2014 Mercedes CL-Class

Mercedes CL-Class

Once Mercedes is finished showing off the next-generation S-Class , the next thing on its agenda will be the two-door version of the luxury sedan — the CL-Class . Codenamed C217, the next CL-Class will be built on Mercedes’ new MRA modular rear-wheel drive architecture, which will make it lighter and more rigid than the current model.

The next CL-Class will feature a wide range of engines under its hood, starting from a V-6 and moving up to a V-12. The latter of the two will find its way into the CL600 and the range-topping CL65 AMG.

When building the next CL-Class, Mercedes will concentrate on using aluminum and magnesium, keeping the carbon fiber for use on the AMG version’s roof, trunk lid and doors.

On the inside, Mercedes will offer better-quality materials, a completely redesigned dashboard, and all of the latest technologies seen in the recently launched models.

You will be happy to hear that the the CL-Class is just one of seven models to be included in the next S-Class. There will also be a a variety of new sedans, a convertible and a full-size four-door coupe.

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i am curious about what other cars will mercedes manufacture. they already have lots of models, what more can they make?

the question here is: will this car be "great" or "awesome". because "good" is too less of a word to describe it.

a car like this will find it’s way in many rich people’s garages. and it will rightfully earn that place.

the fact that this car will be based on the S class makes it one of the best cars out there. there will be no competition between bmw, audi and the CL. different classes.

this will be a great car to get into at the end of the week and go on a long cruise. perhaps on the French Riviera, if you are in Europe. if you find yourself in the states, calofornia is not bad either!

the current CL is awesome. i wonder what will merdeced pull out now, to make it even better.

snow and otto spoke my mind, too. i will resume to saying this will be a great car!

otto is right. you need to be able to handle all the car’s power. and rear wheel drive and a big powerful engine mean the rear end can be out of control. hence the need for a stiffer car!

it may be about comfort, but a stiffer car handles better. and with a V12 engine, you need the car to handle well and be manageable!

but who buys the CL to go racing? i mean the AMG model will be aimed at that, but the rest of the class should be all about comfort!

the new rear axis and the new chassis make it a more rigid car, which makes it a better handling car. and that is great!

the CL has always been a great car. all the changes announced make it even better.

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