2008 Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X GSR Premium

Mitsubishi revealed today on the Japanese market the special edition Lancer EVO X GSR Premium Edition. The model sits above both RS and GSR models and comes with 18-inch BBS alloy wheels, lighter than the standard Enkei ones that come with the GSR, while the hood scoops are painted in the same color as the body.

Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X GSR Premium

On the interior the GSR Premium features leather seats, the Rockford Fosgate multimedia system, a satellite navigation system. The car comes equipped with the Twin Clutch-SST gearbox.

The car is now on sale in Japan at a price of 4,798,500 Yen ($48,250 US) 5-speed manual version and 5,050,000 Yen ($50,785 US) for the Twin Clutch-SST version.


I see a lot of people who own this car, and I love to this model of Jazz in the road, it’s more sporty looking than Mazda3 or Toyota Yaris.

This must be the most good looking Lancer EVO that they will release, the shiny black color makes it luxurious.

Sounds like someone has clinginess with design and money to piss. The vette trumps the Lancer any day of the week. And my 25k WRX comes quite close. This and they want 15k more for soft mods that marginally improve performance and junk I could have done myself for less than half the price. What a ripoff.

what the hell no matter what variant of evo came out from the factory Evo is still the king of handling.

The one that IL got came in at $39,678 without dealership charges. Add the dealership charges with markups for the first few STis and you will reach the high 40k mark. Check the areas with few dealers around and you’ll see how much they cost.

And please don’t use the pricetag to justify the performance, the EVO has more tecnologies and is a better bang for buck than the STi, unless of course straight line racing was your biggest priority, in which case you shouldn’t even be seen near either the EVO or the STi.

no it doesn’t STI’s come around 38k the most where do u get ur info again?

Hence the reason they call it a premium. Oh and an ’09 STi with a navigation package comes in at around 48k with a horrible sub woofer and $hitty stereo, a typical trait of STis’. I’ll take a Rockford Fosgate and a dual clutch transmission anyday.

well STI’s don’t cost 50K so it wudn’t matter....

Fair enough, taste is subjective. I wouldn’t pay 48k for a hatchback STi either.

50 Grand for this?!! i don’t think so....

Leather seats. Talk about trying to be mainstream. The Evoheads will love this.

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