2013 Mitsubishi EVO X Stealth Fighter by Schwabenfolia

While the fate of the eleventh generation Mitsubishi Lancer is still uncertain, the current Evo X is still getting lots of attention from tuners. The latest upgrade kit has been announced by SchwabenFolia who did not only transform the look of the sedan, but also managed to obtain a power increase of 95 horsepower.

In order to obtain this result, the tuner has installed a new Turbo exhaust system from Invidia. It helps increasing the engine’s output level up from the standard 295 horsepower to 390 horsepower and a peak torque of 383 pound-feet.

For the painting process, the tuner started with a plain white car. For the front grille frames, the air intake of the bonnet and the sides of the rear spoiler the tuner used a very nice Toxic Orange Metallic. The rest of the car features a very cool Black Brushed Steel. The car sits on a set of 18-inch Yamato wheels also painted in orange.


Perhaps the improvement of horsepower is good. But I could not say the say thing with the exterior of 2013 Mitsubishi Evo X Stealth Fighter. Although the metallic color is okay, I guess it will be nice if they just stick to the plain white color. Orange wheel adds to the oddness of the car’s look.

It looks like a power ranger.yes yes, fighter till the end, with such fancy touch upon its makeupsmiley))))

The white version surely looks waaay better than this crap.Sorry.

I would love to have it.Can someone please tell how much would such a tunnned car might cost?Thank you

evo X is a great car, and any tuner should take that in consideration when applying any new look upon it.This one looks at least emarassing ...

I cannot believe this.My eyes only see a fancy toy car, as design.Totally dislike it!

Schwabenfolia failed this time, that’s for sure. What happened with the good taste, guys?

For a sports car, This one looks good.It has visual impact , and this combination of colors speaks about it power

The worst tunned car I have seen in years..Mitsubishi, you’ve managed to disappoint me this time

I absolutely love this silver look of the Mitsubishi!It suits great on it

Those cheap stickers with skulls and logos, and so much orange paint make my eyes bleed n.n

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