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Mitsubishi and Toshiba have just announced a new partnership, aimed at developing lithium-ion batteries for vehicles.

Toshiba, a maker of electronic goods, has been making a few inroads into the automotive industry as of late. The most recent piece of news came when the company announced that it would build electric motors for Ford in June.

The company is now in a partnership with Japanese automaker Mitsubishi, according to Bloomberg. Yuki Murata, a spokesperson for Mitsubishi said the automaker has not yet decided if they will actually use the batteries.

The spokesperson also mentioned that if testing goes according to plan, the company will use the batteries. He pointed out that Toshiba has been working on batteries for a year and it will finish up testing before they approach the automaker to create a formal usage agreement.

This new agreement could help Mitsubishi catch Toyota and Honda in the development of electric cars, as the automaker has yet to produce anything that can rival the Prius or theCR-Z.

Source: Bloomberg
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Has the world turned upside down? The longtime rally inspired 2011Subaru Impreza STI is going to be offered in a diesel. Even madder is the fact that Mitsubishi is going to be offering theLancer Evolution as a hybrid.

Due in 2012, the next-generation STI will feature a better version of the 2.0-liter turbodiesel offered in the current base Impreza in the United Kingdom. The flat-four layout should mean that the STI could retain its superb handling and agility.

That doesn’t mean that the petrol engines are history. Insiders are reporting that Subaru is working on a downsized four-cylinder, that could be based on the 1.5-liter flat four that is currently used in the base Impreza.

Mitsubishi, on the other hand, is working on a diesel hybrid for the next-generation Lancer Evolution. Mitsubishi hopes that the change will save the Evo from tightening economy and emissions regulations.

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Mitsubishi will unveil the ASX Compact Crossover at the Geneva Motor Show and will go on sale across European dealers in the spring of 2010. The ASX CUV is the European-spec version of the diamond star’s RVR from Japan and will be powered by an all new 1.8 Liter turbocharged direct injection diesel ready to meet Europe’s stringent Bin 5 emissions standard and in order to further decrease pollutants and increase efficiency the ASX will also feature "Automatic Stop & Go" technology along with a fuel sipping 6 speed manual transmission.

Update 05/04/2010: Mitsubishi has release pricing for ther ASX Compact Crossover. The ASX will run between £14,999 to £22,049 and UK sales will begin July 2010.

Mitsubishi’s Managing Director, Lance Bradley, commented that,

“This is the right car, at the right time, at the right price and specification. The CO2 reducing technologies will appeal to fleets, user-choosers and retail customers alike – indeed, early customer reaction has been very positive with advance orders already taken.

“We’re targeting customers who would traditionally buy a C-segment car, such as the VW Golf and Ford Focus , but also people looking to down-size from their SUV or family estate car. With the ASX you really do get the best of every world.

“It’s a game-changer for us, which could easily become a new ‘hero’ vehicle for the brand and heralds the advent of our new ‘Intelligent Motion’ philosophy.”

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We haven’t heard a whole lot from Mitsubishi these days so imagine how excited we were when we found out that a Mitsubishi AMS Drag EVO VIII caught everyone’s attention at The Texas Mile after it broke the world record for a standing mile on a four cylinder with a top speed of 228 miles per hour.

While the record itself was an achievement in its own right, it still got overshadowed by the events that transpired as soon as the car crossed the timing traps. Watch this video and you’ll notice at around the 1:22 mark that smoke starts coming out of the car only as a small preview to the flames that literally start coming out from under the hood. Driver Eric Jones vainly tried to activate the fire suppression system, but when he realized that it would be for naught, decided on a better course of action by jumping out of the car.

Overall, the AMS team had quite an eventful time at The Texas Mile and if it wasn’t for the Evo-catching-fire-after-breaking-world-record episode, the boys from AMS would have had a weekend to remember. Although, I think it was a weekend to remember anyway.

Source: AMS
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Since the debut of the Lancer Evolution back in 2006, we have seen the popularity of Mitsubishi’s all wheel drive sports sedan increase, however, it has always maintained the original 4 door sedan platform. This has allowed other automakers, like Subaru and Mazda , the opportunity to introduce a sport back version of their popular sport sedans with very good results. Last year, we saw the introduction of the Evolution MR and were intrigued when a rumor about a sport back version of the Lancer was in the works. With the success of the Lancer RALLIART edition last year, it was only logical for Mitsubishi to develop a Sport back version of the affordable sport sedan to compete in a market that is currently dominated by other Japanese automakers. The 2010 Mitsubishi Lancer RALLIART Sport back edition features a combination of the ever popular Lancer sedan and the Lancer Evolution, bridging the gap between the track and the daily driven roads.

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Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart

Ralliart announces its officially closing its doors on April 1, 2010. No, it’s not an April Fool’s joke. In a letter to its customers, Ralliart Inc.’s president, Masao Taguchi blames the downward turn in the economy for the need to cease operations. Along with scaling down the business, Ralliart will also be ceasing its support to motorsport customers, stopping any new planning, development, and merchandising of Ralliart products, and discontinuing information of new products and web news.

