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  MG Motor UK Limited is a British car manufacturer that's owned by Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation and headquartered in Birmingham, England. It's not the same MG from decades past, having been founded only in 2006 after acquiring the original MG Rover and all the rights to the MG name. After 16 years without an MG ride cruising down the streets, the new MG Motor has released the new MG MG6. As the first all new MG to come out to the market in 16 years, the MG6 represents the beginning of a new generation of models for the reborn British brand. The model offers modern British sporting style with a spacious and advanced interior that fits right in with the type of cars that are being sold these days.

Dutch model and Sports Illustrated alum Valerie Van Der Graaf is fast becoming one of the most sought-after models in the world. Her skyrocketing popularity has even led to her being nicknamed the "Dutch Kate Upton," an appropriate tag given what her face and body look like.

But what not a lot of people know is that Van Der Graaf is equally adept posing on the beach as she is in front of a classic , top-down MG B . Not everybody has the ability to pull this off, but the "Dutch Kate Upton" looks like she can flaunt and flirt effortlessly with the British sports car .

This is the kind of photo spread that gets the attention of a lot of folks. A hot and beautiful woman posing with one of the original classic Roadsters . That’s the perfect recipe to cause a lot of men to make googly eyes at these photos.

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MG TF roadster out of production

At the 2013 Shanghai Motor Show , MG unveiled the CS Concept car , which according to the first details, could make it to production as a competitor for models like Nissan Qashqai. Also, in 2017, MG plans to unveil a second crossover based on the MG Icon concept that is set to take on models like Nissan Juke .

But, alongside the new production version of the CS, MG Motors also plans to unveil a new sports car, but not in the next five years. Until the new sports car - most likely the long rumored MG Roadster - arrives on the market, the company needs to develop a range of volume products that will help it boost sales.

The new sports roadster will be offered as an iconic model and will be offered to confirm "MG’s reputation as a maker of small and affordable sports cars. We have global ambitions built around mainstream products, which is why the sports car must come when the time is right."

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British manufacturer MG hasn’t put anything on the market for quite some time now, but it looks like the company is preparing a big comeback . The company will unveil the CS Concept later this month at the 2013 Shanghai Motor Show. The concept is designed to slot into the compact SUV sector and will likely see production at some point.

The concept has been specially designed to attract younger buyers, so it features a distinctive, sporty style and youthful appearance, but in the same time it can be immediately recognized as an MG model.

The concept received newly designed headlights with a multi-faceted ‘shard’ structure which refract light in different colors and shapes from the side. Still, it is pretty easy to recognize the new CS concept, thanks to the iconic MG’s trademark octagon from the front.

Full details on the new MG CS Concept will be unveiled during its official debut in Shanghai.

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Update 4/20/2013: MG has released three new images of the upcoming MG CS Concept, but they don’t reveal anything new except that they are far more realistic than the sketches we saw earlier. You can see these images in the Gallery.

While MG Cars is struggling to stay on the market, its classic models have been used as an inspiration for superb limited-edition watches developed by MeisterSinger. They have used the distinctive shape and structure of a 1950s MG TD radiator grille and developed a pretty expensive and awesome watch.

The watch features a stainless-steel case hiding top-quality Swiss movements and dials protected by hardened mineral glass. Each unit will be offered with Cordovan straps crafted from smooth horse leather and offered in three different face-and-strap combinations appropriately named: "Abingdon", "Cecil Kimber" and "Cream Cracker.” The names celebrate the MG factory, the company’s founder, and the most famous of the Works MGs, respectively.

If you are interested, then you should know the new MG watch by MeisterSinger is priced at £1405 (around $2,200 at the current exchange rates). Only 100 units a year will be produced.

MG Icon Concept

When MG released the Icon concept car in Beijing, we were all a little shocked, as it had been ages since we had heard from the U.K.-based, Chinese-owned automaker. We also were impressed and disgusted with the concept all at the same time, as its overall styling was pretty sleek, but the Mini-like appearance and strange protruding fog lights killed it for us.

At the time, we knew that the Icon would make it to production, though the dates were a little fuzzy still, but we didn’t realize that this compact crossover may spawn the resurrection of a legend. Well, now we do know that the Icon will also be the basis that a new MG Roadster will be based on.

It sounds a little awkward when you think about it, but this Roadster will be a 4-seater crossover convertible. Calling it a Roadster is a pretty big stretch of the term, as a roadster typically has only two doors and two seats (see: Mazda Miata , BMW Z4 and Toyota MR2).

Regardless of the stretching of its name, the new MG Roadster will likely be a blast to drive, given its compact size and roughly 130 horsepower. We also don’t have to wait too awful long to see a production model, as reports are pointing to a 2015 release of the Roadster. The Roadster also earns brownie points for being relatively affordable at a reported ₤14,000 ($21,800 at the current rates).

We’ll keep a very close eye on this developing story and update you with more concrete information, as it becomes available.

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Since the 2012 Beijing Auto Show is coming up fast, it’s only natural for a local automaker to be in attendance at the event. After all, what would it say about a growing auto market like China if it doesn’t have a representative on its home soil event.

