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Fifty-eight years after Morgan rode off into the sunset with what was then their last three-wheeler, the iconic model is going to be brought back from the ashes to celebrate Morgan’s 100th birthday.

The news was first brought to our attention after Jill Price, the sister of Mogan managing director Charles Morgan, confirmed to the Morgan Three Wheeler Club that the company is currently developing the new three-wheeler.

Understandably so, a lot of us never got a chance to see an old-school Morgan three-wheeler in action because the company decided to stop production of the iconic vehicle back in 1953. But for those who got a taste of what it feels like to drive around the block with one of these bad boys, news of the car’s impending return is being met by gleeful excitement.

It’s no stretch to think that the three-wheeler’s return could open doors for Morgan to a new market of enthusiasts, those that will experience the thrill of a Morgan Three-Wheeler for the first time in their lives.

UPDATE 06/25/11: Who said that three-wheelers can’t do burnouts? Even if they can technically smoke only one tire, it doesn’t mean that smoke’s not coming out of it. And as proof, Morgan released this cool video of the new Three-Wheeler smoking its tires like the best of ’em! Check it out!

UPDATE 06/28/11: The new Morgan Three-Wheeler is powered by a fuel-injected, 115-horsepower V-Twin engine mated to a Mazda five-speed gearbox and is being built on the same platform as the upcoming EvaGT set to be launched in 2013. The company is now accepting orders for their new model and 480 buyers have already showed interest. The car is priced at £25,000 or about $40,000 at the current exchange rates.

UPDATE 07/19/11: Jay Leno has earned himself the right to test out some of the world’s most unique vehicles, having established a reputation as one of the foremost automotive collectors this side of the galaxy. So when he was given the keys to the new Morgan Morgan Three-Wheeler, it didn’t surprise us that he had a ball with it. Check out the video after the jump to hear Leno’s thoughts on the reborn classic three-wheelie.

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Source: Morgan

As with all classic cars being sold these days, this 1964 Morgan Plus Four Plus is widely coveted not so much for its performance, but more so because it’s incredibly rare. How rare, you ask?

Morgan only made 26 of them between ’64-’67 and since then, most of these cars have gone under the radar or worse, gone the way of the heap shops. Distressing as all that sounds, there still remains a few that are in tip top condition, like this one.

This particular 1964 Morgan Plus Four Plus is now being sold by a Morgan dealer in California for a price tag befitting its rarity and exclusivity: $225,000.

Before looking like this, this rare gem of a classic went through a “nut and bolt restoration”. After all the repairs were done, the 1964 Morgan Plus Four Plus is now decked in British Racing Green and a yellow two-tone paint finish. The Plus Four Plus also has Cognac ostrich hides that are used on the interior, as well as a Full SuperSport specification motor and a set of Chrome wire wheels.

So for $225,000, would you buy this classic model? Heck, if we had that kind of cash, we would’ve called up that Morgan dealer in California by now.

Source: Morgan West

Almost 60 years ago, Morgan rolled out the last of its three-wheelers never to be seen in a production line again. Well, you know what they say about never, right?

Never say never.

For the first time since the 1950’s, Morgan is bringing back the iconic three-wheeler as part of the company’s 100th year anniversary this year. The three-wheeler, which rose to prominence in the 50’s partly because it was the first car ever driven by Sir Stirling Moss , is set to return to a time when not a lot of people know anything about it.

But if you ask those who lived around the time of its popularity, they’d tell you that the three-wheeler was one of the coolest things on wheels. In addition to Moss, other notable personalities that owned a Morgan three-wheeler included Brigitte Bardot, Queen Noor of Jordan, Ralph Lauren, and Mick Jagger.

Now, it looks like the vehicle is set to be reborn, paving the way for a new generation of enthusiasts to experience the thrill of a Morgan three-wheeler.

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Source: Telegraph

The Eva GT is not the only car Morgan has planned for the future, and with the EvaGT’s unique look and 1950s sport saloon style, the next two vehicles are sure to be as pleasing to the crowds as the EvaGT was at Pebble Beach .

According to British press, Morgan has two new cars in the works with a planned production during the next three years. One of the models will be called the LIFEcar 2, and the second one will be a "fun weekend vehicle".

The LIFEcar 2 will be an electric-diesel hybrid sportscar with an autonomy of more than 1000 miles, according to Morgan. The other model, on the other hand, is "more extreme, with real entertainment value."

As for the Eva GT, the production version will be very similar to the concept unveiled at the Pebble Beach: "We’ve got a reputation for translating show cars into road cars almost unchanged,” said Humphries. That’s our plan for the Eva GT. It needs a high-level brake light at the rear, but that’s about all." The Eva GT is powered by a BMW Twin Turbo straight six engine that develops a total of 306 HP and 400 NM of torque and is mated to a 6 speed manual or automatic gearbox. The car sprints from 0 to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds and can hit a top speed of 170 mph.

Source: Autocar

A couple of months ago we got a first look at Morgan Motor Company’s plans for an EvaGT when they released a teaser image of the future luxury car. The image was a little dark, but it intrigued us nonetheless. The car is set to debut this weekend at the Pebble Beach Concours , but apparently Morgan thought that an extra little teaser a couple of days before the event wouldn’t hurt. They provided the world with this sketch of the EvaGT and, although it is much better than the obscure teasers Ford provided for the Explorer, it still leaves us wanting more. Ahhh, the beauty of teasers.

