2011 Mini Cooper Works by CoverEFX

CoverEFX revealed early last year an impressive tuning package for the Volkswagen Touareg . But now the tuner turned their attention to a much smaller model, a Mini Cooper Works . The package starts with an impressive exterior updates that includes a fully foil-finished body in black leather style with thousands of small gold specimens glued individually by hand on the dark leather. The car sits on a new set of wheel in combination of matte black and matte gold metallic OZ LM rims called Wave 7x17 ET37.

For the engine updates the tuner is offering two different stages. Stage 1 includes software optimization, 2.5-inch exhaust system with Milltek downpipe, sports catalyst and extra large sports air filter. The result is a total output of 236 HP and 350 NM of torque (up from 211 HP and 280 NM of torque).

Stage 2 adds new software optimization and gets an output increase to 252 HP and 382 Nm of torque.


Wow! It looks so exotic and strange on that which looks very cool and awesome on it as well. Good thing also that they have already upgraded the engine of this Mini, which looks more fun to drive with than before.

Very optimized car, look so elegant similar style with brand of bad. The entire body are totally dress up with gold design.

Amazing,Mini cooper adds some unique version of stylish design of its new concept. I definitely love the idea of having a special and certainly the best trendy sort of style model cars.

Great! It seems to be an impressive new updates of style. This is look like a unique yet very cool appearances.

Well now, that’s definitely one great to soup up a Mini. I really liked the fact that they have painstakingly glued all those small decorations, which add a nice hand crafted touch to it.

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