Mini Cooper

Mini Cooper

It’s a mundane and tedious task that no one likes to do and everyone avoids like the plague, regardless of the fact that we all had to learn it before getting our driver’s license. That’s right; we’re talking about the squeezing your car between the front bumper of one car and the rear bumper of the other, also known as parallel parking.

Some people are really good at this task, especially those that live in larger cities that have primarily street parking (see: New York City) and some of them are really bad. The guys in the above video are definitely in the former category, as they set the Guinness Books record for the tightest parallel parking job multiple times, constantly one-upping each other.

The first driver of the red Mini Cooper manages to perfectly drift this sub-compact ride into a space that is just 21 cm (8.3 inches) longer than his car, which sets the record. He then gets beaten by a second driver that hits 20 cm (7.9-inches). The back and forth continues until the record is finally set in stone at 15 cm (5.9 inches).

Guinness uses the term “parallel parking” pretty loosely in this sense, as there is no attempt to pull the car out of the tight space, which is a part of parallel parking. We definitely think that the record should be set by the person that can get the car into the tightest space then out of it without contacting another car, but we are sticklers for reality.

Enjoy the video as these high-performance parkers slide their way into curb-side-parking fame.

Mini Cooper

It’s been about a week since we last offered up spy shots of the next generation Mini Cooper testing on public roads, but today we have another set of images, this time with the future Cooper testing at the famous Nurburgring track.

As reported on other occasions, the next Mini Cooper will be built on the same platform as the next generation BMW 1-Series and will be offered in both FWD and AWD versions. It will also grow slightly in its dimensions and will adopt a more modern design, but will still be immediately recognized as a Mini.

Under the hood, there will be the usual four-cylinder turbocharged engines, but BMW is also developing a new three-cylinder unit to drop in the Coop.

Mini has promised that the 2013 Cooper will be offered in up to ten body versions, including a van. We’ll see how that pans out when the new Cooper is launched sometime in 2013.

Mini Cooper

The next generation Mini Cooper was caught testing for the first time at the end of 2011, and now our spy photographers have captured it yet again, this time cruising on public roads in Europe.

Codenamed "F56," the third generation Mini Cooper will share a chassis with the next-generation BMW 1-Series and will be offered in both FWD and AWD versions. Aside from the usual four-cylinder, turbocharged engines, BMW will also be adding a three-cylinder option.

These recent spy shots reveal that the new Cooper will grow slightly, adding a bit of width and length. The front grille, however, will be a bit shorter, while the hood and the front overhang appear to be longer than the current model. The front and rear windshields also appear to be more raked than the current Mini .

The new Mini Cooper will be unveiled in the first quarter of 2013, with the convertible following one year later.

Just a couple of weeks, MINI released a series of special edition Ray Line models for Italy. We’ve barely had time to digest those models and the German automaker is at it again with a pair of special edition models dedicated, strangely enough, to two parks in London.

Yep. Parks.

The first of these models is the MINI Cooper Green Park Edition, a model that distinguishes itself with its Pepper White paint finish that’s complemented by the company’s traditional British Racing Green finish on the roof. Aside from the fancy two-tone color, the Green Park Edition also features an interior dressed in the same Pepper White color with seats that can come in either black or Polar Beige.

The MINI Cooper Green Park Edition will be made available with powertrain options ranging from the 1.6-liter gas engine that produces 122 horsepower, the 1.6-liter diesel engine that produces 112 horsepower, the 1.6-liter turbo engine from the Cooper S that produces 184 horsepower, and last but certainly not least, the 2.0-liter that develops 143 horsepower from the Cooper SD .

Likewise, the Green Park Edition is also available to the MINI Clubman .

German automaker MINI has essentially turned special edition models into an art form. These guys have done special edition models so much in the past that they’ve pretty much got the whole set-up down pat.

For their latest offering, MINI is releasing a special line of exclusive vehicles, called the Ray Line, which will only be available in Italy. Why they chose Italy, we don’t know. But what we do know is that these models are pretty cool dressed in touches of neon garb.

The Cooper Hatchback Ray Line features a sporty profile that is enhanced by the rear LED lights that gives the car a more dynamic stance. Add that to the plethora of exterior modifications and you have a car that’s itching to stand out from the rest of the pack. As part of the Ray Line, this special edition model will come with fluorescent staining on the bonnet, roof, side mirrors, and hubcaps. Customers have a choice on what kind of neon shade they’d want, ranging from Alien Green, Lemon Yellow, Flash White, Energy Pink, Vitamin Orange and Shocking Blue.

Not done with all that neon, MINI is also offering special badging, and a new set of 17" MINI Yours Soda Spoke Twin Blade wheels in two different styling options.

MINI’s new Ray Line of models, which are exclusive to Italy, offers customers a fresh new option to enjoy the open-air feel of the Cooper Cabriolet .

Not only does the Cabrio Ray Line come with unique aesthetic modifications, but MINI also went ahead and gave minor tweaks to the interior, particularly the aluminum roll bar that has been deliberately lowered behind the headrests to give drivers an enhanced feeling of freedom as they breeze along the open roads.

But the most important modification done on the Cooper Cabrio Ray Line is giving the car even more visual depth, thanks in large part to the fluorescent staining that allows customers to choose from six different shades of neon. The colors range from Alien Green, Lemon Yellow, Flash White, Energy Pink, Vitamin Orange and Shocking Blue, each of provides even more spunk to a car already brimming with attitude.

