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Earlier today we brought news of a Wheelsandmore tuning package for the Mercedes SLS AMG , now it’s time for its ancestor to get our attention. Well, actually, it got the attention of the very same tuner, who seems to show the same interest for the old McLaren SLR , both the standard and the SLR 722 S .

Out of the two vehicles featured, the most impressive package belongs to the 722 S version, where the addition of optimized control electronics, a change in compression ratio, and a completely hand-made, improved exhaust system with radio remote-controlled exhaust valves, the vehicle’s output is increased to an impressive 730 HP (up from standard 650 HP). However, the increase for the standard SLR isn;t too shabby either with a bump to 680hp. Top speed for the 722 S is now 213 mph and 211 mph for the standard SLR.

Next to these amazing engine upgrades, the tuner is also offering a racing chassis, new 20" in-house forged wheels, and carbon fiber components for the interior.

Wheelsandmore is known for adding a bit of brawn to vehicles with owners looking to brighten up their day with a little custom to their car. The tuner doesn’t really add any exterior or interior changes other than the obvious addition of new wheels, but then again, this tuner doesn’t necessarily tune vehicles that need any extra help in the looks department. A couple of months ago they fixed up the Mercedes SL65 AMG with a boost and some new wheels and now they are revealing a package for the Mercedes SLS AMG . The kit for this sports car adds the usual engine mods and wheels, but it also includes some other minor additions.

For the engine the tuner is offering an optimized control electronics and a hand-made exhaust system with manifolds and sport catalysts. The result is an increase of 39 HP to a total of 610 HP if you opt only for the ECU update or 624 HP and 685 lb-ft of torque with the addition of the new exhaust system. Top speed is electronically limited it to 325 km/h (201 mph).

The tuning package also includes a new set of handmade 20 inch milled and forged alloys wrapped in Dunlop Sport Maxx tires size 265/30/20 at the front and 285/30/20 at the rear and a Level Control System. This system includes superlight full race coilovers that feature adjustable compression and rebound which can lift the front and rear axle up to 30 mm.

The German tuner, Piecha Design, is offering a new body kit for the Mercedes E-Class cabrio that can also be applied for the coupe version. Called the Caractére RS, the package makes the E-Class Cabrio look sleeker and sportier.

The exterior package includes a new bumper, new air intakes, new side skirts with lights in them, a redesigned bumper, a boot lid spoiler and a new diffuser that is quite sizable. There is also a new sport exhaust system with 4 exhaust tips (2 on each side). The exterior package is completed by a new set of 19-inch custom design 8-spoke Phantom wheels. There is also a revised roof module which allows the top to be raised or lowered at speeds up to 30 mph.

The tuner didn’t say anything about the interior changes, but we expect to see some modifications in there too. There was also nothing said about any engine updates, but we think that the E-Class Cabrio comes with enough power straight from the factory: a 3.5 Liter V6 that makes 268 HP and 258 lb-ft of torque in the E350 and a 5.5 Liter V8 pumping out 382 HP and 391 lb-ft of torque in the E550.

Building alliances between automakers is something that has been done fairly often recently thanks to the downward spiral that was our economic state. The auto industry took a big hit and is just now starting to rebuild itself with teams coming together to reduce cost and create more powerful and more efficient vehicles. The recent Nissan-Daimler alliance is an example of this as rumors are suggesting that it will provide Infiniti with some power-boosting help.

Infiniti has already launched the IPL line, but apparently this is just the beginning. The IPL G Coupe’s 248hp will be chump change when compared with the IPL version of the Infiniti M, set to be launched in 2012. This vehicle will be carrying a Mercedes AMG sourced 6.2 liter V8 engine that will allow it to compete against models like the Mercedes E63 AMG and the Jaguar XF-R .

Along with the AMG engine, Nissan will also be replacing the current 3.7 liter engine with Mercedes’ forthcoming turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 engine in future G models.

Source: AutoCar

There was an undeniable buzz heard at the floor of the Essen Motor Show when a familiar supercar that was supposed to have been discontinued a year ago was spotted with its sharp hood and smiling mug sticking out for the entire audience.

We are, of course, talking about the Mercedes SLR McLaren .

Apparently, the famous supercar is not ready to call it a day yet after word quickly spread that Mercedes may soon release 25 limited edition models of the very same car that was displayed at Essen.

Not much is known about what kind of package the limited run SLR McLaren is going to come in, but judging from the car that was being displayed, it looks like there will be a number of modifications, including a redesigned bumper with some pretty enormous air intakes. Over on the side we noticed the conspicuous absence of the two chromed rods on the side intakes. The limited edition SLR also looks to have a new set of rims with an upgraded braking system that consequently also has new ceramic brake discs. As for the powertrain, word has it that it will retain the same 5.4-liter V8 engine that produces 626 horsepower, similar to the one found in the previous model.

That’s as much as we were able to dig up on this surprising limited edition supercar. Heck, we couldn’t even get an estimated price tag on this one, but we’re nevertheless confident that more details will pop out as soon as the rest of the automotive world gets a hold of this surprising news.

Source: Motorward

The Mercedes SLS AMG was designed as a response to McLaren’s MP4-12C , but while Mercedes is still deciding on whether or not to build a Black Series version that will come closer to the horsepower provided by the MP4-12C, German tuner Kicherer is busy creating an even faster version of the Mercedes supercar. The Mercedes SLS 63 Supersport was developed in cooperation with KW Automotive and improves both the car’s aerodynamics and performance.

