2011 Morgan 3-Wheeler Superdry Edition

Morgan hasn’t been back in the game for a year and they’re already coming out with a special edition model for their reincarnated 3-Wheeler . We’re guessing these guys are going full steam ahead with their comeback.

The new special edition 3-Wheeler comes courtesy of a tie-up between the famed automaker and English clothing brand, Superdry. The whole package comes with a unique leather jacket and a 3-Wheeler model that comes with a custom shifter, a new fuel filter cap, an orange stripe on the tires, a matte silver paint with custom graphics, a Superdry leather interior, and plaques of recognition of the special edition series.

Together with all these new goodies, the 3-Wheeler also comes with an impressive 2.0-liter twin SS engine that produces 115 horsepower and a weight of just 500 kg (about 1102 lbs) with a 0-62 mph time of just 4.5 seconds.

The car will only run on a limited number - only 200 models are being built - with the price tag still being kept under wraps. Since the standard model costs £46,000 - $75,500 - you can expect the 3-Wheeler Superdry Edition to fetch more than that.


This 2011 Morgan 3-Wheeler Superdry Edition is good. However, I am not truly
impressed with its platform.

Yeah! Morgan’s vehicle is not really so popular, but I admit that when I saw this vehicle, I’m truly amused on it, especially on its dimension and shape. However, I noticed that for a sports vehicle, its horsepower is not very impressive.

To be honest, I’m not really familiar with Morgan’s vehicle, but I also noticed that this one looks so outdated but still interesting. Anyway, it is obviously a race car, but they are right that its engine is not enough for it.

It’s absolutely looking so outdated, but in spite that I can say that it is very striking and can get lots of attention. smiley However, I don’t think that its engine is quite good enough for it.

This style is an old car right? But this car is have a tree wheel and the old car has 4 wheel not like this car and i don’t know if this is a car or motorcycle. hehehe

I cannot figure out on why this car manufacture is still on the industry up to now! Its great rival the reliant is done in making a child game. I really don’t think that its safe to drive a three-wheeler vehicle.

I have seen several production from the Morgan and I would say that are not improving. I don’t like the vintage styling of their vehicle. It’s kind of faster in terms of 0-60 mph but the deliver power output is not that impressive.

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