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  MG Motor UK Limited is a British car manufacturer that's owned by Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation and headquartered in Birmingham, England. It's not the same MG from decades past, having been founded only in 2006 after acquiring the original MG Rover and all the rights to the MG name. After 16 years without an MG ride cruising down the streets, the new MG Motor has released the new MG MG6. As the first all new MG to come out to the market in 16 years, the MG6 represents the beginning of a new generation of models for the reborn British brand. The model offers modern British sporting style with a spacious and advanced interior that fits right in with the type of cars that are being sold these days.

The MG ZT is a high-performance version of the Rover 75 executive car, produced by MG at their Longbridge site in Birmingham. They also manufactured estate versions of the vehicle, referred to as the MG ZT-T. Styling is similar to the 75, although uprated springs and chassis modifications make for a far firmer ride. Production of the cars ceased in 2005 amidst financial turmoil at MG Rover.

The MG ZR is a compact automobile first introduced in 2001 by the MG Rover Group. It is specifically a hot hatch, a badge-engineered Rover 25, with a number of useful suspension modifications and design features to appeal to younger drivers. From 2003 a van version, called the MG Express was also offered.

The MG XPower SV (Sport Veloce) is a sports car made in Modena, Italy in a factory owned by Vaccari & Bosi and leased by MG Rover, based on the platform of the Qvale Mangusta.

MG TF is all about capturing that elusive magic intimacy with the road. A free-spirited car, individual and distinctive. It sums up your attitude to life. MG TF is a mid-engined, rear wheel drive two-seater. Pure in design and intent, it offers free-revving engines with up to 160 hp, precision handling and real ride quality. Put the top down; whoop, holler and revel in the feeling of freedom. The serious fun starts here.

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