While a standard SLS AMG develops a total of 571 HP, the 63 Supersport package goes up to an impressive 610 HP and 670Nm of torque. The increase was obtained thanks to a stainless steel sports exhaust system and a performance optimization package. Aside from the sweet increase in power, the SLS AMG also receives a new lift-up threaded sports chassis that allows for up to 30mm of increased height, a feature that facilitates driving over those nasty speed bumps. On the other hand, this same sports chassis can be lowered with a touch of a button to maneuver itself easily through parking garages.

The aerodynamic package includes a front spoiler lip in carbon and read diffuser fins in carbon. The package is finished by RS-1 multi-part forged wheels and a series of interior decorative parts in carbon.

Anytime you have a car that has become the apple of an auto tuners’ eye , you should give yourself a pat on the back and revel in the unbridled attention you’re new exotic is getting.

We figure that’s what the brass over at Mercedes are doing now, congratulating themselves over the enormous success of the SLS AMG . We’ve already seen it subjected to performance upgrades from here to the other side of the world so it really doesn’t surprise us anymore to see that another aftermarket company has taken a stab in outfitting the SLS AMG with a new package.

This time around, it’s our boys over at RennTech giving the SLS AMG a new performance exhaust that features a secondary catalytic bypass and x-pipe, tuned with their new ECU tuning software and producing, as RennTech puts it, ‘an intoxicating growl’.

More than the new exhaust system, RennTech also gave the SLS AMG a few exterior upgrades, including a carbon fiber front splitter that increases the downforce and overall functionality of the car. There’s also a new carbon fiber rear diffuser that also increases the SLS AMG’s downforce while also improving the air drag.

If you want to learn more about these upgrades on the SLS AMG, RennTech wants you to contact their sales department directly where, we figure, they’re going to give you the full lowdown on their new package for the already awesome SLS AMG.

In the meantime, check out the video of the RennTech-improved supercar in action.

Source: RennTech

While everyone is waiting for the new R171 generation Mercedes SLK , tuners are still preparing some cool packages for the recently discontinued model. One of those tuners is Piecha Design who have prepared the “Final Performance RS EDITION,” in order to say good bye to a pretty cool car.

The send-off package includes a distinctive front-spoiler bumper with integrated LED daytime running lights, wedge-shaped side skirts with air intakes, a rear bumper with a wide grid core and diffuser vane, and a rear spoiler lip. The vehicle also carries Piecha dp2 Phantom rims in a 19 inch (front) & 20 inch (rear) size with the use of 225/35 front tires and 265/25 rear tires.

The package also includes lowering springs from H&R, a new set of dp2 Phantom rims, black anodized aluminum aero wings, and special wind deflector with the signed “Final Performance RS Edition” logo. These additions are pretty cool, but the highlight of the vehicle is the legendary PIECHA power converter. This converter allows the vehicle to take in all of the power of the engine without even thinking twice about it. We’d love to tell you the amount of power this converter is facilitating, but Piecha have yet to announce these numbers.

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One of the important events that happens at the LA Auto Show that we are all excited about is the Los Angeles Design Challenge, an annual competition at the LA Auto Show that provides up-and-coming designers with the opportunity to collaborate with an automaker to design a futuristic concept vehicle using a few set requirements. This year, the theme of the challenge is to build a safe and comfortable 2+2 compact car that comes with excellent handling and cutting-edge design and weighs in at no more than 1,000 lbs.

This concept comes from Mercedes-Benz , which, incidentally, was built not far from Los Angeles at the company’s US design headquarters in Carlsbad, California. The vehicle is called the Biome Concept and is described as a vehicle that “grows in a completely organic environment from seeds sown in a nursery”. In layman’s terms, the Biome Concept is pretty much an organic hybrid that was created in complete symbiosis with nature, producing its own oxygen and contributing to the improvement of air quality.

UPDATE 11/26/2010: When the designs for the Los Angeles Design Challenge were entered, no one really expected any of them to see production, but, according to Autocar, Mercedes is looking into using the BIOME Concept as the inspiration for their mid-engined supercar. Mercedes is planning on revealing the concept vehicle in 2015 as a competitor to BMW ’s Vision EfficientDynamics ’ eco-supercar.

Now, we don’t expect the production version to follow the same path as the concept’s creation – nobody’s silly enough to believe that Mercedes can grow the production version from “seeds” as how the concept is supposedly born – but according to Hubert Lee, the man heading Mercedes’ California design studio where the BIOME was conceptualized, certain elements of the concept could be translated to the production version. “We were conscious during its development to ensure it wasn’t too limited or edgy,” he said.

“It had to be do-able without any significant changes.”

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The Essen Motorshow is about to begin this weekend, so it’s no wonder that our pages are full of tuning projects. But when we get to talk about cars such as the Mercedes SLS-AMG , things get even more exciting! German tuner, Brabus, will be bringing an SLS AMG that will be fitted with a tuning kit they compare to a custom-tailored designer suit. This kit a complete makeover for the exterior and a custom Brabus interior, as well as some performance enhancements.

The aerodynamic package, all made of carbon fiber includes a front spoiler, a rear spoiler, and a rear diffuser. It goes on with more sculpted rocker panels, Brabus air outlets for the front fenders, and a set of forged wheels in sizes 9.5Jx20 in front and 11Jx21 on the rear axle. The car’s ride has also been lowered by 30 millimeters, and the suspension is height-adjustable. At the rear there is a new high-performance exhaust system with four slanted exhaust tips with diameters of 84 millimeters manufactured from extremely lightweight titanium. The new exhaust system increases the power output by 10 hp.

The interior gets carbon-fiber inlays in any desired color, matte anodized aluminum pedals, and an ergonomically shaped sport steering wheel. The speedometer is actually a source of some interesting news as well; it comes with a 250 mph scale. Apparently, Brabus is giving us a hint at this sports car’s future performance.

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