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Mercedes C63 AMG

The upcoming Mercedes C63 AMG sedan has been caught testing many times, but the prototypes were heavily camouflaged and it was pretty difficult to imagine how the real car will look.

Today, based on those spy shots and with design elements inspired by the newE63 AMG , we have created a rendering that will help you get a pretty good idea of the C63 AMG’s final look.

The AMG version will be distinguished by bigger brakes, wider fenders, and a front bumper with bigger air intakes and, of course, the AMG quad exhaust pipes.

The future C63 AMG will be powered by the same engine as the previously announced AMG models. This engine will deliver a total of 550 horsepower at 5,500 rpm and a peak torque of 531 pound-feet delivered between 1,750 and 5,250 rpm. The engine will be mated to an AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT seven-speed sports transmission and we expect to see the same high-performance 4MATIC all-wheel-drive system as seen in the previous AMG models.

Mercedes S-Class Coupe

Along with the standard sedan version, the next-generation Mercedes S-Class will also receive a coupe version that will replace the current CL-Class. The coupe version hasn’t been taken out for a testing session yet, but we do know from the sedan version that it will receive a muscular appearance with an aggressive front end, flanks with a prominent drop line, and a rounded turret line.

There are still no details on the engines the upcoming S-Class Coupe will carry under the hood, but Mercedes did confirm that it will take on the Bentley Continental GT . This statement makes us believe Mercedes will offer up a choice of V-12 and V-8 engines, with output levels north of the 550-horsepower mark.

The new Mercedes S-Class Coupe will be unveiled at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show. It will be followed by an S-Class Convertible version a few months after.

Stay tuned for more information!

Image Note: The above image is a TopSpeed rendering of the upcoming S-Class Coupe. It is not an official image

Most of you probably know that as of 2012 racing season Lewis Hamilton’s career with McLaren ended and that starting 2013 racing season he will move to Mercedes AMG . As a tribute to his McLaren era and in honor of his birthday, we now present you a compilation with the greatest memories of the Lewis Hamilton-McLaren partnership.

Lewis Hamilton has scored some amazing results in his racing career with McLaren, such as his 2007 win at the Hungarian Grand Prix from pole position, in 2008 he won the Australian Grand Prix and the Belgian Grand Prix, and the list could go on like this forever. It’s true he also had a series of incidents, like the most recent one during the 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix, but his overall performance under the McLaren colors was pretty impressive.

So, kick back and enjoy reliving the moments of one of the more successful partner ships in recent F1 history.

While we are waiting for the new-generation Mercedes C-Class to arrive on the market, Misha Design has updated the look of the current generation C-Class . The tuner is preparing a cool body kit offered for both the coupe and sedan versions, and can be applied to the standard C-Class and AMG models.

Those of you interested in updating the look of your C-Class, the tuner is offering an upgrade kit that transform the car into a more muscular one. The kit includes a new front bumper with larger air intakes that provide a better engine cooling, a new front spoiler and a modified hood.

The updates continue on the car’s side and rear where Misha adds new side skirts, a new rear bumper and diffuser. The exhausts system has also received new tailpipes and a trunk-mounted spoiler will further improve C-class’ appearance.

Full details on the body kit will be announced in the upcoming days, so if you want to further customize your C-Class stay with us for more details.

Along with the facelift for the entire E-Class lineup, it looks like Mercedes decided to offer us quite a big surprise at next week’s Detroit Auto Show in the form of an updated version for the CLS 63 AMG , with a top-version S-Model. The new addition to the line-up: CLS 63 AMG S-Model features an updated look and an even more powerful engine.

The new S-Model delivers a few extra ponies over the standard CLS 63 AMG, so it is also a little bit faster to 100 km/h (62 mph) too.

All the updates offered in the S-Model, help it deliver further increase traction, even greater driving dynamics and enhanced driving enjoyment, especially on the race track.

The new Mercedes CLS 63 AMG S-Model will make its world debut next week at the Detroit Auto Show with sales to being later in the summer of 2013.

Hit the jump to read more about the Mercedes CLS 63 AMG S-Model.

German aftermarket specialist Vilner won’t waste your time with any performance upgrades. That’s not their style.

Instead, they specialize in the kind of modification that makes the interior of a standard Mercedes SLS AMG look pauper-ish by comparison. That’s not directed at the fine folks of Mercedes , who we believe do an outstanding job with styling choices.

