2010 Mini Cooper by Paul Weller

Rock icon, Paul Weller, gave quite a performance during MINI ’s 50th birthday celebration at Silverstone a year ago and the British automaker is paying the rock star in kind by giving him the opportunity to design his own special edition Mini Cooper . The car, which was designed by Weller himself and built in Oxford where it was hand-painted by MINI craftsmen, was sold in a global online auction from November 11th to December 10th with all proceeds to be given to two charities, Nordoff Robins and War Child.

“I’ve decided to donate the car to two charities,” Weller said. “War Child is an amazing organization which works tirelessly to provide protection for kids who live in some of the world’s most dangerous places – Iraq, Afghanistan, Uganda and DRC. Nordoff Robbins is the charity that really uses music to transform the lives of kids and adults fundraising to help and support these vulnerable people.”

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Exterior and Interior

Mini Cooper by Paul Weller

The one-off car will be based on a 2009 Mini Cooper and will have Weller’s complete design imprints all over it, including the bold pink and brown stripes lines across the car’s entire body with a single silver lining that goes from the bonnet all the way over the roof. If the design looks any familiar to some of you, the pink and brown color scheme was the same one Weller used to design a Ben Sherman shirt some years ago.

“I wanted to create something that reflected the mood and colors associated with the Mod era, which was also the classic Mini’s hey day,” Weller points out.

In addition to the Mod-inspired color scheme of the exterior, Weller also gave the car’s interior and exterior some new digs including black leather upholstery, front heated seats, Bluetooth, a Chili Pack, and a set of 17-inch crown spoke alloy wheels.


The special edition MINI’s performance package was untouched, meaning that it’s going to come with the factory standard 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine, capable of producing up to 118 horsepower and 114 lb/ft of torque. The car will also come with a six-speed manual transmission that comes equipped with hill-start assist.


Mini Cooper by Paul Weller

According to the auction site, the recommended retail price for this Paul Weller-designed Mini Cooper is £17,920 – about $29,000. But since it’s an auction, the price tag is expected to increase depending on the number of bids put in and how much these bidders are willing to go to win the car.


Mini Coopers are usually compared to a number of other hot hatches, including the Fiat 500 , the Ford Fiesta, and theAudi A1 . Like we said though, the circumstances behind this car are rather different because it’s being auctioned off to charity.

Mini Cooper by Paul Weller


Cool. I totally love Pink! Well, it looks ideal for girls but most guys will actually hate to own this one. The color will stand out in the public streets, that’s how cute it is.

This is what I’m talking about, MINI has this awesome design for their car. Just look at the front and the body of this car and compare it to the Fiat. Now distinguish who is better looking?

Just same from I have said before, small cars are too dangerous! The smaller the car the bigger damage it will get on a car accident. BTW, I hate art cars! 

I am not a Cabrio fan, but i was reading (I think in WCF) an article about Lambo cabrio, and the article was confirming that the performance of the Lambo in acceleration is the same with open or closed roof. I will try to find back the article

ok at the M3 Cabrio vs Coupe acceleration and lap times, Cabrio is much slower. Even on Lambo you can find that soft top accelerates slower.

The Mini is such a beautiful vehicle. It has one of those timeless looks that rarely come around. I love it.

How much? Get real. More useful than the 2 door, but not at that price.

The Mini is such a beautiful vehicle. It has one of those timeless looks that rarely come around. I love it.

How much? Get real. More useful than the 2 door, but not at that price.

well Weller says he drew the inspiration for the car’s design theme and colors from a shirt he created several years ago for Ben Sherman, the popular British apparel maker that once flourished on London’s Carnaby Street.

A cool pink stripe cars. Do guys really buy this kind of car? Well, guys will absolutely looks cute on it.

yes guys buys this car, not only you can have a new and special edition of mini also you can help many.

they are going to auction this lovely vehicle. dang I wish I have enough money to bought this baby home and make is park comfortable on my garage.

I can see he took all but 10 seconds to design that trash. I like art, I like cars. I don’t like this one bit. I hope THEY pay someone at the auction.

well they should higher the bid after the money that will come out of the mini is for a good work charity.

I love me some Paul Weller, but not sure how I feel about that Mini. But I’m sure this will go for a pricey penny in the UK, the man is like Springsteen there.

Oh yeaaaah, punish me, punish me!

(I forgot to say in the previous post)


Looks like a convict.

Question: Anyone of what this Mini is guilty of? I know, I know!

Answer:This Mini is guilty of ever meeting with Paul Weller.

If it was in white instead of black, would of looked just like a candy!

This should of been the Stan and Ollie car smiley The straps suit their movies perfectly!

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