2011 Mitsuoka Galue Limousine

Why hello there, Mitsuoka ! How we’ve missed you so!

The eccentric Japanese coachbuilder hasn’t been in the news for a while now, but like raindrops in summer, they come out again on the news in their trademark unsuspecting fashion.

From the people that brought us the infamous Orichi sportscar and the Mazda MX-5 -based Himiko Roadster comes another priceless – for better or for worse – vehicle to their growing stable: the Mitsuoka Galue Limousine, an updated four-door limo that was built on the latest Nissan Teana sedan.

Don’t worry, folks. The Galue Limousine is nowhere near the level of ugly the Orichi comes in. Actually, the limo looks surprisingly svelte given the circumstance of who made it. Similar to its previous works – except with the Orichi, of course – Mitsuoka used a heavy dose of classic British car influence on the front end of the Galue Limousine. The car’s rear, on the other hand, looks a lot more recent than the front and is the perfect example of Mitsuoka’s continued fascination with putting two elements from different generations together and just sees how it looks like in the end. The company’s had more misses than it has had hits, but the Galou limousine looks to have been the latter - a ‘single’ in baseball parlance, but a hit nevertheless.

In terms of performance, Mitsuoka uses a has a number of different trims as well as two engine options available for the updated version of the Galue Limousine – a 2.5-liter version and a 3.5-liter V6 variant. Pricing for the vehicle comes out at a range from $44,700 to $64,200 and will be made available beginning on November 12th in Japan.


This style is still on use? Truthfully speaking, although it’s paint job seems classy the appearance isn’t a beauty.

It is a good idea to build a modern car with a touch of a classic one. I love the concept of this car. It looks not that attractive when you first see this, but if you look closer you can see the beauty of it.

The idea of building a car which has a classic look and sporty performance was very magnificent. It was an ugly in a single glance, but if you look closely it wouldn’t be the same.

It seems as a tiny limousine on its short size, in talks about the engine performance it was great, match and suit for this car. It was much better to improve the outer appearance of this car.

Yeah! It is really their vehicle because on the square front grille signature of them. Anyway, I noticed that it looks like an outdated car to be a limousine. Moreover, I’m glad that it is only on a reasonable price.

I thought it was a Rolce Royce vehicle because of its square front grille design. smiley Anyway, I’m also quite confused if how it became a limousine vehicle, but I admit that it looks good with its very neat appearance.

I don’t know how it became a limousine car, but I must say that I’m impressed on its decent and hygienic appearance, and I have to agree that it is so unique on its fashion and platform designs.

Japan’s pride is finally launching a big hit on the market. I like how they modify this sophisticated luxury car into something unique fashion.

I did not miss this Mitsuoka, even if I don’t hear a lot from them these past few years. Well, is this what they updated? The way I see it, it is just newly painted. By the way, this will be very pricey because we all know that most limo is expensive.

I think the BMW and the piano is perfect in that photo together.

"It delivers the feeling of being stoked to you as the Santa Claus does."

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