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The Morgan AeroMax was launched in 2006 at the Geneve Motor Show. Back then the company announced the model will enter production as a limited edition. The AeroMax entered production at the Morgan factory. It will be limited to only 100 cars. All cars are already ordered!

The body is bolted to a stiff yet lightweight Aero 8 chassis which from 2008 is fitted with the 367Bhp 4.8 litre BMW BMW V8 engine. This gives AeroMax performance to match its looks. For the first time a Morgan can have an automatic gearbox. The latest ZF 6HP 26 gearbox gives the fastest change in the world and endows the automatic with better acceleration and fuel economy than the manual thanks to its lock up clutch, low power loss and instant change characteristics.

It also delivers lower CO2 emissions, 267 g/km, a figure not normally associated with a 0-62 mph (100 kph) capability of just 4.2 seconds and a top speed in excess of 170mph.

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Morgan will unveil at the Geneva Motor Show, the LifeCar concept, a fuel cell hybrid sportscar based on the Aero Eight and developed in partnership with QinetiQ, OSCar and Oxford University. The new vehicle will be ultra quiet, and its exhaust system will produce only water vapor thanks to its fuel cell converting hydrogen into electricity.

Morgan LIFECar to be presented in Geneva

LIFECar has been a 2 ½ year project. The consortium hopes that the LIFECar will produce a combination of performance, range and fuel economy that should alter our view of motoring for the future. Costing a total of £1.9m, with a mix of industry and DTI funding, the two and a half year project has been broken down into the following areas of responsibility.

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At Geneva Motor Show, Morgan has unveiled the Aero 8 GT3, one of just three coupes purpose-built to compete in this season’s FIA Championship starting on May 6th at Silverstone. Morgan Aero 8 GT3 Racer is powered by BMW BMW ’s 5.0-lite V8 engine that delivers 420 bhp. It is built on the Aero 8’s aluminum chassis and has a six-speed Hollinger sequential gearbox. The unusual-looking racer is clad in lightweight carbon composite (...)
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The Morgan LifeCar is a concept car due to be launched at the Geneva Show in March 2008. The LifeCar’s purpose is to demonstrate that a zero emission vehicle can also be fun to drive. The combination of performance, range and fuel economy will allow a sporting driver of the future to demonstrate a concern for the environment. Going far beyond the incremental adaptation of traditional car designs as seen in current hybrid vehicles, it will demonstrate that a new step in vehicle architecture (...)
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LIFECar project promises to demonstrate an efficient high performance fuel cell sports car within three years. The green car will deliver on performance and looks as well as emission reduction. A wholly British partnership has unveiled plans to develop the world’s first environmentally clean sports car, powered by a fuel cell which converts hydrogen into electricity. The partnership is made up of legendary British sports car manufacturer, the Morgan Motor Company, QinetiQ, Cranfield and (...)

New for 2006 is the exciting 4 seater from Morgan. Long awaited by aficionados, the 4 seater makes a welcome return with a raft of new specification, options and for the first time in its 70-year history, engine choice.

Following its time honoured tradition of continuous improvement rather than outright model change; Morgan has updated its high performance, lightweight Aero 8 for 2006. The most striking change is a restyled front, that bears more than a passing resemblance to the graceful lines of the AeroMax coupe that starred at last year’s Salon de L’auto at Geneva. Now the allaluminium super performer sports more traditional Morgan lines, whilst preserving its remarkable handling and performance.

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