2011 Mitsubishi Concept Global Small

The Geneva Auto Show is still two months away and Mitsubishi has already announced its lineup for the event. Among the many vehicles that are already on sale, Mitsubishi will also be bringing the Concept Global Small (show model). This concept car is really no different than all of the other small cars coming out as its main goal is to be compact, affordable, and highly fuel efficient.

The Concept Global Small is a preview version of a new model that will go into production starting March 2012 at the MMC’s third factory in Thailand. Despite its compact sizes, the new Concept Global Small offers enough interior room for five adults and offers good maneuverability and easy operation.

The concept will be powered by a choice of 1.0 or 1.2 liter compact engines equipped with a regenerative braking system and start-stop mechanism. Other features will include reduced running resistance in the engine, new-generation CVT, brakes, and tires, and a body shape that greatly reduces aerodynamic resistance.

The Concept Global Small will be sold in Thailand for 400,000 Thai baht (or $13,119 at the current rates).


I must admit that I see Mitsubishi more for their sedans and larger vehicles. But a compact coming from them is still interesting. And this one actually looks promising.

The new Mitsubishi Evo has expanding a new revision in coming 2012.It adds more interior design that makes the concept more in demand in peoples choice of automobile.

The Concept Global Small will be sold in Thailand for 400,000 Thai baht (or $13,119 at the current rates). It is worthy affordable.

just because it goes into the wind tunnel, that doesn’t mean it can’t look good. Look at the new Impreza "design concept". It looks great. Or the new Sonata. Awesome sales.

as long as they bring out a "Ralliart" or EVO version I would be interested. Stuff in a 1.6 DI/VVT/DOHC and bring out a 2 door version as well as this 4 door.

maybe but they are already launch the colt world wide. and I must admit that it was a good competitor of Hyundai Gets, Toyota yaris, honda jazz and mazda 2.

wow it looks like it’s competing with fiat 500, and toyota smart for two cars, but while I’m staring with this I see some similarities with the Mitsubishi colt.

You know... when you do not find other words for something you say.... interesting smiley Unfortunately I find this car ugly fat and small... if this is possible smiley

The first-ever production model – a bright orange version similar to the Nurburgring Package - of the LF-A was rolled out of the production block.

oh!! this type of model looking in small concept but it is not only the size itself,You will consider this as a type of small but terrible speed performance..!!Just try it?..so you will know the experience..

this car has put function before form usually look bland especially cheap ones like this. They did a good job of making it look graceful and easy to look at and not at all like an appliance.

This car is shaped by the wind tunnel to be as fuel efficient as possible. It is also designed to appeal to as many people as possible. Funky design cues for the sake of being funky were wisely avoided.

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