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In June, the 2012 Audi R8 E-tron became the fastest electric car around Nürburgring with a lap time of 8:09.099 minutes. The problem with the R8 E-tron, however, is that it will never be offered to customers.

This June, Mercedes decided to show what its SLS AMG Electric Drive can do and brought it to the famous Nürburgring Nordschleife test track. The results put the SLS AMG Electric Drive directly into the Guineas Book of World Records.

The electric SLS lapped the Nordschleife in just 7:56.234 minutes, becoming the fastest electric car in the world around the `Ring, but also the first electrically powered production vehicle to have mastered the legendary racetrack in under eight minutes.

This record comes just 2 weeks after the first overall win for the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3 in the Nürburgring 24 Hours race.

"For the first time, an electrically-powered series production vehicle has lapped the Nürburgring Nordscheife in under eight minutes. The record for the SLS AMG Coupé Electric Drive in 7:56.234 minutes on the Nordschleife shows the special position of our innovative and unique drive solution," said Tobias Moers.

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Mercedes C-Class

It’s been a while since our spy photographers last caught the next-generation C-Class out testing, but it looks like it was well worth the wait. Today, the car was taken out and our spy photographers managed to catch some shots of a totally uncloaked C-Class.

As previously reported, the new C-Class will feature a new design language, with elements inspired by theF800 Concept Car displayed in Geneva three years ago. Of course, do not expect to see some revolutionary design; rather, expect an evolution similar to what we’ve seen in the recently launched S-Class and E-Class.

Under the hood, Mercedes will offer both gasoline and diesel engines, plus a hybrid version will be available for the first time.

Expect the new generation C-Class to make its world debut in September at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show . A station wagon variant will arrive 6 months later, while a coupe and a convertible version are scheduled for the end of 2014.

The A-Class may not be the hottest model that Mercedes-Benz has to offer, but the German luxury car builder’s resident hatchback is certainly worthy of a few tunes. At least, that’s how RevoZport feels about it.

With this, the folks from RevoZport present to you the RZA-290 kit, which is chock-full of aero components to make your 2013 A200 and A250 with the AMG body kit look even better. Over the course of six months RevoZport designers and builders developed: a front splitter; canards to help direct airflow to the oil cooler and radiator; side skirts to add a little downforce along the side of the hot hatch; and a carbon-fiber hood with vents for lowered weight and optimal cooling.

Around the backside, the tuner added in a revised diffuser with quad exhaust tips peeking out, a 3D under spoiler that is available in red or carbon to add some extra downforce, and a massive GT wing to push the backside even harder toward the tarmac and add a pretty bad-ass look.

No tune worth a hill of beans is complete with a few extra ponies, and RevoZport is not one to disappoint. The tuner added in a piggy-back ECU remap that you can remove, if needed; a carbon-fiber air-intake system; and a full exhaust system that includes a downpipe and high-flow cat made from stainless steel and the rest made from lightweight titanium. This tune is good enough to take the A250 - sorry, the A200 is left out of this part - from its base 211 horsepower to 290 horsepower.

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Just like with the new CLA and A45 AMG , Mercedes will celebrate the launch of the new generation S-Class with the unveiling of a special Edition 1. The model will be produced during the first twelve months of production and will add an extra €19,706 (about $25,000 at the current exchange rates) over the standard S-Class price. Customers interested can already order the car.

The new S-Class Edition 1 will be offered in exclusive Blue Anthracite and Bright Biamond White exterior paints and will get standard LED headlights, a large panoramic sunroof and "Edition 1" badges on the fender. For the interior it will get Nappa-wrapped seats with contrast stitching and roof lining and leather-covered sun visors. The center armrest, top of the instrument panel and front/rear door panels are wrapped in a special microfiber called Dinamica.

As standard features the new S-Class Edition 1 will offer ambient lightning, parking, driving assistance and air balance packages.

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From the fine company that gave us the Haute Couture Mercedes SLS AMG , Inden Design is back with a slightly more subtle take on the SLS AMG’s topless brother, the SLS AMG Roadster .

Mostly made up of a new conversion kit, the German tuner managed to give the SLS AMG Roadster plenty of new components that not only adds a more unique stance to the German supercar, but also helps improve the vehicle’s performance and handling credentials.

