Miami Auto Show

Miami Auto Show

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The Japanese performance minded automaker Mitsubishi showed off a more aggressive crossover model back in New York earlier this year, however the EVO faced Outlander GT Prototype still manages to impress here in Miami. There is something about the squinting headlights ability to stare you down just like the 300 HP turbocharged all wheel drive Lancer Evolution X can despite the 230 HP V6 that makes this slightly larger CUV quite an attractive option for a commuter vehicle.

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Mitsubishi brought their wingless wonder, the Lancer Evolution MR Touring to the Miami Auto show. This more discreet EVO X is a more upscale trend then we are used to from the Japanese budget super car maker, traditionally they would offer stripped down lightweight versions, where the large box shaped aerofoil is ditched for weight reduction reasons along with a radio and sound deadening. However as the Playstation generation grows up and gets jobs, heavily bolstered leather wrapped Recaro racing buckets await the driver as well as Mitsubishi’s new SST six speed sequential manual gearbox to go along with a more reserved EVO that can now hopefully fly under the radar, that is the blingtastic mirror covers don’t set off any alarms.

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The pride and joy of General Motor was slowly pinning around front and center amongst a field of Cadillacs at the Miami Auto Show. Although the Converj concept car made it’s debut at the Detroit Auto Show earlier this year, it’s slipery shape and and jaw dropping presence was good enough to stop us judges dead in our tracks and take the trophy for the 2009 Concept Car of the Show. This plug in gas/electric hybrid vehicle was almost disqualified as one of the judges deemed it to be too production ready for the concept award, and it did loose some points for wearing too narrow rear rubber, however streamlined shapes and low rolling resistance is what an efficient future is all about. Maybe it was the 21st century luxury car’s plush interior and electroluminescent gauges or the roof mounted solar panel the put theCadillac Converj over the top.

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The English automaker Aston Martin showed off their familiar DBS Volante , a model that we have seen earlier on this year. Marek Reichman, Aston Martin’s Director of Design, was kind enough to tell us a little bit about the new car earlier on when they made the $300,000 V12 powered drop top’s exclusive debut and even elaborated on the Jaeger-LeCoultre timepiece that completes the 007 experience. Also in attendance were a pair of V8 Vantage hard top and roadster models, showing the hand crafted super car maker’s game plan of offering two distinct automobiles as opposed to a compromised hard top convertible.

We know the Miami Auto Show is not one of the big ones on the circuit yet, but it’s TopSpeed’s home turf. We take many of our resources that would go to other big shows like SEMA and instead focus on this show. This includes being judges for SAMA’s (Souther Automotive Media Association) "Star of the Show" — it was the Hyundai Genesis , thanks for asking.

There are no surprises at Miami this year. With the affluent/celebrity nature of the local population and the growing importance of the Latin American market, we believe Miami will grow into an important show to key manufacturers. Until then, if you want to see a few shiny example of premium production cars, we’ve got a good fifteen minutes for you.

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The 37th annual South Florida International Auto Show held at the Miami Beach Convention Center from 9 to 18 November will show you the industry’s newest cars, sports utility vehicles, trucks and accessories from over 40 auto manufacturers. In addition to the newest models and concepts on the main show floors, visitors will be treated to a host of popular automotive exhibits. The show fills more than one million square feet of exhibit space.

Mercury continues pushing fashion-forward design, with a new runway-inspired production series called VOGA. Literally translated as “fashionable and trend-setting,” VOGA hits primetime today at the South Florida International Auto Show, debuting on a 2008 Mercury Mariner. Over time, the VOGA series will be offered on a series of Mercury products.

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