Mitsubishi Mirage

Mitsubishi Mirage

  The Mitsubishi Mirage is a hatchback that the Japanese manufacturer showcased at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show. This global small car is expected to be shown at the New Delhi Auto Expo as well and it comes with a 1-litre and a 1.2-litre petrol engine. Its competitors are the Hyundai i10, Ford Figo, Chevrolet Beat and Honda Brio

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The 2014 Mitsubishi Mirage debuted at the 2013 New York International Auto Show . And while its power may not impress, its mpg may start making hybrid cars start shaking in their low-rolling-resistance tires.

Let’s face it the Mirage isn’t the sexiest car to roll out of Mitsu’s factory; in fact, it’s just another econo-hatch that easily blends into the scenery as you head down the highway. Mitsubishi is hoping to change that with the new model and this time around, the Mirage will try to make its way back into the hearts of Americans for the first time since 2002.

The car has been redesigned with all new styling that Mitsu hopes will attract new buyers, which is something the floundering company needs to help keep it in the American market. Unfortunately, it is heading into a market – the sub-compact hatchback market – that is quickly becoming overfull.

Perhaps its practicality and relatively large amount of storage space will help push it over the other motorized roller-skates on the market.

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Mitsubishi Mirage

It looks as if the Evolution lineup in Mitsubishi may be getting bigger, but not too much bigger. Rumor has it that the struggling Japanese automaker is currently working on developing an Evolution trim level for its incoming hatchback, the Mitsubishi Mirage .

Details are still pretty thin on this potential model, buy Japanese magazine, Best Car, is all but certain that the model is underway and it will join the Mirage lineup shortly after its 2013 release. Seeing a subcompact hatchback like this bearing the “EVO” badge may seem a little strange, given the fact that the original Lancer Evolution has always been a four-door sedan with monstrous performance numbers.

This version of the EVO will not quite have the power numbers of the Lancer EVO, but it will be extremely powerful, given its puny specifications. Under the hood, we all expect to see a 1.5-liter three-banger engine that pumps out a respectful 150 horsepower, thanks to the help of a turbocharger. Where this new Evolution will make up ground is in the diet that Mitsubishi has this hatchback on. When it is all said and done, it is expected that Mitsubishi will have the Mirage weighing less than 2,000 lbs, giving it around a 12.5 pounds-per-horsepower rating, which is very respectable for its class.

Other than those few bits of information, everyone’s lips are pretty well sealed on the possible Mirage Evolution. We will continue to monitor the rumor mills for you and keep you up to date on all of the latest rumors and leaks, as we keep our fingers crossed for this performance subcompact hatchback.

Source: Best Car

Lets face it: Mitsubishi Colt has never been a very successful model, especially on markets like Europe. And due to the lack of sales the company has been forced to shut down its plant in Europe and as a result lots of Mitsubishi models will be imported from other global factories.

The first affected model will be the supermini Colt which will be replaced by the newMitsubishi Mirage that was shown for the Asian market last year. Our spy photographers have caught a lightly camouflaged Mirage during testing in Europe and it seems that the European version will get some slightly changed details and probably a different set-up then its Asians cousins.

Despite being a very small model, Mitsubishi has promised that the new Mirage will offer interior space for five adults. Let’s hope they have tested that with five Europeans.

Under the hood there will be a range of petrol engines starting with a three-cylinder 1.0 liter engine with start/stop. An official debut is expected for 2013.

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