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Last year Driven offered a very interesting series on how cars are made at the Koenigsegg factory. Thanks to that series, we have learned plenty about the Swedish supercars .

In the latest episode of its show, Driven took a trip to the Morgan Motor Company in Malvern, England. Matt Farah talked to the men responsible for developing these amazing sports cars . He walked the shop floors and talked with some of the long-time craftsmen about their tools and methods, and learns about the philosophy behind Morgan.

What makes the Morgan models so interesting is the fact that their frame is made from wood, so the construction process requires a special development process. And this is exactly what Matt Farah tries to find out from the guys he is talking to.

Check out the video to learn how to make a wood-framed car.

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The latest episode of the famous Jay Leno’s Garage show brings another great car into focus. Jason Len from XKs Unlimited stops by with a barely street-legal Morgan Plus 8 he developed for racetrack and it looks like Leno had an awesome time behind the wheel!

The Morgan Plus 8 was unveiled in 1968 and remained into production until 2004. Many enthusiasts consider it to be one of the best models developed by the British company. During its life, the Plus 8 only came with V-8 engines, as does this 1970 model reviewed by Leno.

The model brought to Jay Leno’s Garage was designed by the guys over XKs Unlimited as a hot rod, but it is still road legal. So, Jay Leno could enjoy this masterpiece on the public roadways. This customized Plus 8 surely looks very quick. We’re just wondering how Leno felt behind the wheel.

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Morgan’s 3 Wheeler was unveiled at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show and since then, it saw a few special editions. The latest special edition – the Gulf Edition - was announced at the end of last year.

The model is powered by a Harley-Davidson-sourced engine that delivers a total of 115 horsepower and thanks to its incredible weight - just 1,212 pounds - it can sprint from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.5 seconds and up to a top speed of 115 mph.

This little vehicle caught the attention of the guys from XCar which took it out for a very brief spin near the factory in Malvern. Apparently the guys were pretty excited by this amazing little toy and seemed to have all the fun in the world behind the wheel.

Check out the video above to watch them take on this motorcycle-turned-car.

XCAR has just sent us a very nice video presenting Charles Morgan and his Morgan Aeromax - a car he uses on a daily basis, especially for weekly shopping. Morgan says he loves the attention it gets and he is aware of the fact that he is "sitting on a thing of beauty and that only the hardiest of chaps can ignore its beauty."

He also remembers how his father laughed when Charles told him he wants to move the brand into the 20th Century with a bonded-aluminum chassis. And the fact that Morgan is among the first companies to adopt the magnesium chassis is a reason to be proud of.

The Aeromax is by a 4.4 liter V-8 engine that delivers more than 320 horsepower and 330 pound-feet of torque. It goes from 0 to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds and hits a top speed of 160 mph.

The history of Morgan Motor Company began back in 1910 by Henry Frederick Stanley Morgan. The first models the company developed were two-seat and four-seat three-wheelers, which avoided the British tax on cars by being classified as motorcycles.

The model Jay Leno reviews in the latest episode of his show is a model Morgan decided to build back in 1932 for his personal use. The models developed by Morgan Morgan in the 1930s were the F4, the F2 and the F-Super. All three models had pressed-steel chassis and were powered by a four-cylinder Ford Sidevalve engine. The models were capable of hitting speeds of up to 80 mph, but we’re pretty sure that they felt much faster than this.

Check out the video to see if Jay Leno was impressed by this 1932 three-wheeler and if he would like to see more of these three-wheeled models on the streets.

Talk about a special edition model, Morgan’s new Three-Wheeler Gulf Edition is that and more.

Now, we understand that the market for a vehicle that drives on an odd number of wheels isn’t all that great. But there’s still a market for a car like this one, particularly those who know the history of the colors this special-edition Three-Wheeler is sporting, particularly in light of Morgan’s participation in the 24 Hours of Le Mans with OnOak Racing.

We all know that Gulf Oil is represented by its iconic Blue-and-Orange paint scheme. So, in order to establish credibility with a Three-Wheeler that’s been labeled as the "Gulf Edition", the most important thing was to dress it up in the exact same two-color Gulf livery that’s become famous the world over.

In addition to the obvious color choice, Morgan also played with a number of unique design details on the Three-Wheeler Gulf Edition, starting with blacked out details on the engine, the headlamps, the roll hoops, the mud guards, the exhausts, and the exhaust heat shields. Finally, the Three-Wheeler Gulf Edition was also given Orange wall tires, adding a touch of customization and paying homage to the special edition name it’s carrying.

Inside, the same treatment was used with Morgan opting for a black leather dress up for the seats and the dashboard to go with a limited edition badge on embossed leather and matching orange stitching on the steering wheel.

All in all, Morgan is set to release only 100 units of the Three-Wheeler Gulf Edition with each model being priced at £29,162.50 plus VAT — around $46,700.

