2010 Mitsuoka Himiko Roadster Special Edition

Mitsuoka , the Japanese auto replica maker, became infamous within the auto industry for their off shoot concept, the hideous, piranha-looking Orochi sports car.

Undaunted by the overwhelmingly negative response to their concept car, Orochi has come out with a new creation, a special edition version of the company’s Mazda MX-5 -based Himiko roadster, a soft-top version of the Mitsuoka Himiko Classic Edition.

Previously available with just a power-retractable roof, the new soft-top variant, which features a classic British look similar to what was running in the streets half a century ago, is powered by the Mazda MX-5’s 2.0-liter engine that produces in excess of 170 horsepower for the five-speed manual variant and 162 horsepower for the six-speed automatic transmission.

Aesthetically speaking, the car is treated with a boatload of the same features found in the hardtop version, including a similar color paint scheme with a two-tone, black and red color set-up as well as chrome strips that run on either side of the vehicle. As for the model’s interior, Mitusoka continued the entire black and red motif by putting in red-leather seats on the front and back and some additional ornamental wood trim to complement the car’s overall paint scheme.

All in all, the car doesn’t look as repulsive as the Orochi; it’s actually pretty sleek and comes with a classic feel to it. Just go past the fact that this car was made by the same people who gave us the Orochi and you’re going to begin to like the car’s overall set-up. And the best part is, while it’s limited to only 20 models, the model doesn’t come with a mammoth price tag - ¥4,880,000 (or $56,500) – making it a more attractive purchase to interested buyers.

Source: Es Autoblog


With that nose job and no pics showing just how they moved those front wheels so far forward, lets hope it’s not as bad as those 70 & 80’s kits on GM mid-size RWD models.

Oh my God what is that?? it looks so old and ugly..smiley

Enough already with Chancellor, stretched limos etc. Waste of money and time. Better stick to bread & butter small family car.

Well, I saw one scurry under my fridge, and I set out a trap with a huge chunk of cheese, and next day there it was, dead.

Very Nice Concept though!!smiley

OK people. Let me help you out. "Orochi" is the name of a 8-headed serpent from Japanese folklore. So naturally, the car looks like a reptile. "Himiko" is the name of a famous Shaman witch who became female ruler of pre Japan’s Yamatai region – around AD 200

I swear the clay model melted and they just went with it.

Wow, I actually like that! Pretty cool idea and with MX-5 underpinnings it probably moves pretty well (assuming they haven’t added too much weight).

ridiculous looking car, i never thought that Japanese auto maker will copy a German style roadster.

Wow, I actually like that! Pretty cool idea and with MX-5 underpinnings it probably moves pretty well (assuming they haven’t added too much weight).

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