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muscle cars

  Muscle cars are a product of the American car maker between late 60's and the oil crisis in the 70's. Those car featured enormous gas hungry engines producing over 500 horse power. Handling was poor but price was cheap and design was agressive. Those cars are now worth over million dollar and they are the symbol of the bold American cars forever. To name a few iconic muscle cars: Dodge Charger, Chevrolet Camaro, Corvette, Pontiac GTO, Chrysler Hemi Cuda...

Ferrari 599 GTO

There is nothing that a parent fears in his or her life more than the possibility of their child facing death. A Subaru enthusiast in England is facing just that, as his 11-year-old son, who has beaten cancer twice, now has an inoperable tumor in his brain that leaves him with just four weeks to live.

Just before the son was diagnosed, Scott, the son’s father, had promised him that they would organize a big car meet at some time. Now that there may be only four weeks left in this child’s life, Scott has decided to post an open invitation on Scooby Net (a Subaru enthusiast board) to anyone with a custom or cool car to gather at a nearby parking lot on September 8th at 1 p.m. for a show.

So far this viral attempt has taken off, as there are 270 cars registered for the event, and several of our colleagues, including Jalopnik, Piston Heads, and M5 Boards are all spreading the word. Even Chris Harris is getting in on it. He cannot personally make it, but he is finding a way to get his Ferrari 599 to the show. There has also been a PayPal account setup that will accept donations, which will go directly to the Children’’s Cancer Fund. The address for the Paypal account is

The Show is set to be hosted at Fred Lawton Ltd, Meltham Mills Industrial Estate, Meltham Huddersfield, HD9 4AY, but it might have to be moved elsewhere because of the growing number of cars registering. We will keep you updated on the exact location if it does move.

So if any of our readers across the pond have a nice ride, feel free to pop into the thread on Scooby Net and register your car. They are accepting all sorts of high-performance and custom cars. Let’s all chip in and give this young man a memorable show!

Also, for anyone looking to participate in this event, Scott asks that you DO NOT mention the terminal illness to his son. They are not telling him until the time is closer, as they want him to enjoy the final month of his life.

Source: Jalopnik

This weekend at the Atlanta Motor Speedway, a unique pink Chevrolet Camaro SS will serve as the official pace car for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series AdvoCare 500. While the race itself will be something worth paying attention to, the pink Camaro pace car also holds a story unto itself, not because of its color, but because of what that color represents.

See, the car has been dressed in a two-tone pink and white color scene, which is similar to last year’s pink pace car , a clear and distinct nod to Chevrolet’s support of the American Cancer Society and the latter’s "Making Strides Against Breast Cancer" initiative.

“For our 100th birthday in 2011, Chevrolet began its support of the American Cancer Society, and the generous response from our dealers, employees and customers told us we needed to help the Society fight for more birthdays,” said Don Johnson, vice president of Chevrolet Sales and Service.

“At Chevy, we believe everyday heroes can accomplish extraordinary things, and it is in this spirit that we work to achieve a world without breast cancer.”

As part of Chevrolet’s efforts this weekend, the automaker has promised to pledge $200 for every lap the Camaro SS "Breast Cancer Fight" Pace Car leads under the caution flag. A year ago, a similar set-up was arranged by Chevrolet, and when the race ran under 64 caution laps, the BowTie happily sent $12,800 in donations to the American Cancer Society.

“Last year, contributions of more than $900,000 supported the American Cancer Society’s mission to save lives by helping people stay well and get well, by finding cures and by fighting back against this disease,” said Roshini George, national vice president of health promotions for the American Cancer Society.

"As we approach National Breast Cancer Awareness month in October, we want thank the Chevrolet family for its support and remind everyone to take the steps that make a difference in our fight against breast cancer.”

We love car chases in movies and we love them even more when they involve beating the hell out of expensive cars. Well, “The Last Stand” just so happens to feature just that. In its trailer, we have found that it shows a Camaro ZL1 and a Corvette ZR1 in a high-speed chase that eventually lands itself in a corn field.

While the scene is short in the trailer, it is certain to pack a load of action in full length. In general, the movie looks like it’ll be pretty bad-ass, if you are the type that loves shoot-em-up bad-guy flicks... And I am one that loves those flicks.

