2011 999Motorsports Supersport

Straight from the land of muay thai and the Chao Phraya river comes a new track-ready sports car that’s ready to split some wigs blow the rest of us away. The Thailand-based company, 999Motorsports, has unveiled their latest piece of work, the Supersport.

The car, which has been designed to be a track car, has a tubular chassis, a carbon fiber and fiberglass body, and a set of 18" aluminum wheels among its chief details. Other features include an enormous rear wing, a giant rear diffuser, and gaping front air intakes. The interior of the car doesn’t leave much in the way of luxury features - it’s a track car, after all - but it does carry elements like a carbon fiber dashboard, a pair of racing seats with six-point harnesses, and an LCD instrument cluster.

With most of the standard features left out, the Supersport only weighs 2,095 lbs, which means that for all the things that were dropped, the car’s mid-mounted 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine more than makes up for it. This engine is mated to a five-speed sequential gearbox with a limited slip differential and reaches an output of 300 horsepower and 258 lb/ft of torque.

We don’t know if this car is going to hit the other side of the world, but over in Thailand, those guys should have plenty of fun with the 999Motorsports Supersport.


Super sport is a good race car. I bet this will perform best in the Thailand’s F1 track.

The colors and edges really complements each other. I also love the simplicity of this sports car compare to others. Great job.

It’ll look good if only they search for perfect color combination.

To me, its external and internal designs are attractive enough, but the colors don’t match them.

This car isn’t famous like the super class cars, but definitely they have a good taste when it comes to super cars. It’s a nice idea of using carbon and fiber-glass on the exterior chassis. It would be attractive if they used some glossy paints.

This is great and amazing car, I like the features and styling of the vehicle as well. I’m really impressed with its design and sporty looks. I would really love to see this in person. The interior features of this is what I really love most.

Yeah! It really looks so aggressive and cool on its platform and with its other details. However, I wonder if its 300 horsepower is truly enough on this one to say that it is already a fast sports vehicle.

The appearance of this Motorsports is really cool. I noticed that it was oozing with angst and aggressiveness that every car racer would love to have in their sports car.

This had been done great, very customized and design wise, from the front, headlights, wheels, doors, bumper and roof lastly the curves and style of the window. Totally stunning.

I have to agree that the speed performance of the car is kind of impressive for an electric vehicle. I like the features and and styling of the vehicle as well.

The most amazing with racing car was that its not only have an awesome performance but a great styling as well! Its a good thing to know that racing car manufacturer doesn’t focus only in boosting its speed.

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