The EvaGT is built on a modified version of the aluminum chassis featured on the Aero Supersports and is powered by a BMW 3-liter straight six engine that uses mono twin turbo and direct injection technologies and develops a total of 306 hp and a maximum torque of 295 lb-ft. It’s mated to a six speed automatic gearbox or to a six speed manual transmission. The engine sprints the car from 0 to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds, while top speed goes up to 170 mph.

If the specifications and teasers are enough to make you want to take a closer look at the EvaGT then come back this weekend as we will have official details once the car debuts at Pebble Beach. But if you are seriously interested then you better act fast; the EvaGT is set to go into production in 2012 with only 100 units planned and Morgan will be taking deposits on Sunday.

Source: Autocar

Morgan Motor Company announced today the debut of the EvaGT at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in Carmel, California, USA on the August 15, 2010. The four-seater coupe that has been inspired from the UK’s early 1950s sport saloons.

The EvaGT is built on a modified version of the aluminum chassis featured on theAero Supersports and is powered by a BMW 3-liter straight six engine that uses mono twin turbo and direct injection technologies and develops a total of 306 hp and a maximum torque of 295 lb-ft. It’s mated to a six speed automatic gearbox or to a six speed manual transmission. The engine sprints the car from 0 to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds, while top speed goes up to 170 mph.

The new model will be built in limited numbers, with the first 100 units being delivered in 2012. The is the first vehicle that Morgan has launched after they stated plans to debut a new car every two years. A £5000 ($7300) deposit is required when placing your order for the new EvaGT. The full pricing has yet to be released, but Morgan says it will be priced “competitive for a car of this class.”

Stay tuned for further details on the EvaGT as well as the newInfiniti M and the Aston Martin C concept as the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance gets closer!

When it comes to Jay Leno and cars, we’ve come to expect just about anything. The comedian’s longstanding reputation as one of the world’s foremost car enthusiasts has pretty much been street knowledge for all of us.

So when Charles Morgan decided to drop by Jay Leno’s garage to show him his latest special-edition sports car, the Morgan Aero SuperSports , you could say that we weren’t totally surprised.

The new sports car, which was build in time for Morgan ’s 100th year anniversary, comes with a 380-horespower version of BMW ’s 4.8-liter V8, which, for a car that weighs just a step over a ton, is by all accounts, ridiculously fast.

And as someone who knows a thing or two about Morgan vehicles – he has, after all, a 1932 Morgan Three-Wheeler tucked in his garage – Leno didn’t waste time in getting behind the wheel of the Aero SuperSports and taking it for a leisurely spin out on Burbank.

Infusing both old-school design with new school technology, Morgan seems to have found a fan in Leno who was utterly impressed with the pace of the Aero SuperSports that it wouldn’t surprise us if we find one of these models find its way to his garage permanently.

Just one of the many perks of being Jay Leno.

Last week we showed you the production version of the Morgan Aero SuperSports , a vehicle that offers the classic English coach-built shape that veterans fell in love with after WWII, but with modern day running gear underneath, providing the best combination of style and reliability. Well today, we here at Top Speed would like to present to you the Morgan Aero SuperSports GT3, the racing version of the quirky English roadster. Don’t be fooled by the car’s outdated appearance, this full blown, purpose built racecar has already won its first two races in the International FIA GT3 Championship.

Charles Morgan, the operating director of the Morgan Motor Company said that "it was just incredible to see the new car dominating the field. The competition is extraordinary out there, with works supported teams from all of the major manufacturers. For me, one of the most exciting things is that the two races were won by different Morgans, and this bodes extremely well for the rest of the season." To him we say congratulations Mr. Morgan, we here at Top Speed don’t mind seeing special cars beat up on more recognized machines.

Another company that’s celebrating the century mark is Morgan . Unlike Mercedes or Audi, Morgan has not evolved much in the last 100 years. It’s a source of pride for Morgan that the cars are still built by hand, and even its more modern cars like the Aero 8 still use wood in part of the construction. So when Morgan announces a new model, we tend to take notice.

This past weekend the Aero SuperSports premiered at the Pebble Beach of Italy, Villa d’Este Concorso d’Eleganza. Based on the AeroMax coupe, the SuperSports has two aluminum roof panels that turn it into a targa. It’s powered by the same 4.8-liter BMW-sourced V8 engine that’s in the AeroMax. So we suspect it will make a similar 367 hp. It will enter into production in early 2010 and will be priced at £127,000 (about $185,000 at the current rates).

That may sound like a lot of money, but a Morgan is so much more than just a car. It stands for some of the world’s best craftsmanship and displays old world opulence at its finest. The release of the AeroMax coupe and SuperSports have helped Morgan join the modern era as well. Refinements to the chassis, engine and styling have made this car one of the most desirable cars on the road.

Hit the jump for more details on the Morgan Aero SuperSports.

Here’s the first production version unit of the Morgan Aeromax . It is powered by a 4.4 liter V8 engine that delivers more than 320 hp and a torque of 330 lb/ft of at 3600 rpm.

The Morgan Aeromax makes the 0 to 60 mph print in 4.5 seconds and hits a top speed of 160 mph.

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