In addition, MINI also added a new special badge on the car signifying its special edition designation, as well as a number of options and accessories, including chrome surrounds, a fluorescent hub cover, bonnet stripes with fluorescent piping, black caps on the bi-xenon headlamps, and a new set of 17” wheels that come in two different styles.

Just when you think that you’ve figured out how MINI’s mind works, they come out with something that reminds you just how unpredictable these guys are when it comes to their vehicles.

Say you’re taking a long road trip and you’re eyes are starting to become as heavy as sand bags. The prudent thing to do is to find the nearest inn or just park on the side of the road to catch a brief nap. In the case of the Swindon Roof Top Tent Edition, you can actually do the latter by climbing up to the car’s roof-top tent to get some shut eye.

You read that right; this special MINI Cooper model has a tent set-up on where the roof rack was once located.

Unbelievable as that sounds, it’s even more ridiculous to think that the tent actually has space for two people with a working ladder that allows you access to the roof of your car and inside your tent. And if that wasn’t enough, the roof tent has its own "tent box" that you can use to stow away your tent when you’re not using it. Add some pillows, some blankets, and some stuffed teddy bears, and you’re all set for nice and relaxing sleep inside your tent.

Then again, we’re not naive enough to think that this wasn’t just an elaborate - and brilliant - April Fool’s Day joke from the German automaker. If it was, then consider us buying it hook, line, and sinker. To be honest, with all of their special edition models, we’d truly believe this would be something they were capable of.

It’s hardly surprising anymore when we open our news feed every morning and see that MINI has introduced yet another special edition model to their line-up.

The newest special edition MINI Cooper has been christened the Rauno Aaltonen Edition. If you can’t come to grasp with the name, Rauno Aaltonen is a rally legend, having won, among other races, the prestigious 1967 Monte Carlo Rally. And now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, it’s time to check out what kind of digs MINI put on the Cooper Rauno Aaltonen to set it apart from the rest of its SE models.

On the outside, the car comes dressed with a Chili Red paint finish with a white air intake and matching stripes on the both the front and rear of the car. The eye-catching color scheme is also visible down the flanks and side scuttles and all the way to the checkerboard decals. Rounding out the exterior modifications are a fancy set of new 17" ‘Infinite Stream Spoke’ wheels.

Inside, the special edition Cooper Rauno Aaltonen received a new - and specially badged - leather-trimmed steering wheel. The speedometer also got tweaked and now comes with a red outer ring and an image of Aaltonen’s very own John Hancock.

The special edition program can be used on both the Cooper and Cooper S models, although the latter comes with an extra treat in the form of a one-day instructional session to drive on ice at the rally school owned by no less than Rauno himself and his son, Tino Aaltonen.

If you thought two special edition MINIs were enough, then you probably don’t know the German automaker all that well. Known for their bombastic flair and penchant for the out-of-the-box, MINI has released another special edition vehicle, following in the trail of the Baker Street and Bayswater models.

This one’s called the Highgate Convertible, and comes with plenty of special edition goodies befitting MINI’s quirky personality. For starters, the car has been painted with a new metallic hue - Iced Chocolate - and contrasted by brown and black bonnet stripes with blue edging. Should Iced Chocolate not suit your tastebuds, MINI’s offering two other color options with equally irrepressible names: Midnight Black and White Silver. The Highgate Convertible also receives a brown soft-top to go with a new set of 17" Double Cross light-alloy wheels.

Interior modifications for the special edition MINI Convertible includes leather seats dressed up in Dark Truffle with light contrast stitching and light blue piping. Stainless steel pedals are also offered, as is a Suntouched Brushed Alloy interior trim, and last but not least, MINI’s Chrome Line Interior package.

The Highgate Convertible is being offered on four trims of the Cooper: the standard version , the Cooper S , the Cooper D , and the Cooper SD . Sales for the special edition convertible begin in April 2012.

MINI has never been the shy type when it comes to rolling out special edition models, especially when certain situations call for it.

As an official sponsor of the 2012 London Olympic Games, you can’t come up with a more ideal situation for a special edition Cooper . Heck, they even made two of them.

Joining the Cooper Bayswater Special Edition is the Baker Street Special Edition, a unique trim of the popular Cooper line that pays homage to London hosting the 2012 Olympic Games. Similar to the Bayswater model, the Baker Street comes with plenty of unique trims, highlighted by a Rooftop Grey metallic finish with special racing stripes on the hood, black mirror caps, and a new set of 16" alloy wheels. Optional paint finishes - Pepper White and Midnight Black - are also part of the package.

Inside, the Baker Street model comes dressed with unique seating surfaces with a Cross Check Rooftop Grey color for the dashboard and door trim and diamond pattern, light grey contrast stitching for the floor mats, gearshift/selector lever, handbrake gaiters, and seat tags.

The Cooper Baker Street Edition is set to be available on the MINI One , Cooper , One D , and Cooper D models with sales expected to begin in Spring 2012.

UPDATE 02/29/12: The MINI Cooper Baker Street Special Edition will be one of a handful of models MINI will be bringing to the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. Stay tuned for any and more info regarding this special edition MINI Cooper.

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