Mitsubishi Evolution

Mitsubishi Evolution

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A civil war has erupted in the automotive world and it’s all thanks to the Japanese. This has nothing to do with baseball, sumo wrestling, or the World Cup. It doesn’t even have anything to do with Honda and Toyota Toyota , the two biggest car companies in the Asian country. This is a battle of the younger persons car; two rally machines that have been fighting for years.

In the left corner we have one of the most prolific rally cars of all time, the 2010 Subaru WRX STI . Not quite sure what all those letters stand for but it’s bound to be something with speed or rally in it. The STI has been refreshed time and time again and it has always lagged behind the Mitsubishi in terms of sales and track performance. Yet, that hasn’t stopped them from releasing this new version and making it that much better.

In the right corner we have the 2010 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X and you guessed it, this is the tenth version. The Lancer Evolution is a definite boy’s toy. It’s hard on the blacktop, dull and boring inside, but all that doesn’t mean anything. It’s this cars rally heritage that makes it so good where it matters.

So, which Japanese rally car takes the champagne and which will win in TopSpeed’s epic battle, the STI or the EVO?

We haven’t heard a whole lot from Mitsubishi these days so imagine how excited we were when we found out that a Mitsubishi AMS Drag EVO VIII caught everyone’s attention at The Texas Mile after it broke the world record for a standing mile on a four cylinder with a top speed of 228 miles per hour.

While the record itself was an achievement in its own right, it still got overshadowed by the events that transpired as soon as the car crossed the timing traps. Watch this video and you’ll notice at around the 1:22 mark that smoke starts coming out of the car only as a small preview to the flames that literally start coming out from under the hood. Driver Eric Jones vainly tried to activate the fire suppression system, but when he realized that it would be for naught, decided on a better course of action by jumping out of the car.

Overall, the AMS team had quite an eventful time at The Texas Mile and if it wasn’t for the Evo-catching-fire-after-breaking-world-record episode, the boys from AMS would have had a weekend to remember. Although, I think it was a weekend to remember anyway.

Source: AMS

The great thing about YouTube is you that can scour its site for a few minutes and find auto commercials from other countries that you wouldn’t be able to find simply by flipping through the channels on your local cable network. While there may be times where different languages prevent us from fully-comprehending these ads, the sheer satisfaction that comes with watching them is sure worth it, even if we don’t understand them sometimes.

Thankfully, this particular Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution commercial from Australia is dialogue free so we can enjoy it for what it is: a visceral treat that promotes the Mitsubishi Evolution as capable of defying the laws of physics. Give it a look and tell us that you weren’t floored by this visual masterpiece.

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The BBC’s Top Gear is known for coming up with some very out there tests to put cars though, except none have been as insane as this. In another test pitting man against machine, the boys from Britain are putting a rally prepped Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII against a world championship downhill freestyle skater. Now the 16 year old’s plank of wood is a purpose built off road racing vehicle complete with a suspension and large knobby off road tires. You would think that it would be no problem for the the Evo being driven by Ben Collins , but it’s true that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, and the former Stig ’s Lancer is having a bit of a hard time getting around the moguls on the green downhill race course. However Richard Hammond has something that might solve that problem in the form of a Paris Dakar racer, the Bowler Wildcat.

Two of the most f’ing quick vehicles in the world have been put face to face in a no holds barred competition. In one corner we have the factory tuned U.K. special, the Mitsubishi Evo X FQ400 and in the other, the Nissan GT-R . The Mitsubishi can srint from 0 to 60 MPH in just 3.8 seconds thanks to the modified 4B11’s 403 HP and 387 lb-ft of torque; while the GT-R has the benefit of an additional turbocharger and two extra plasma lined cylinders that make 473 HP and 433 lb-ft of thrust. So who ended up on top? Sorry, you’ll just have to watch the video to find out!

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Mitsubishi’s Lancer Evolution story has a long heritage , currently being in its tenth rendition it is easy to forget about the cars that came before, because without turbo all wheel drive rally rockets like this Evolution II RS we wouldn’t have the 300 HP EVO X of today. Made between January of 1994 and August of 1995, Mitsubishi released what would become the first in a long line of reworked Evos with a set of wider tires and some tweaks to the suspension. The cars were still understated, but with that face full of front mount filling in the front bumper you know that there is something special about an Evo.

Classic Tuning: 400 HP Mitsubishi EVO II RS

This particular EVO II wears a pair of smooth GSR bumpers and a set of fine looking Enkei NT-03 wheels measuring 17 inches in diameter and wheel gap is eliminated thanks to the fully adjustable TEIN coil overs. Under the hood is where the magic happens when it comes to these cars. The trusty old iron block 4G63 2.0 liter four banger has been upgraded with quality upgrades like a reinforced rotating assembly, balanced bottom end, ported head with a 3 angle valve job and exotic materials like titanium retainers. The has been stuffed with high end names from Japan like JUN and HKS.

The snail is a Garrett GT35/40 turbocharger that offers big power without too much lag. The hot air is made combustible thanks to a set of 880 cc injectors being controlled by a Link EMS. When tuned correctly, the car is capable of putting out 400 HP, quite a jump from the original 250 HP. The Evo II has ran a bet quarter mile time of 11.02 seconds at 126 MPH running on a set of 15 inch Dunlop semi slicks. The interior of this serious a machine is kept simple and is purpuse built with a pair of Recaro race buckets and a few necessary instruments to keep things from going into the red.

Ladies you know when you go for a walk and you see that sexy man in an even sexy car? And if he is driving a red Ferrari there is no way you can avoid bumping that pit that came across you (God knows who put it there!) But what do you need to drive to have your revenge?

Source: Eve Cars
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The New Evo X with its cult following is going to have enthusiasts going crazy. Check out the new Mitsubishi Evolution X as it is caught in spy testing by spy photographers from The scene is the Willow Roads racecourse in Willow Springs. The only thing more exciting than this would be seeing the new Evolution put up against the new Subaru Subaru Impreza WRX Sti. Where do you sign up to get a job as a spy car tester? Seems like too much (...)

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