2013 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution XI

The Evo-loving world was in shambles after Mitsubishi Global Product Director, Gayu Eusegi, announced that the company would be killing off the all-wheel-drive turbocharged Lancer Evolution . The Evo is one of the best models Mitsubishi has ever offered and fans everywhere were shocked that the company would take such extreme measures. A few back pedals later and Mitsubishi President and CEO, Osamu Masuko, calmed the waters by stating that the the Evo X would not be the last of the Evolutions. Now, Masuko has offered even more details for the future of the Evo to Japanese magazine, Best Car, stating that "Mitsubishi is fully intent on producing a high-performance car in the future, albeit green." Yeah, join the club, Masuko.

The rumor has long been that the Evo XI would be a diesel-electric hybrid. Such a powertrain would allow the Evo XI to hustle to 0-60 MPH in under 5 seconds while still receiving better fuel economy than the current Evo. Now, it seems the technology that was unveiled in the PX-MiEV concept at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show is looking to fit itself into the EVO XI. This would mean a 1.6- liter gasoline engine combined with an electric motor that will take its power from a set of lithium-ion batteries. The electric motors will power the vehicle at low to middle speeds, while the engine will kick on at high speeds. The engine will also provide back up for the motors when their charge runs low. The hybrid system will be combined with Mitsubishi’s S-AWC all-wheel-drive system and active yaw control, technologies that have already been used in the Evo X.


I simply love and impressed with this Lancer Evolution XI. The platform design seems so common but oozing with car appeal! I feel so excited about this car.

As long as it lives up to the EVO name, i’ll get this car.

Lancer Evolution? Great, for making it a hybrid car is a nice decision. As for the color, I think it didn’t match the looks of the car.

Well, this one is amazing with a perfect system combination of electric motor with its engine. I think this one will work.

Well, whatever you guys say, this one still an Evo, those cars are simply amazing no matter how you look at it. As for the idea of being green, well let’s just see about that.

that pic kind of remind of the euro civic type r

This Lancer is really fascinating. Its one of the reason why I really love Mitsubishi Lancers. Its just that, these types are perfect for every upgrades.

I wonder if this one would live up to the Evo name. The looks definitely fits in well with the brand, but I don’t thin that the hybrid power will live up to fan’s expectations.

Yeah, me too. I was really disappointed when I first heard that they are going to kill off the Evo. Good thing that they came to their senses and decided not to do it.

For a hybrid version, this car looks good! BTW, I was confused about the diesel-electric motor used in this car. Does it mean that this car uses a electric technology and its diesel engine was activated to support the car in case that it loses it power?

Wow! I never thought that Mitsubishi would offer a hybrid-powered technology for this car. I really like its production version and I hope that the figure performance would be similar.

nice! i thought the evo was doing to die :/ i still want a 2 liter engine though.. that+ the electric motors will be a kickass and to look very similar to the evo X

As expected of the Evo line, this one is certainly gorgeous. Good thing that they had decided to continue this. As for going green, hopefully, they will still be able to retain the performance despite that.

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