2005 Mini Dragster

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MINI USA will feature its one-of-a-kind record-breaking MINI dragster at the Chicago Auto Show February 10-19. The award-winning MINI holds the impressive title, "World’s Fastest MINI."

Record-Setting MINI Dragster

The outrageous carbon fiber MINI dragster, created in collaboration with extreme California based tuner FIREBALL TIM RACING (FTR), wowed crowds at import and tuner shows and events this past fall. The car was equally as impressive on the drag strip. The MINI USA/FTR dragster as the "World’s Fastest MINI" is potent, with the turbo, supercharged and nitrous powered MINI Cooper S dragster pulling a best-time of 11.26 seconds at 121.26 miles per hour in the quarter-mile run.

MINI USA provided FTR with a carbon-fiber bodied, 1700lb MINI Cooper S with the John Cooper Works kit and a supply of parts and accessories to create the 500 horsepower, twin-charged drag monster. Hollywood car designer and constructor Fireball Tim (Lawrence), and partner, import drag racer and tuner, Hubie Fuh built the show-stopping MINI dragster. The two specialize in creating all forms of extreme, record-setting street and race cars. 

At the Hot Import Nights in Phoenix, Arizona this fall, the extreme MINI beat 300 competitors to win the "Best Engineered" award with its polished under-hood hardware and eye-catching graphics. The MINI USA/FTR creation also made its drag strip debut this fall and has appeared at select events over the last several months, including SEMA in Las Vegas, NV, the NHRA Sport Compact World Finals in Pomona, CA, Hot Import Nights in Phoenix AZ and Hot Import Nights in Los Angeles, CA .


Wonderful graphics! I like the way how they installed its graphic designs... It doesn’t appear exaggerated but completely blend the vehicle.

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