance Package in! Seriously, let me know when I might have an occasion

I like this one.It seems to be one of the greatesc cars of this year, as far as I can see.However, thumbs up for that design!!

Those thin sport-like stripes do not really fit this awesome Mercedes! Why did they apply them on it?

So much leather! This car makes me think of naughty stuff!I can’t just stop it!smiley)

All that I can say about this special car is that it’s value is comparable with the golds value, considering all of the precious materials they have used to create and design this car

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