2010 Mitsubishi Outlander Roadest

The Japanese automaker Mitsubishi has just revealed a new special edition version of their Outlander sport utility vehicle with a more aggressive front end inspired by the turbocharged all wheel drive rally inspired Evo targeted at their domestic market. The new Outlander Roadest is based on the current diamond star SUV. While the gaping hole in the big mouth front bumper doesn’t benefit from a racy looking front mount intercooler like the Lancer , Mitsubishi’s in house tuner Ralliart has added a bit more aggressive bodywork in order to keep enthusiasts happy.

Mitsubishi Outlander Roadest

The Outlander Roadest treatment consists of the aforementioned modified front bumper as well as new lights and new grill to complete the Evo X look. The truck rides on a set of bold 18 inch 7 spoke alloys while chrome mirror caps finish off the exterior much like the highly polished Evo Touring . The special edition Outlander is available in three different body colors including gray, white and black. On the inside, the Roadest gets a set of dark colored sport seats wrapped with cloth while attractive aluminum trim highlights the rest of the interior. Under the hood, the Roadest is powered by a 2.0 Liter gas burning four cylinder that makes a total of 148 HP and can be ordered with either a two wheel drive or AWD drive train just like the Evolution.


Huge and very aggressive looking vehicle. I love its spacious interior! I think the
exterior design is perfect. Carlos Bullock was right, Mitsubishi cars are really improving.

they increased it’s HP so as the price, well if this is the case, I’d better get my self a Speed3, prince is less but it’s performance is way better.

the car is cool its interior is remarkable for people
asking much

Mitsubishi cars have improved a LOT lately! Finally, a serious product, a coherent and recognizable design. Those designers deserve a pat on the back.

The fender mounted mirrors on Japanese models have been there for over thirty years.

It would be cool to see one of these set up in road race dress. Lowered, front splitter - kinda like a 4WD wagon for street & track

A family car I think. The big mouth front bumper concept design, love it. The spacious interior is great too.

well it’s got the looks of evo right. well I must admit that it was a very teasing outlander and way far better looking that the old model.

the old and the new Mitsubishi Outlanders are on sale in its domestic market. Both ranges have been upgraded with new entry-level 2.0-liter gasoline engines. The new version of the revised Outlander is called Roadest and also incorporates the EVO front fascia plus a sporty body kit while the old edition is unchanged.

Mitsubishi cars have improved a LOT lately! It finally has serious products and a coherent, recognizable design. Those designers deserve a pat on the back.

Although this vehicle is fast and powerful, I don’t think that there will be another SUV that I will fall in love with except for Mitsubishi’s Montero. I liked the test drive of the outlander but I do hope that it would be available to many countries.

I think powerful SUV’s can now replace 4x4 off road cars because, most of the SUV’s today have powerful engine that can replace or can substitute the off road cars.

I have brought an Outlander last year, i like the car but has anyone had any trouble with road noise. would i have to change the tires if so what kind.

Yeah, an Evolution X look alike. This is the one that I want but my only concern is the price of this SUV. The features seem to be quite interesting especially the improvement of the front bumper. Also the matte of this Roadest is quite glossy than the first Outlander.

It’s really one of the best compact SUV. Unfortunately, its not getting so much attention. Although the sales record in 2009 shows that it has increased. The DOHC and Mivec engine for the Outlander is a perfect match!

The Outlander has come a long way. It has been under the shadow of its more famous brother Monterosport. It seems Mitsubishi is finally giving it attention and its own name.

The EvoX look is really great. Not to mention that the headlights are more cat-like compared to its previous model. The first generation model of the Outlander is a disaster!

well i guess MMC ha already improved their outlander model, this is more better looking than the previous outlander. it’s front bumper is more sporty and aggressive.

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