2005 Mosler MT900 S

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The Mosler MT900S is the road going version of the mighty MT900 racer. This extremely successful GT racer has been heavily raced in both America and Europe and the resulting development has provided the basis for the road variant, the MT900S. This car is being produced in limited numbers in order to homologate the racecar for Le Mans in 2007.

’’The Mosler MT900S road car was designed to be the extreme performance vehicle. In third-party testing it officially set nine performance records, including 0-60mph in 3.1 seconds,’’ says creator Warren Mosler. ’’Now that it has passed its testing phase with flying colours, delivery can begin in very limited numbers to a discriminating coterie of racers, collectors, and investors.’’


This version may be old but not old enough when it comes to the style. Though there are lot’s of variants of supercars now, which made high-end and more compact supercars.

It is the road version of MT900 GTR. Well, they are almost the same. They differ in color and performance, but they have the same kind of door. By the way, I don’t like the color they put on the car. Some kind of lame.

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