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Noted American film director, producer and screenwriter George Lucas, an avowed high-performance auto aficionado, could buy any car on the planet. He chose the car Darth Vader would drive — a stunning black-on-black Mosler MT900 Mosler MT900 S from Mosler Automotive. In mid-December at his ranch in San Rafael, California, Lucas, who created American Graffiti and the epic Star Wars saga, took delivery of the first street-legal production Mosler MT900S. He first became interested in the Mosler six months (...)

The FIA has confirmed that the Mosler GT3 will be able to race in the European GT3 Championship next year, as long as there are three cars in the first year, and six in the next. The first three cars are now in build.

The Mosler MT900 S, billed as the fastest production car for the track, is complete. Dubbed the MT900 GTR, the first demonstrator is cooked and ready to drive. Based on the MT900 S, version will have a tuned LS7 engine with up to 600bhp, KW suspension, Work wheels, Recaro seats, Movit ceramic brakes, racing ABS — and comes with a customised audio system from Alpine, introducing super lightweight carbon (...)
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The Mosler MT900S is the road going version of the mighty MT900 racer. This extremely successful GT racer has been heavily raced in both America and Europe and the resulting development has provided the basis for the road variant, the MT900S. This car is being produced in limited numbers in order to homologate the racecar for Le Mans in 2007.

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