2011 MINI Cooper S "Inspired by Goodwood" by Rolls-Royce

Seeing as both brands fall under the BMW umbrella, it wasn’t really a far-fetched idea to have British luxury automaker, Rolls Royce , and German carmaker, MINI , tie up for a special edition project. The question wasn’t so much if these two highly regarded brands could collaborate, but more of when they would do it.

Apparently, that question has finally been answered.

At the Shanghai Auto Show, MINI and Rolls Royce will introduce a limited production Cooper S model called the “MINI Inspired by Goodwood’, a direct homage to the latter’s base of operations in Goodwood, England.

The car was developed with the help of the Rolls Royce design team and, together with the folks from MINI, they created a car that will be produced in only 1,000 units. The “MINI Inspired by Goodwood” is decked out with the kind of exclusive and luxury amenities that only Rolls Royce can be known for.

It’s been a long time in the making, but hey, at the very least we finally get to see the car in full production guise. Let’s just all hope that this car won’t cost as much as a Ghost or a Phantom .

UPDATE 08/19/2011:: The whispers of Mini sending some of this special edition MINI’s 1,000 units over to the US were correct, but we don’t have to pay the converted price of $68,000. Nope, official pricing for the Mini GoodWood sits at $52,000, according to reports. This new, lower price still makes the MINI Cooper S "Inspired by Goodwood" the most expensive small premium car. Hey, Rolls Royce inspiration doesn’t come cheap, especially considering the Mini Cooper models in the States cost between $19K and $28K, depending on the model. All in all, Mini will be sending 140 units over to our side of the pond. Orders will begin next month and the first deliveries will be made in the second quarter of 2012. (MotoringFile)

More details on the MINI Cooper S "Inspired by Goodwood" by Rolls-Royce after the jump.


MINI Cooper S "Inspired by Goodwood" by Rolls-Royce

True to its nature as one of the world’s most luxurious brands, Rolls Royce gave the Cooper S their own stamp of quality, highlighted by bespoke styling cues and trim options.

On the outside, the car has been finished with an exclusive Diamond Black Metallic finish with an alternative – and optional – Reef Blue Metallic finish. You’ll notice that the car comes with the standard front and rear apron of the Cooper S, but has been combined with the bonnet from the Cooper D sans the air scoop. In addition, Rolls Royce also installed badges inscribed with the words “Inspired by Goodwood” right below the A-pillar.


MINI Cooper S "Inspired by Goodwood" by Rolls-Royce

Inside, the Rolls Royce design team took to great lengths to ensure that the Cooper S had all the luxury amenities to make it feel like you’re riding inside an actual Rolls Royce. The team made use of their own exclusive Rolls Royce colour Cornsilk to dress up the dashboard, the central instrument, the air vents, the center console, carpet surfaces, the Lounge leather seats, the roof lining, and the side and body pillars. Complementing the high-end material on the dashboard and the door handle surfaces are Walnut Burr veneer trims.

Meanwhile, black nappa leather was used on the dashboard top with the door linings coming in leather Cornsilk. Also, the car’s buttons have been finished in a Piano Black surface, the roof lining in Cashmere, and finally, lambswool floor mats.


MINI Cooper S "Inspired by Goodwood" by Rolls-Royce

The special edition MINI Cooper S will be powered by a 1.6-liter twin-scroll turbocharged engine pumping out 184 horsepower and 177 lb-ft of peak torque. These numbers translate to a 0-62 mph time of seven seconds with a fuel consumption average of 40.6 mpg.


MINI Cooper S "Inspired by Goodwood" by Rolls-Royce

This special edition Mini is actually the most expensive small premium car to date with a price tag of 46,900 Euro, or $52,000 in the United States. All in all, Mini will be sending 140 units of the 1,000 units available over to our side of the pond. Orders will begin next month and the first deliveries will be made in the second quarter of 2012.


MINI Cooper S "Inspired by Goodwood" by Rolls-Royce

We haven’t seen a tie-up of this caliber in a long time so pin-pointing a direct competition for this special edition MINI Cooper S is easier said than done. Having said that, luxury hatchbacks don’t come too often so if we were to compare this Cooper to something, we’re going to stick it up against the Fiat 500 Fenice Milano La Dolce Vita Gold and Diamonds .

Let’s just all hope that the Cooper S "Inspired by Goodwood" model won’t cost as much as the $660,000 price tag attached to the Fenice Milano Fiat 500.

MINI Cooper S "Inspired by Goodwood" by Rolls-Royce
  • Rolls Royce-dressed interior
  • Special edition model
  • Would be nice to drive a ’cheap’ Rolls Royce
  • Not a lot of exterior upgrades
  • No powertrain modifications
  • Probably will cost more than we think


The car is very expensive because the competition they are into is with Milano Gold and Diamond, and if I’m going to choose, I would choose this MINI. Furthermore, since it is dressed by Roll Royce, what should we expect with its pricing.

I couldn’t admit on how awesome was this vehicle. With the luxurious styling of this car, I bet its competitor the Fiat 500 would have a tough time competing this car.

I’m glad to hear that the collaboration of Mini and Roll Royce form an awesome creation. I really love the elegant and luxurious dress of the MINI. And I think this would be a great way to drive a cheap Roll Royce.

So let me understand this...you can buy a fully loaded Cooper S with the same interior & exterior, and even MORE options & horsepower than the Goodcrap Edition for $40,000...or add lambswool mats and real wood dash for $68,000. Who buys this stuff? I sold MINI’s for 2 years and everytime they came out with some "special edition" it cost $55,000+ and NO ONE ordered them. Good thinking MINI!

Well,my budget seems to be not be very practical for this new mini Cooper, Its too expensive for 46,900 Euro, or about $68,000 I’d rather looks some alternative options to make my money worth it.

Car maker will definitely has something to prove this, This will totally a full production disguise.

Well, if they would pit this one against the Fiat 500, I would definitely pick this one up over the latter. The Mini has good handling characteristics that really set it apart.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they would come up with another special edition Mini in the next few months. I just hope that that one would be as good as this.

But of course, it would be a better thing to have a really spiffed up Mini right. And with that price tag, you really are not shelling out cash for something worthless.

Come to think of it, you are right on that one. It really isn’t all that pricey when compared to other models. But I think I still prefer the standard Mini over this one.

Come to think of it, for all the work that they have done here, it is actually not that pricey when compared to the special edition Minis that they have released.

Well, with all the things that they have packed into this one, I wasn’t really surprised that it went of for 68 grand. It could have actually been higher, you know.

Yeah, I really like the interior of this one too. It doesn’t look very cramped, unlike the regular Mini. And it feels very classy too, much like a Rolls Royce indeed.

And what I like the most is the carbon fiber richness in the interior. Though it has a modern scent, the car still looks like a vintage. BTW, I think its so pricey and yet the engine doesn’t perform well.

The design of the car has a vintage look with a mix of contemporary details. And I think that’s the strong point in the car, it perfectly combines the classy and modern styling.

Yeah right! The black color doesn’t have any appeal to me but the pearl-scent paint job looks classy. I do love the interior as well!

The car looks like a traditional version of the MINI. In the first glance it’s not looking great. However, seeing the gorgeous interior it makes me forget its appearance on the outside!

Well, it’s both a Mini and a Rolls Royce at the same, so this one is really going to be one heck of a ride. You really won’t be seeing one of these very often.

Hahaha! For a ’cheap’ Rolls Royce, this one is definitely a winner. Just take a look at that interior. Sadly, this one likely won’t be cheap at all.

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