2010 Mini Saville Row

Yesterday we brought you the BMW X6 Performance Unlimited and today it is time for another special edition for the Japanese market. This time it comes in the form of aMini called the Saville Row. It will be limited to 100 units and priced at ¥3,100,000 (around $35,000 at the current exchange rates).

The new Mini Saville Row special edition is distinguished by a Midnight Black exterior color combined with a black roof, chrome 17-inch alloy wheels, chrome mirror and filler cap, chrome interior, anthracite headliner, and many other chromed parts.

The Mini Saville Row also gets Bi-xenon headlights and privacy glass addition, white turn signal indicator, and a Saville Row logo. All units will be equipped with a 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine and a six-speed automatic transmissions.

This special edition was named after a shopping street in Mayfair, central London, famous for its traditional men’s bespoke tailoring. So we guess this is indeed a car just for the Japanese gentlemen.


I agree with you, it should be reinvented or change its color. Though, performance wise, its well. But how about the interiors and exteriors?

It’s more of a Photoshop version. It doesn’t offer a manual transmission and the information given is limited. However, I think $35,000 is a high price tag. I’d better choose other than this. 

I wonder how long it takes before Mini owners start importing their "JDM" parts & get into the JDM scene

@gazz_mctavish: when getting married?lol

Don’t care about the price, dude I instantly fell in love with this car.

This is the coolest Mini that I’ve ever seen.

35k....just me or is that astronomically high for a small vehicle....BMW must think they are Aston Martin....snicker...

I was stunned with the base paint they did here.

Mmm...Saville Row. I once looked at having a suite made of a Holland and Sherry fabric that had Mink fur woven into it.

I was stunned on with the mini in black color.

If that drive-train is bespoke to only the X6 Performance Unlimited, I’m impressed. IMO, this is how limited editions should be, something more than a new color/rims/interior.

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