2014 Mercedes C-Class Convertible

Now that Mercedes has a sedan and a coupe version for the C-Class , anyone would expect to find a convertible staring at them in the near future. These people would absolutely be right, but the new convertible may contain a few differences compared to the current C-Class models. While the general design lines will remain the same, the C-Class Convertible model will not compete with the usual BMW 3-Series and Audi A5 . Instead, Mercedes may be opting for a model that will be placed in a class below these competitors. This decision shouldn’t be too surprising considering the company has just brought the E-Class Convertible on the market and offering a similar model wouldn’t make good business sense.

Following the usual trend lines, the C-Class Convertible will also get an AMG version, but while the entry level models will get a four-cylinder engine, the AMG version will use the same 5.5 biturbo V8 engine used in the CLS63 AMG . The only difference provided for the engine will be that power will be reduced to about 420 HP compared to the current 525 HP. Customers will also have the possibility of opting for a Performance Package that will increase the total output to about 450 HP. This will ensure a 0 to 60 mph sprint of about 5 seconds, while top speed will be limited to 155 mph.

Expect to see the Mercedes C-Class Convertible on the streets at or a little before 2014.


I had the CLK 55AMG Cabrio a few years ago and currently have the C63AMG Estate - cant see me wanting to drop down in power - I was hoping they would go with the 6208 engine with the Bi-turbo and just limit it with the roof up so it doesnt rip apart!! On the C63 with the PP plus there is no limiter either!! Thinks it will be the new Coupe for me next year then...

I’m impressed with its sophisticated looks and despite of having a simple styling and platform design I found that it is oozing with car appeal and the automaker are so great for making such a beautiful decent convertible car like this.

I do like a convertible car that is why I’m in this forum. Convertible car seems to be very cool when it is on the act of changing phase. It shows the flexibility of the car so I will consider this one.

Well, that is a bit of disappointment for the AMG version. I was hoping that they would be putting in a bigger engine. But it is still cool nonetheless.

Well, Its kinda amazing attractive performance, It has a sense of style and class appearance. I think the flexibility of this car is great based on its convertible performances.

I find the car a bit too long. But that one might just be an effect of the roof being down. But I do like its overall looks, since the modifications fit in really well.

I do agree on that one. I was thinking about the same thing also. However, I’m just afraid that this hard rooftop would increase on the weight of the car and suddenly affects the performance of the car.

Well, convertible version would the coolest thing that can be found on a car! BTW, i think the engine power and interior of this car is kind of good compare to the A-class.

This one actually looks good. I have seen a lot of convertible takes on the E-Class already, but I can say that this is the best I have seen so far., really takes in the design well.

Wow, that one was fast. Though, as you have said, this one is pretty much expected. But I am still wondering about their decision to put this one on a lower class.

This one is a good news for all those enthusiasts of convertibles, which is so classy and coming from none other than Mercedes and most importantly for an affordable price. This is a good decision to have a lower version of a convertible.

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