In the end, there’s plenty to like about this Inden Design program. Though it doesn’t come with a hardcore performance upgrade, you can tell that the German tuner took to great lengths to give it the SLS AMG Roadster the modification it richly deserves.

And if for nothing else, you can take comfort knowing that when it comes to Mercedes aftermarket programs, few do it better than Inden Design.

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Along with the unveiling of the revised E63 AMG , Mercedes has also added a new top-of-the-line version to the lineup. The new E63 AMG S-Model will be offered in both the sedan and station wagon versions, and will add a distinctive look when compared to a standard E63 AMG model, plus a more powerful engine.

With the extra horsepower, the new E63 AMG S-Model will be a little bit faster than the standard model, plus it comes equipped with a performance-oriented all-wheel-drive system and a limited-slip rear differential that helps delivering better vehicle dynamics and more driving pleasure, especially on the race-track

The new Mercedes E63 AMG S-Model will make its world debut next week at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show, with sales to begin later in June.

Updated 05/28/2013: Mercedes has unveiled a pretty cool video featuring AMG Product Manager Rob Moran whom is offering a few more details on the E63 AMG S-Model Wagon. Enjoy!

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Mercedes-Benz AMG GT

Mercedes is preparing to replace the current SLS supercar with a new SLC sports car that will also aim against models like Porsche 911. The current SLS will go out of production in 2015 and the SLC will enter the market in 2016 and it will offer a few major differences over the current SLS.

First it will offer no gullwing doors and will be lighter and slimmer with the use of plenty of carbon fiber and aluminum. Mercedes will offer a base version delivering about 485 horsepower and priced at about €109,000 (about $140k at the current exchange rates). Next there will be a S version delivering about 550 horsepower and priced at €145,000 ($186,000 at the current exchange rates). The most powerful version will be the Black Series which will deliver a total of 585 horsepower.

The next SLC will only be offered in coupe version with no plans for a roadster or a four-wheel drive version.

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The current Mercedes SLK (R172) was unveiled at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show and since then, aftermarket companies have paid lots of attention to it. Expression Motorsport is the latest one that has shown some love to the SLK . For this program, the German tuner came up with a pretty cool wide body aero kit that enhances both racing aesthetics and performance on the track.

The tuner started by adding larger openings in the front bumper and hood vents, helping improve the car’s engine cooling. If you think about it, the car really needed this update since its 302-horsepower, 3.5 liter direct injected engine needs all the air cooling it can get. Plus, for a better engine sound, the tuner also installed a double twin tip exhaust system.

The car sits on a new set of 20-inch wheels combined with a lowered suspension that offers the car a more aggressive look.

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Back in October of last year, Revozport released the RBS II program for the Mercedes C63 AMG . It turns out that the Hong Kong-based tuner had a similar program for Mercedes’ resident high-powered luxury sedan, the E63 AMG.

Not that it should be mentioned over and over again, but Revozport knows a thing or two about setting up Mercedes vehicles with aftermarket programs. That’s why when it releases one, we all should stand up and take notice.

And really, the E63 AMG is the perfect kind of car to be given a definitive aero program complete with all the usual carbon fiber digs. Luxury still needs to look good, right?

The program is available for E63 AMG coupe, estate, and saloon models. Ultimately, Revozport has the answer for E63 AMG owners and that answer looks mighty impressive.

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Mercedes CLK-Class

Four years after Mercedes decided to discontinue the badge, it looks like the CLK is gearing up for a return.

According to Automobile Magazine, Mercedes is planning for the return of the CLK, which will be based on the next-generation C-Class Coupe. Though that may be surprising to some, it shouldn’t come as a surprise considering that the German market, namely Mercedes’ competitors, are all coming up with new models.

So what’s Mercedes to do, right?

Well, bring back the CLK, apparently.

As far as details about the car is concerned, word has it that it will be designed as a highly emotional driver’s car to go with a full plate of engine options, not the least of which could include numerous turbocharged engines.

The plan for the returning CLK is to slot it direct in competition with the new BMW 4-Series and the upcoming Audi A5 .

While the CLK is expected to undercut the BMW 4 Series and the next Audi A5 with a coupe and convertible version that will both be available with the 4Matic all-wheel-drive system.

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