When you add in the fact that three of my favorite actors are in it — Schwarzenegger, Johnny Knoxville, and Peter Stormare (John Abruzzi from “Prison Break”) – I just may be willing to pony up the $55, or whatever theaters are charging these days to see a movie. The two awesome cars duking it out are just the icing on the cake.

So check out the above trailer and keep a keen eye out at the 1:07 mark to get a glimpse of Arnie behind the wheel of the ZL1 and ramming the ZR1 into the corn field. Tell us what you think of the trailer and the fact that the production crew likely destroyed about $170,000 worth of cars in that one scene. Let us know what you think or have heard about this movie in the comments.

Source: LSXTV

In case you’re wondering where American ingenuity went, you can look no further than Slot Mods, the makers of hand-made, custom race tracks to find your answer.

Taking a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro dressed in the legendary deep blue Sunoco finish of Roger Penske’s old Trans-Am race car, Slot Mods went about and customized it to be a different kind of eye candy. No, they didn’t rebuild it to run out on the track, but rather, they customized it to be the track itself.

Taking their expertise on building custom race tacks and using it to the full hilt, Slot Mods managed to turn an old race car into one that brings the track with it. If for nothing else, it makes for the kind of conversation-starter that Slot Mods has come to be known for.

Check out the video of the Slot Mods race track build on a 1969 Chevrolet Sunoco Camaro. Really, you couldn’t make this stuff up - even if you wanted to.

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Roush is bringing back its Stage 3 Premier Edition with a little more flair and even more power for the 2013 model year. This special edition will only be limited to 25 units, but will come with 12 different main body finishes from Sherwin Williams Automotive, five bespoke options and seven paint finishes already found on the 2012 model. The new paint finishes include Launch it Lemon, V8 Red, Cabernet, Punch it Purple, and Iridescence.

Aside from the new color palette, the Stage 3 Mustang Premier Edition will also shine from the previously used Roush R6 Aerobody kit with a few, new added touches. This kit includes a high flow grille with a very low front grille opening, new driving lamps with pockets, new front fascia chin splitters, sport rocker panel side splitters, a new rear diffuser design, and rear aero valances. The exterior is finished with a set of 20" wheels available in hyper black or chrome.

The Stage 3 Ford Mustang Premier Edition will come with the same monstrous 5.0L V8 engine producing 565 HP and 505 lb-ft of torque with the use of a Roush R2300 TVS Supercharger. For 2013, Roush will even throw in an optional post title upgrade that will launch the ponies up to 625 HP and 525 lb-ft of torque. Much needed stopping power will come from 4-piston brakes with red/black calipers and 14" rotors. Optional 6-piston brakes will also be available. Other options include a trunk-mounted tool kit, a convertible light bar, and quarter window louvers.

As an added bonus, all owners of the 2013 Ford Mustang Stage 3 Premier Edition by Roush will also be given two premier colored Polo/Golf shirts, an autographed framed picture of their Stage 3 Premier Edition Mustang, and best of all, a VIP NASCAR Experience from Sherwin Williams Automotive Finishes that will provide them with two tickets, two pit passes, and garage access to the race of their choosing (Hotel and Airfare not included).

Hit the jump for a full list of color options.

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Ford Motor Company , Shelby American , and Ford Racing have come together to build a special one-off model to pay tribute to the man responsible for creating the iconic Cobra: Carroll Shelby . Called "Friends of Carroll," these companies, along with many others, have put together the Shelby GT500 Cobra, which is based off of the 2013 Mustang GT500 , but with some tantalizing modifications.

The team began the build with the GT500’s 5.8L V8 engine which already produces 662 HP, then added a Ford Racing 4.0L Whipple supercharger that catapulted the power to over 850 HP! Keeping this beast safely on the road are 13" rear wheels wrapped around 345-section high performance tires, as well as new Shelby Wilwood brakes.

On the design front, the new Shelby GT500 Cobra was given a Shelby-designed hood, a new rear wide body kit, and new 20" wheels. The exterior is finished off with a Guardsman Blue paint finish and Wimbledon white stripes, as seen on the Cobra roadster of the ’60’s.