Morgan has made a habit of releasing tribute models to its cars of yesteryear. Recently, it unveiled its latest tribute, the Plus 4 Super Sports Baby Doll VI.

This model pays homage to the Morgan Plus 4 Super Sports, which was first introduced back in 1961. The Baby Doll VI certainly lives up to its name, featuring a lightweight aluminum body, a material that was used on the original.

The Baby Doll VI comes in two color schemes: Kingfisher Blue with matching white stripes and Westminister Green with yellow stripes. The car rides on a set of 15-inch Roadster alloy wheels wrapped in Yokohama A048 tires.

Inside the Baby Doll VI, there’s Tillett carbon race seats with Aero Racing logos on the headrests. It also boasts a removable steering wheel, new dash, dials and switches, two aero screens, fire extinguisher, roll bar, battery cut-off switch, and a Baby Doll badge on the back panel.

Under its hood, the Baby Doll VI features an Omex engine that produces 260 horsepower and mates to a Mazda transmission. Morgan installed a slew of other components on this tribute model, including an oil cooler, sports exhaust system with a repackable silencer, gas adjustable dampers, a 4.10-to-1-ratio limited-slip axle, front and rear disc brakes, brake re-action bars, and a Panhard rod.

Morgan is also offering extra options for the Baby Doll VI. For an added cost, you get a high roll cage, a heater, spot lamps, full race-spec brake calipers, and a set of Silver Minilite 7j wheels with 3-eared spinners.

The Morgan Plus 4 Super Sports Baby Doll VI comes in at £55,000 (around $87,000 based on current exchange rates), including VAT with no warranty available on the engine, due to race tuning.

It’s rather obvious that we love cars, duh… But do you know what we love more than normal old everyday cars? We love custom monsters that make us go “what the?” What we love even more than that are factory-produced models that give us those same feelings, like the Morgan 3 Wheeler company.

Morgan manufactures three different 3-wheel cars – Standard, Bespoke, and Superdry Edition – and each one is cooler than the one before it. The standard Morgan 3 Wheeler is pretty slick on its own, featuring a 1,990 cc V-twin engine that propels this three-wheeled contraption to 60 mph in about 4.5 seconds and to a top speed of 115 mph.

It’s sweet enough to just talk about these beasts, but it’s even more fun to watch them in action. We don’t mean a leisurely Sunday cruise with grandma and the kids. Nope, we mean screaming this bad boy through Goodwood hill, breaking the ice land speed record, and doing a massive burnout. Okay, the first video is, in fact, a more leisurely Sunday drive, but it has some awesome V-twin audio and some really nice shots of the car to compensate for the lacking adrenaline.

Regardless of the video type, any car/motorcycle buff will not only love these videos, but will likely need a tissue to wipe the drool from his or her computer screen. What’s best about these awesome machines is that they are actually fairly affordable, as the Standard model bases out at just £25,000 ($40,345) plus VAT.

So crank up those computer speakers and enjoy the sights and sounds.

Click past the jump for three additional videos.

Concept cars have always been an integral part of any major auto show. These events give automakers an opportunity to showcase some of the most outlandish and over-the-top vehicles we’ll ever see.

Now that doesn’t mean that these concepts will translate to production. Actually, very few do with most of them forgotten long after the auto show ends.

At the 2012 Geneva Motor Show , we saw a lot of concept cars that piqued our curiosities one way or the other. Some were fancy, some were strange, and some just completely blew us away.

In the end, the concept cars at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show delivered on the promise of providing some edge and flavor to the proceedings. On the list below, we’ll show you all of the concepts that caught our eye, and if we do say so ourselves, some of those are just too awesome to not be sent to the production line.

Check out the concept cars from the 2012 Geneva Motor Show after the jump.

It’s a combination that you probably never saw coming. But thanks to a combination of retro demand and the continuous pursuit of technology, we might just be able to live in a world where a classic-looking vehicle is running on electric energy.

British automaker, Morgan , has unveiled their newest concept, the Electric Plus E, at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show . Based on the Morgan Plus 8 , the Electric Plus E bears all the styling cues and design language of the Plus 8, except that instead of running on petrol, the Electric Plus E Concept was fitted with a Zytek electric motor and a lithium-ion battery, two power sources that allow the vehicle to travel up to 120 miles on just a single charge.

Taken together, the Morgan Plus E Concept produces an output of 160 horsepower and 280 lb/ft of torque while mated to a five-speed manual transmission. These figures allow it to travel from 0-62 mph in 6.0 seconds with a top speed of 115 mph.

It may not have the power of the Plus 8, but the Electric Plus E Concept is really the best of both worlds for those retro nuts looking for a classic car that doesn’t come with a gas-guzzling unit.

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