Michael Waltrip (275527)

Michael Waltrip (275527)

Anytime a new dance craze hits YouTube and goes viral, you can expect pretty much everybody and their puppies to film their own versions of it. It’s happened numerous times in the past.

Now that the Harlem Shake has taken away minutes from a lot of peoples’ lives in the past couple of weeks, it’s only fitting that even people you would’ve thought would be too busy with their jobs would take the time to do their own videos.

Yes, that includes motorsports racing teams.

From Red Bull Racing in Australia to Michael Waltrip Racing, and even Jeff Gordon , everybody’s caught on to the Harlem Shake fever these days.

Check out the videos of Michael Waltrip Racing and Jeff Gordon’s own NASCAR racing team in their own versions of the Harlem Shake. Trust us, you’ll have a good laugh out of it, especially Gordon’s apparently stiff dancing skills.

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