“Carroll Shelby changed the performance world forever,” says Luft. “And while he was proud of Shelby American’s achievements, Carroll was far more interested in the next car we build. You will find the spirit and influence of Carroll Shelby Shelby in every future vehicle we build as found in the rear wide-body kit and hood that has been integrated into the 2013 Shelby GT500 Cobra.”

The Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Cobra will be touring across the United States and will eventually end up being auctioned off for charity.

When Chevrolet built the COPO Camaro to run in the National Hot Rod Association, it did so with the expectations of it being a true world-beater.

While Chevrolet’s faith on the COPO Camaro has always been unquestioned, the car still turned a number of heads at a recent drag event by breaking the nine-second, quarter-mile barrier without even breaking a sweat.

In this video, the rocket of a car ran its 327-cubic-inch engine with a 4.0-liter blower and blasted it from a stand-still position to a quarter-mile time of just 8.88 seconds at a speed of 142.09 mph.

Compared to past performances of the COPO Camaro’s chief rivals, particularly the Ford Mustang Cobra Jet and the Mopar Challenger Drag Pak , those cars have some serious catching up to do if they hope to keep up with the COPO Camaro’s blistering quarter-mile time.

Check out the video and see how scintillatingly fast the COPO Camaro really is.

Source: You Tube

Pikes Peak is the home of the dramatic wreck, thanks to its 156 twists and turns over a 12-mile-long mountain course. Thanks to Paul Dallenbach, we got a really cool first-hand account of one of the two most dramatic wrecks of this year’s run. Fortunately, he is doing well and seems ready to hop back in the driver’s seat.

By far the most dramatic wreck, but only because we get to see the entire thing unfold, is the one that Jeremy Foley and his co-driver endured. As his Lancer Evolution was heading toward an area very appropriately named “Devil’s Playground,” Jeremy lost control of his Evo and went straight over the hill, rolling about 10 times – by our count – before finally coming to a smoking rest. The two had Dallenbach-like luck, as neither broke any bones, according to reports, but the co-driver is suffering from a sore shoulder. Check out the dramatic video above.

Click past the jump to see additional footage of other wrecks from the 2012 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.

Far from the land we call America where the Ford Mustang travels its fair roads, Australia has its own muscle car version, called the Falcon .

So while we get inundated with all the Mustang variants left and right, the Aussies now have something to brag about with the unveiling of the GT RSPEC Limited Edition Series, or as they describe it, the fastest Falcon ever made.

Certainly, we’d love to see what the Falcon is capable of when lined up against a Mustang, but that’s a discussion and a debate for another day. What needs to be done now is to pay respect to this special edition muscle car that boasts of some pretty cool features that would make even the iconic Mustang proud.

Understandably so, Ford Performance Vehicles director Bryan Mears has nothing but gushing words for his company’s latest project. "On the track the RSPEC’s capabilities are just awesome, he said, "it is the finest-handling GT in history."

"We have put 18 months into the development of the FPV GT RSPEC and we are extremely proud of the results; anyone who drives it on the track will be blown away by just how complete and capable this car is."

Find out more about the Ford Falcon GT RSPEC Limited Edition Series after the jump.

For the first time since the `60s, the COPO name has returned to the Camaro. Many moons ago, a packaging deal that Chevy offered allowed a stripped down Camaro to come with a Corvette engine, and it immediately became a cult classic. The name “COPO” was adopted, as that was the name of Chevy’s ordering system that dealers could get this car from.

Over 40 years later, the COPO Camaro has returned, but this time its “COPO” name has nothing to do with an ordering system and more with the tradition of the COPO name. This drag-strip-ready Camaro has been kept under a relatively tight wrap with only the most basic information, like its choice of a naturally aspirated 7.0-liter V-8 or one of two supercharged 5.3-liter V-8s, being released.

After much waiting, the COPO Camaro is ready for delivery, well chassis No. 3, 5, 7, and 9 are at least. A savvy videographer caught the prepped-for-delivery models loading onto the covered transport truck and he got us some killer cam-lobing, concrete rattling sounds of this beast idling its way onto the truck.

Very rare does the sound of a car idling get us going, but this isn’t your typical car. This is a factory-built Camaro with a cam grind aggressive enough to shake your fillings loose. Have a look for yourself in the above video and see if you can prevent draining your life savings on a COPO down payment.

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