Seeing as the Tokyo Auto Salon will be take place in Honda’s home country, nobody should be surprised to find out that the Japanese automaker will be there in full force, showcasing a number of special-edition models and custom-tuned vehicles.

One of the latter is the Mugen-tuned Honda CR-V . Looking at the first set of images of the completely tricked out SUV, you’d think that Mugen did a real number on the vehicle. Well, it did, fitting the CR-V with plenty of new components that make the standard model almost look bland.

For one, the new front grille is way more aggressive on this version and it even comes with a huge brushed-aluminum bar. There’s also a new front bumper, chrome fender trims and a faux skid plate for added aesthetic appeal. Along the sides, wider side skirts were installed and the rear looks to have gotten a new bumper cover with stacked exhaust outlets. Lastly, a roof spoiler was added for a sportier look.

There’s still no word on whether Mugen modified the interior and engine, but there’s a good chance that it did and opted to keep those under wraps until the program makes its official debut in January.

For six months, Mugen has lead us all to believe that their Honda CR-Z Concept was just for display purposes, wiping away any hopes of ever seeing a production model. Now it seems as though they have come around and officially confirmed that the Honda CR-Z by Mugen will indeed see the light of production day. It will be put on sale in February 2012, with prices in the UK starting at £23,000 or about $36,000 at the current exchange rates.

The production version Mugen CR-Z will use a supercharger and a remapped ECU to increase power for the 1.5L four cylinder engine to 197 HP and 158 lb-ft of torque, up from the standard 122 HP and 128 lb-ft of torque. Next to the extra power, customers will also have the opportunity to choose between a wide range of Mugen accessories, including stiffer springs and dampers, larger wheels, bigger brakes, and replacement carbon bonnet and doors.

Maybe it’s a coincidence that Honda has confirmed the production version Mugen CR-Z at the same time Toyota and Subaru debuted the GT 86 and BRZ, respectively, or maybe they are developing this model solely for viable competition. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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Our friends over at Honda Malaysia understand the market’s inclination and preference for dressed up white vehicles. So instead of letting these customers worry about how to dress up their Hondas, Honda Malaysia decided to do the dressing up for them.

Honda Malaysia President and COO Rohime Shafie explained that through a survey conducted by the company, they discovered that a number of their customers preferred the addition of extra accessories to further establish sportiness and exclusivity to the cars.

“With this finding, and in view of the increasing trend of preference for white shaded vehicles in Malaysia market, we have created a fleet of white-coloured Concept M special edition models to fulfill customers’ demand,” he said.

With the introduction of the Concept M models, Honda Malaysia has given three of its models – the Accord , the Civic , and the Jazz – kitted-out, special edition variants. Named in honor of Honda’s two official accessories partners Mugen and Modulo , the Concept M models are taken to a whole new dressed up variant, all while sporting the increasingly popular white finish. The results are three dressed up Honda vehicles that will have customers tripping over each other in an effort to get one of these limited edition models for themselves.

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The first running of the Goodwood Moving Motor Show was the scene of a horrifying car accident that occurred when a spectator sitting inside a running Honda Civic Mugen R accidentally stepped on the gas pedal, causing the car to plow straight into two pedestrians and two parked Jaguars, the oldest surviving Jaguar E-Type and a new Jaguar XKR .

Not exactly the kind of start it was hoping for.

Details are still limited, but witnesses present during the entire incident suggested that the driver of the Civic Mugen R was sitting cozy on the driver’s seat of the car before mistakenly revving up the running car and sending careening across the main pedestrian hallway and straight into the Jaguar booth before crashing into the back wall on the other side of the pavilion.

It took a while for the scene to be cleared up but in the end, the show eventually reopened to the public except for one event: the much hyped ‘Ride and Drive’.

Incidents like this could have been avoided if people just exercised a little sense of caution. But since it already happened, the most important thing is that while a number of people were hurt, it doesn’t appear to be too serious to have caused any serious injuries.

Honda dealerships in the UK will be introducing a new line of parts and accessories that are all close to the heart of Honda tuners in the country. Beginning with eight dealerships around the UK, Honda announced that it will launch the MUGEN Original Parts Programme, a program wherein a number of dealerships will start offering MUGEN parts and accessories for interested customers.

Granted, the initial parts will only cover the current Honda Civic Type R - among the parts include body kits, forged aluminum wheels, performance brake pads, quick shift kits, and sports suspensions - but Honda has made it clear that as time goes by, more and more MUGEN parts and accessories will be available to a wide variety of Honda models.

Despite being a relative newbie in the UK market, Honda is confident that MUGEN products will deliver the same level of enthusiasm and excitement that it has given to Japanese tuners for over 35 years.

Colin Whittamore, chief of MUGEN Europe, said, "We are delighted to be teaming up with some knowledgeable and enthusiastic Honda dealers who will bring MUGEN products to a wider audience."

