2011 Mini 2 Million Special Edition

After only 10 years of production, Mini is celebrating the production of its two millionth unit and there’s no better way to heighten the festivities than to transform it into a special edition model. Called the "Mini 2 Million," the vehicle is a Mini Convertible specially painted in White Silver metallic and topped off with a blue denim roof.

Next to the special edition paint job, the Mini 2 Million will also receive a selection of bespoke interior and exterior options including special alloy wheels, a distinctive leather steering wheel, and lounge leather upholstery.

The Mini 2 Million will be given away as a prize for Mini’s global Facebook campaign called ‘Two Million MINIs – Two Million Faces.’ For this contest, Mini has been collecting photographs of the faces of two million MINI fans and building a dedicated Facebook ‘wall.’ The winner will be chosen at random after the campaign closes on September 30, 2011.

Frank-Peter Arndt, BMW AG board member responsible for production said: "Production of the two millionth MINI comes on the back of strong demand worldwide. Our recent announcement of an additional £500 million investment in our UK MINI production facilities demonstrates the important role that Oxford plays in our global production network. The most essential factors in the success of MINI are the skills, passion and dedication of our associates."


Mini Convertible, now a dream come true!! I was looking forward with these kind of innovation and finally it have arrive. Love the designs, especially the convertible which looks different from other Minis. A whole new different car to your garage.

It looks like a Beetles convertible vehicle for me. However, I still find it looks better and lovely than with Beetle. Moreover, I really love the shape of the headlight of this Mini; it looks cute on that.

Its blue denim roof makes it more looks so cute and rich! smiley I also noticed that it looks aggressive on its black stripes on its front hope and even on its exhaust system. However, I wonder if what’s the speed performance of it?

I want to see and have this Mini for myself. It’s so cute and simple that anyone can’t resist. Though it is a small car. It is obviously one of the convenient cars.

This Mini is one of the fancy cool car for young goers, I like the features from its alloy wheel, and leather upholstery look so convenient from its distinct style.

I’m impressed with this 2 million special edition of this Mini. So cute and aggressive. smiley And I love the fact that it is a four seater car despite the fact that it is only a small car.

The style of this car is like a jeep in the mountain. If this is jeep this is one of the best jeep in the world of vehicle.

It’s so good to see a convertible car that comes from Mini. Just like their other cars, this one looks so cute and interesting.

Yeah, this one is kind of different. For all the limited edition car this one is quite interesting to me. I have already like their Fan Page. Hell, does it mean that I got a chance to win this one. Lol

I think its limited edition is more appealing compare to the original version. The styling was great and it seems powerful as well. I can’t understand the Facebook part of the story.

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