2013 MINI Coupe John Cooper Works by DuelL AG

Japanese tuner, DuelL AG, has become synonymous with building some of the most awe-inspiring tuning programs on that side of the world. Their latest work on the MINI Coupe only adds to their already sterling reputation.

Using the MINI Coupe John Cooper Works Edition for the build, DuelL AG built a sick-looking aerodynamic kit for the German MINI that comes with a bevy of modded parts, including a louvered hood that has been set on both sides, just above the fenders. In addition, the components also include an aggressive new front bumper with fully integrated LED lights, redesigned side skirts, and a new rear diffuser.

DuelL AG opted to keep the MINI Coupe JCW’s performance numbers untouched, which means that you can expect the car’s 1.6 liter four-cylinder petrol engine to produce an impressive 208 horsepower.

For a car that looks as aesthetically endearing as the MINI Coupe JCW, DuelL Ag did a masterful job in giving the German vehicle some serious attitude. Dare we even say that this program is one of the best-looking aftermarket projects done on the MINI Coupe.


DuelL AG’s creative ways of thinking will surely make this version of the Mini coupe a big hit.

Why does MINI evolve so fast? I guess there would be a MINI revolution and its getting viral.

No doubt that this will be marketed so fast.

I’ve seen a couple of tuning programs made by DuelL AG, and all of them are successfully sold out in the market.

DuelL AG’s sense of fashion is most awaited on this one.

The tuning program that they are preparing is just a bit of what we expect on DuelL AG. I know these guys, and they are one of the trend setter when it comes to tuning programs.

DuelL AG’s application of a glossy coat seems to have taken effect of a classy car, despite the bland and old-styled exterior.

Mini’s design is often like this retro-modern style, and DuelL AG’s tuning accentuated its vintage aspect further.

I must admit that I see its color combination and paint finish as chosen in a classy fashion, but that also makes its external appearance look monotonous and dull. Impressively, its engine is good enough.

The monotone of its color combination is quite old-fashioned, yet it appears to be classy because of its gloss finish. Although its performance capability isn’t all that high, I think it’s just for its built.

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