military vehicle

military vehicle

One of the beautiful things about being a host of Top Gear – among other things, of course – is the chance to get behind the wheel of some of the most insane machines on the planet. Whether it’s a high-powered go-kart or a sports car dressed as a gypsy tent, there’s no shortage of vehicles that can escape the sharp eyes – and impeccable driving – of Clarkson, Hammond, and May.

But of all the cars that they’ve driven in their time as Top Gear hosts, there’s a good chance that they’ve never seen anything quite like the Marauder. Built in South Africa by the Paramount Group, the Marauder is quite arguably the baddest, meanest, and gnarliest set of wheels we’ve ever seen.

The gargantuan machine was even featured in the pilot episode of Top Gear’s 17th season, where folks from the Paramount Group asked Richard Hammond to drive the vehicle in some of the most impossible stunts known to cars. There’s no shortage of cupcake stunts here; the car was driven over, around, and just about all other directions to determine whether it can live up to its name as the world’s toughest vehicle. It even went through a McDonalds drive-thru so Hammond could order a burger and survived a lion attack.

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Source: Paramount Group

What does the military do for fun? Well, aside from going to war, learning how to shoot, participating in some hardcore training, and other stuff like that, a couple of them have taken apart a Jeep and then rebuilt it... in less than four minutes! In fact, they did it in less than three minutes if you subtract the time they spent driving and making preparations!

The particular Jeep they broke down and then built back up was a Jeep that they trained on for months in order to obtain this type of skill, but that does not make it any less impressive! Just take a look at the video and be amazed, be very amazed! It takes us more than four minutes to decide what we are having for breakfast! These guys are awesome!

Shadow Hawk Vehicles has announced the Street Hawk "Super Terrain Vehicle", a €1 million vehicle that combines the performances of a road machine with the capabilities of an off road vehicle. It will be limited to just 12 units per year with sales beginning in late 2011 and will be built upon request.

The Street Hawk develops a total of 1100 HP and 1805 lbs-ft and returns a fuel economy of 22mpg. With a total weight of 4,800 lbs, the Shadow Hawk can make the 0 to 60 mph sprint in 3.5 seconds and has a calculated top speed of 208mph. The vehicle is all-wheel-drive and sits 40 inches tall with 15.5 inch wide tires and 22 inch wheels.

Customers will be able to chose from a two door or a four door version as well as being able to choose the exterior color, interior fabrics, satellite systems, five-point harnesses, run flat systems, sleeper, towing packages, right-hand drive, armament, and much more.

Does anyone else think this vehicle looks like a cross between a Hummer and a Winnebago with a killer instinct? Anyone?

Source: Jameslist

Conquest Vehicles are not widely known, but this Canadian company surely makes ultra-luxurious, fully-armoured SUVs. Okay, we can’t really use the plural version. So far, they have only made one; the Conquest Knight XV, but Conquest lives up to their mission on this vehicle.

The Conquest Knight XV doesn’t qualify as an everyday kind of ride, but for professional athletes, government officials, and heads of corporations around the globe, it should fit perfectly amongst their stable of high-priced vehicles. This extravagantly large and armored vehicle was first unveiled at the 2008 SEMA Show and since then, has had an abundant amount of comfort and security features added to it.

The vehicle is the picture of insanity and utter viciousness. We would just like to say that it would be an awesome choice for the next Decepticon in any upcoming Transformers if the production could afford it. It looks ready for the job already.

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Most of us don’t get an opportunity to drive around in a Corvette , let alone sweep the skis on-board an Apache helicopter. But for General Richard Cody and his son, Major Clint Cody, those two things are something they have some pretty good experience in. In this video by Chevy , the father/son military duo describes some of the comparisons between these two powerful machines.

“An Apache…you have to fly them all the time,” says General Richard Cody, “The Corvette is the same way. It’s sleek, powerful. You have to drive it all the time. It’s not something you want to put on cruise.”

His son, Major Clint Cody adds, “It’s one of those cars you see on the street and people are scared. Just like people are scared of seeing the Apache flying around.”

We don’t believe Chevy intended to display differences between the Corvette and the Apache helicopter, but we were able to spot one almost immediately. Although both machines are “very quick, responsive, and powerful,” the Apache helicopter sure looks a lot like a giant buzzing insect.

Check out the video to see a few beautiful Corvettes and one deadly flying insect.

Based on the Dodge RAM 5500, the MDT Tiger is a cost effective, highly armored Light Protected All Terrain Vehicle for a crew of 6-9. The Tiger is mine and blast protected, with various add-on armor options, including reactive armor. Its 5 doors and a roof hatch offer easy loading and unloading of soldiers and equipment. The wide and spacious cabin, with its large payload capacity can be tailored to many missions.

The Tiger MDT features: a 350 hp Cummins diesel engine, a 127" wheelbase, and an 8.8 ton GVWR which allows for a 1.5 ton payload or 6 passengers and 1984 lbs of equipment.The add-on armor panels can be removed, repaired, replaced or upgraded. An optional upgrade to a 10.4 ton GVW allows for an improved armor suite, including reactive armor defeating RPG rockets and EFP charges.

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The Oshkosh M-ATV is an MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) armored fighting vehicle specially developed to be uses by the US troops in Afghanistan. According to United States Marine Corps program officer for MRAP, Brigadier General Michael Brogan, the Oshkosh M-ATV was chosen because it had the best survivability and Oshkosh had the best technical and manufacturing capabilities of all the competitors. The first vehicles are expected to be in Afghanistan by October 2009 and all should be delivered by March 2010.

Oshkosh M-ATV

The Oshkosh M-ATV incorporates rugged, durable, patented components and systems for maximum Warfighter mobility and survivability. Derived from the Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement (MTVR) platform, the M-ATV incorporates the proprietary TAK-4® independent suspension system with battle-tested technology. It has the wheel travel, payload capacity, side slope stability, vehicle durability, extreme mobility and necessary Warfighter protection for today’s fight. In today’s most challenging battle zones, the M-ATV is the combat-tested, mobile, survivable, durable solution – the solution to getting Warfighters to the fight and back again.

Oshkosh M-ATV

Vehicle has a crew of four, plus the gunner. It offers payload capacity of 1 800 kg. The Oshkosh M-ATV can be fitted with remotely controlled weapon station, armed with heavy machine gun or automatic grenade launcher.

The M-ATV is powered by a Caterpillar C7 engine that develops a total of 370 hp and comes with a full-time all-wheel drive. The engine is mated to an Allison 3500 SP transmission and an Transfer Case Marmon Herrington. It can hit a top speed of 105 km/h (65 mph).

The Oshkosh M-ATV is airportable by C-130, CH-53, CH-47.

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