Mitsubishi lovers will be happy to know that they will still be able to purchase the Lancer Ralliart and the Sportback Ralliart models. Maurice Durand, PR boss for Mitsubishi, said that the closure of the company will not affect the availability and the marketing of these models, as Mitsubishi owns the rights to the name and logo. He further explains that the closure is occurring with the subsidiary in Japan and that only companies that use official Ralliart products shipped from Japan will be affected. The Ralliart parts used for the models in the US are actually re-branded parts from another tuner.

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Even if it hasn’t received a face lift since 2004, the Mitsubishi Galant has undergone a few changes for the 2010 model year. The new car will only be offered in ES and SE trim levels, each powered by a 2.4 Liter four cylinder engine that delivers a maximum output of 160 HP mated to a 4 speed automatic transmission. Mitsubishi has discontinued the Sport Edition, Sport V6, and Ralliart versions for 2010, but prices for the remaining models start at $21,599 for the ES and goes up to $23,999 for the SE version.

The 2010 Galant features a silver painted mesh front grill, color matched door handles and power side mirrors, rear window defroster and an antenna integrated into the rear glass. The SE model is distinguished by a set of 18 inch alloy wheels, body colored rear spoiler and chrome exhaust tips. Standard equipment includes: anti-lock brakes (ABS) with electronic brake-force distribution (EBD), traction control (TCL), Active Stability Control (ASC), dual stage front airbags, front seat mounted side impact airbags and side front and rear curtain airbags.

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The Mitsubishi Eclipse receive a minor face lift in 2009 , and the diamond star brand from Japan is continuing the trend with with an even more drastic makeover in 2010. The latest version of the fourth generation Eclipse features restyled front and rear fascias. The 2010 Eclipse gets a new monochromatic with a two tone bumper insert while the GT variant features a large rear spoiler and a few new exterior hues, Carbon metallic and Solar vibrant yellow. The GS Sport model combines the aggressive exterior appearance of the GT with the fuel economy of the four cylinder GS model and Eclipses equipped with the standard cloth interior feature upgraded fabrics.

The GS version is powered by a 2.4 Liter four cylinder engine making 162 HP, while the GT variant gets a 3.8 Liter V6 that pumps out a total of 265 HP and can accelerate from 0 to 60 MPH in about six seconds.

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Already a name in the automotive industry, the Mitsubishi Lancer will be offered four different trim levels for 2010, with output ranging from 152 HP and going all the way up to 237 HP with prices ranging from $14,790 to $27,190.

The Lancer DE and SE versions are powered by a 2.0 Liter DOHC MIVEC (Mitsubishi Innovative Valve timing Electronic Control system) four cylinder engine pumping out 143 HP at 6,000 RPM and 143 lb-ft of torque at 4,250 RPM. The GTS version will get a 2.4 Liter DOHC MIVEC four cylinder making 168 HP and 167 lb-ft of torque, finally the top of the line Ralliart model gets a turbocharged and intercooled 2.0 Liter four cylinder boosted to 237 HP and 253 lb-ft of torque.

The 2010 Lancer features a a shark nosed front end, distinct wedge like profile and crisp, taut lines. Each model is now equipped with Active Stability Control (ASC) and an anti lock braking system (ABS) as well as electronic brake force distribution (EBD) all standard.

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After seeing the bold faced Mitsubishi Outlander GT prototype based on the front end of an EVO X , the Japanese automaker has finally revealed the official details about the 2010 Outlander SUV, and it will be offered in both GT and SE variants with an asking price starting at just $20,840.

Mitsubishi Outlander

For the 2010 model year, Mitsubishi has taken the front end from the popular prototype and incorporated it into the entire Outlander lineup. Another new item for the 2010 Outlander is the gearbox. Mitsubishi’s TC-SST (Twin Clutch-Sport Shift Transmission) was previously only available in the Lancer Evolution X MR and has since been expanded to the entire EVO lineup can now be had on the Outlander. Mitsubishi also lays claim that the 2010 Outlander offers the best as far as safety technologies are concerned, coming with features like ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), EBD (Electronic Brakeforce Distribution), ASC (Active Stability Control) and S-AWC (Super All-Wheel Control) as well as six airbags all standard.

Mitsubishi Outlander

Under the hood the diamond star brand has incorporated a new fuel efficient MIVEC V6 that cranks out a maximum output of 230 HP along with gas saving Idle Neutral Logic. The system increases the 2010 Outlander’s efficiency by automatically disengaging the transmission and placing it in neutral when the vehicle is at idle, thus saving owners some money at the pump while they wait for the light to turn green. Meanwhile the MIVEC (Mitsubishi Innovative Valve timing Electronic Control system) manipulates both the intake and exhaust valves in order to optimize the engine’s air/fuel mixture in order to produce as much power as possible with the least amount of harmful emissions.

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