Fortunately, MG Motor , a division of Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation, is ready to pick up the mantle with the Icon Concept. Sure, the company is based in England, but it’s got local ties, doesn’t it?

Set to become a production model no later than 2014, the MG Icon Concept looks a lot like a MINI , except for those distinguishable protrusions of the front bumper lights. We’re not sure what that’s all about, but it is pretty odd, to say the least.

For the most part, though, the Icon Concept actually looks stylish. it’s got suicide rear doors that we hope ends up in production. It’s got a spacious and functional interior that comes with four bucket seats, it’s got a massive set of wheels to add a more aggressive stance to it, and it’s rumored to carry 130-something horsepower under its hood.

You’re not going to mistake the MG Icon Concept as a drop-dead, out-of-this-world, beyond-gorgeous concept. But give credit to MG because, if for nothing else, the Icon Concept is an attention-grabber, mostly for the right reasons.

Well, except for that front bumper. What’s that about, anyway?

For the first time in 16 years, an MG-branded vehicle is returning to the market, only this time, it’s not the old MG we’ve come to know.

MG Motor UK Limited is a British car manufacturer that’s owned by Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation and headquartered in Birmingham, England. It’s not the same MG from decades past, having been founded only in 2006 after acquiring the original MG Rover and all the rights to the MG name.

With a new lease on life, MG went ahead and overhauled their vehicle line-up, starting with the new MG6.

As the first all new MG to come out to the market in 16 years, the MG6 represents the beginning of a new generation of models for the reborn British brand. The model offers modern British sporting style with a spacious and advanced interior that fits right in with the type of cars that are being sold these days.

The name might still be the same, but the new MG6 is a completely different model born in a completely different time.

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After 15 years of drop top history, the MG TF - a mid-engined, rear wheel drive roadster car - will be discontinued in order to make room for the future MG6 and MG3 supermini. MG even announced that the final units have already been sent to dealers, although that seems to be debatable.

"There’s a discussion as to whether that was the last batch," said a spokesman for MG, referring to the production run of 155 cars earlier this year. "It’s always been on the cards. We can’t say for sure, but it’s largely driven by market forces."

In its place, MG will start producing an MG6 sedan and a MG3 based on the Zero concept. The supermini will be offered with 1.3 and 1.5-liter engines.

The MG TF may have one foot in the grave, but that doesn’t mean it’s dead yet. In fact, the roadster has seen its end before in 2005, only to be brought back two years later. This next resuscitation may take a little longer because MG will only consider bringing back the cabrio after the "brand is re-established," but it will still come. Previous rumors suggested that a new TF would be ready for the 2014 model year .

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Another simple, itty-bitty car to quench the spacial thirst of the ever-growing population. MG unveiled the Zero Concept today at the Beijing Auto Show and according to the official press release "the MG ZERO concept previews the design direction of the brand and demonstrates how MG can expand into this high-volume sector of the market." Really it is just another answer to the question of how we are going to make space for the crowded world. Their portion of the answer; a car that is 4 meters in length and which looks similar to the Ford Start Concept revealed yesterday.

The concept uses high-tech materials inspired from ultra high-performance sports equipment. The interior features the latest technology touch screens to allow occupants to interact with the world around them and features a striking ‘floating console’ design around the driver.

Commenting on the exterior style, Design Director Tony Williams said “This concept shows a bold, individual soul. The bonnet is formed around the famous octagonal badge, the graphics flow into striking lamps and the large lower grille completes the confident, sporty character. The body-side has a strong shoulder, a dynamic scalloped feature in the doors and flared arches to give a wide stance and strong road presence. The feature lines have been designed to give a strong relationship to the wheel arch demonstrating the fun nature of the cars dynamics."

MG is certainly speeding up and attempting to produce more than its solitary model. Right now, the MG TF is the only MG in production and will see North American sales in 2014 . Later this year, however, the four- and five-door MG6 will emerge and the rumormill is producing an idea about an MG3 family car that will rival the Volkswagen Golf . The MG Zero is expected to go on sale in the UK in 2012 for about £9000.

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Thirty years ago, MG decided that it would no longer offer its open-top motoring to the US consumer, but there are people out there who still remember the name and dream of driving the small roadster. Fortunately, we might have some good news for those people. They’re baaa-aaack. Now that Chinese automaker, Shanghai Auto (SAIC), is in control, the British brand might make its way over to the States again. Of course, for right now these are just rumors, but we can only hope that this sleek car will get to see U.S. soil.

The first rumored model to be offered will be the 2014 MG TF with a front-engine/rear drive layout and a soft-top design. A retractable hardtop will not be offered due to cost and complexity. Under the hood there will be a GM-sourced turbodiesel, a gasoline V6 engine, and a hybrid powertrain based on the system in SAIC’s Rowe 750.

MG and SAIC have decided to provide the Mazda Miata with a little competition which could mean trouble for Mazda. Right now, it seems that Mazda is doing some damage with the Miata and its faithful followers, but one look at this rendering and people might decide to jump ship and cruise with the MG. We’ll have to reserve our judgment until we see some specs and, of course, pricing.

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