"Through this program we are looking forward to attracting new and existing customers to experience why MUGEN has been renowned for many years as a world leader in motorsport."

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You may remember the Honda CR-Z hybrid when it made an appearance last January at the Detroit Auto Show?

Well, even if the car is not on sale yet, Mugen is nevertheless preparing a new customization program that should - at least in theory - make the car look better than it already is despite the engine remaining relatively unchanged.

Among the new exterior modifications the CR-Z hybrid is expected to come in includes an exterior package highlighted by front and rear aprons, a large roof-mounted wing, side skirts, rear diffuser, a new grille with LED daytime running lights and a variety of 17-inch alloy wheel designs.

The CR-Z hybrid’s interior also gets a modification of its own courtesy of a new carbon fiber mirror, unique gear lever knobs and floor mats.

More often than not we associate Honda’s in house tuner, Mugen, with fire breathing high horsepower GT500 NSX s on the racetrack and big winged hot hatch Civics Type R s for more civilized use, they also cater to a few less likely members of the Honda family. In this instance we are talking about the compact Honda Fit hatchback, and Mugen’s Euro Sport package. The kit is made up of a sporty aero package starting off with a more aggressive front bumper and a subtle yet stylish hatch mounted wing. The Japanese tuner goes to meticulous lengths to ensure top quality fit and finish, just look at the carbon fiber license plate frame and engraved Mugen mounting screws.

Honda Fit by Mugen

On the inside Mugen dresses up the little Fit with a set of their signature kick plates at the base of the doors, race inspired oil and water temperature gauges mounted in a dual pod just outside the instrument cluster. The shifter gets a fancy knob made from a machined piece of billet aluminum as well as matching sport pedals for the Fit no matter whether you want to shift it yourself or let Honda do it for you. As far as performance is concerned, Mugen offers a free flowing sports exhaust for that perfect tone, a sport tuned suspension to allow the compact Fit to dance around chicanes and upgraded brake pads in the event that unavoidable objects make themselves known. However the best part of the Mugen package are the XJ and NR rims, available as either a multi spoke mesh design or a thick eight spoke design compete with the Mugen logo for each corner of your new car.

Not too long ago Topspeed reported about Honda’s in house tuner Mugen and their plan to take the Civic Type R hot hatch and pump up the adrenaline a few notches. Well today the Japanese automaker has confirmed that their R spec hatchback will indeed go on sale in the European market, and Mugen won’t be far behind with their own tuner ride complete with aggressively restyled bumpers, vented hood and fenders and an oversized rear wing that would make even the boldest of Evo owners jealous.

Honda Civic Type R Euro by Mugen

To go along with the boy racer body pieces, Mugen is also offering a set of lightweight 18 inch alloy wheels available in either gunmetal or bronze. Mugen has also dedicated quite a bit of time and energy into making the race ready Civic light on its feet and able to change directions at a moments notice, so they have fitted a sport suspension package as well as an upgraded brake kit. However the best parts of the car are those which you wish you never have to see, like a copper fiber clutch set that is made to take the added abuse that comes along with making quick shifts thanks to the Mugen short throw shifter, but the Pièce de résistance is a limited slip differential that is sure to cure any of the woes associated with a front wheel drive performance vehicle.

Like usual the UK got all the coll cars! And the new Honda Civic Type R Mugen is no exception. Designed especially for the British roads, the new Type R Mugen is now officially into production and will be limited to only 20 units, each priced at £38,599 (around $64,000 at the current rates).

Honda Civic Type R Mugen into production; limited to 20 units

Each and every Civic Type R Mugen will be hand-built at MUGEN Euro, based in Northampton – with customers receiving a unique, involved experience during the build process of each car. Under the hood there is a 2.0-litre i-VTEC engine that delivers a total of 240 hp - 20% increase over a standard model. The extra power of the tuned engine is transferred to road or track via a limited slip differential, and grip and handling are also significantly improved through a completely revised suspension set-up, with custom-made springs and dampers employed.

All the 20 units will be painted in Championship White – the traditional racing color of the brand and will will wear a special badge inside on the center console, listing the serial number of each unique model.

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If you thought the Mugen RR was pretty sweet, but just aren’t ready to dish out that kind of dough for a front driver but still want the aesthetic appeal of the limited production super civic, then the in house Honda tuner Mugen has just what you are looking for. Mugen is preparing to launch a new aero kit for the European spec Honda Civic Type R . Set to be released this summer, the kit has been revealed as the "Premium Super Sports" concept and comes complete with everything needed to drastically change the appearance of your Type R.

As we all know, Mugen is more about going than showing, so aside from new front bumper with integrated lip spoiler, twin hood scoops, wider fenders, lower side skirts, new rear apron and massive rear wing, Mugen is also developing a series of power producing parts for the tiny Type R hatchback. So no matter whether you want a full out sport compact tuner car, or one that just looks and performs like one, you might want to check out what Mugen has to offer.

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