It’s just that Vilner specializes on this kind of thing, so much so that anytime they work on an interior of a car, you expect nothing short of spectacular.

On this particular program, that’s exactly what they did, and the result is bloody impressive. There’s a whole lot that went to this program so instead of just rambling on about it, just hop on past the jump and find out what Vilner did to this particular Mercedes SLS AMG.

Here are a couple of hints: leather and Alcantara.

Mercedes CLS 63 AMG by MKB

German aftermarket wizard, MKB, believes in the concept of "no frills" modifications. That’s why when it decided to upgrade its existing program for the Mercedes CLS 63 AMG , it did so by throwing this caveat: "Being MKB and being a German technology tuner MKB omits any optical gimmicks.”

That’s right; it’s calling aesthetic upgrades “gimmicks,” because for MKB, it’s all about what’s lying under the hood of that luxury sports sedan and we tend to agree.

When it comes to engine modifications, MKB takes its craft very seriously; seriously enough that the previous program that netted the CLS 63 AMG a total of 640 horsepower (up from the standard 550 ponies) doesn’t cut it anymore.

So MKB’s engineers went back to the lab and carefully readjusted the car’s ECU and tossed in some additional carefully tuned mechanic parts, including high-flow exhaust systems and tuned boost pressure.

This kit will boost your German Sports Sedan up to a total of 700 horsepower to go with an astounding 737 pound-feet of torque. Whatever language you speak, it’s hard not to come to the same conclusion that those are ill numbers.

As a result, of the added horsepower and torque numbers, you CLS 63 AMG will sprint to 100 km/h (62 mph) in just 4.1 seconds, 0.2 seconds faster than the version fitted with the optional AMG Performance Package. The top speed, which previously peaked at only 155 mph, will be bumped to an electronically-limited 186 mph. If you’re really extreme and choose to take out the limiter altogether, your luxury sports saloon can spank even those Italian super cars to the tune of 211 mph.

Here’s the best part: the conversion to MKB’s P700 program is already available, and comes with a full MKB warranty. In Germany, the tuner is even offering the conversion even with TÜV and emission class Euro 5.

Mercedes E63 AMG

Until now, Mercedes has only unveiled the sedan , coupe and convertible versions for the updated E-Class. Today, however, the company has unveiled a teaser image for the E-Class lineup, which will debut at the 2013 Detroit Motor Show, and the E63 AMG model is one of the models presented in the image.

The problem is that the only details revealed by Mercedes on the next E63 AMG say just about nothing: "Of interest not only to the US market will be the E 63 AMG models, now available for the first time in a 4MATIC version as well."

The image also features a "V8 biturbo" logo confirming the car will keep its usual engine — an M157 twin-turbocharged 5.5-liter V-8 engine that delivers a total of 518 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque, or 550 horsepower and 590 pound-feet when the model is equipped with the AMG performance pack.

Combining that engine with 4MATIC AWD sounds like a sweet change to us. We’ll bring you more details ASAP.

Mercedes B-Class EV

The upcoming Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive was previewed at the 2012 Paris Motor Show and now, a few months later, the car has been caught for the first time charging its batteries during winter testing in Sweden.

Mercedes wants to be the first of the luxury automakers to bring an all-electric vehicle into the B-segment. You will say that Toyota is already offering such a model with its Prius v model, but Mercedes-Benz wants to offer a car for those who are looking for a premium alternative to the relatively bland Prius.

Initial details suggest that the next B-Class EV will be offered with a lithium-ion battery from Tesla and is expected to provide an overall range of 200 km (124 miles).

The new Mercedes B-Class EV will go on sale in late 2013 as a 2014 model and it will be the only B-Class model to hit the U.S. market.

Stay tuned for more info.

Mercedes is preparing to unveil the next-generation C-Class sometime in 2014, but until then, the tuners are paying their attention to the current generation and they are updating the look of the model by as much as possible.

For example, Prior Design has prepared a very cool aerodynamic kit for the C-Class Coupe that gives the sports coupe the look of the Black Series models. The exterior package includes a new front bumper with spoiler and LED daytime running lights, new front fender with cooling vents, new side skirts, a rear bumper with diffusor and rear flares.

All the components of the tuning kit are made in DURA-FLEX, a high quality material, characterized by excellent surface structure that provides sufficient flexibility and stability.

The price for the entire kit is €7900 (about $10,500 at the current exchange rates). All the parts of the kit are easily paintable to match your Benz.

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