Nissan 350Z

Nissan 350Z

Supercars are our bread and butter. They are not only super-fast, but they also look amazing and are very rare. With all of those awesome features also comes a super price. This means that the normal person that reads about them can’t pull off the kind of financial gymnastics to afford one.

For these people (us included), we have a special list of sports cars that you can typically find for $9,999 or less, making them an obtainable goal. This may require dipping back a few years, but you’ll still get yourself a nice car that is both quick and agile. Sure, it may not have fancy leather, a killer stereo system, navigation, Bluetooth, or any other modern features, but you will get yourself a true sports car.

There are literally thousands of cars we can choose from in this group, so we have to make some tough decisions on who gets in and who’s left out.

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For the most part, when you get together a big group of tuners – we mean real tuners, not some dude that throws 500 lbs of plastic and chrome on his ride and calls it a “tuner” car – there are several clear divides. One of the biggest divides is between the Nissan group and the Toyota group. As the No. 2 and 3 import tuner cars, respectively, there is no love lost between them. In real life they respect each other – for the most part – but under the hood, they despise one another.

This is why you never see a Nissan-meets-Toyota kind of monster build. You’ll see domestic engines in Hondas and vice versa, but you never ever see someone take a Nissan car and drop a Toyota powerplant in it. Well, until now!

Steven Mills, in collaboration with ISS Forged and Tech 2 Motorsports, decided, like many others in the world, that the VQ35 engine found in his 350Z was not up to snuff, even with a wide array of mods. So he yanked it out and dropped in a Nissan powerplant. Oh, you would like to know what engine he swapped it out for. You will be surprised, we are sure of it.

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Nissan 200SX

Back in the 1990s, Nissan was knees deep in sports cars. These sports cars began with the Sentra SE-R, then moved to the mid-range 240SX, and at the top end was the 300ZX. Even after the Sentra SE-R was eliminated in 1995, the 200SX SE-R, which was little more than a restyled Sentra, came into existence.

In the late 1990s, this all went away, as the 300ZX disappeared after 1996, and the 200SX and 240SX vanished in 1999. The Z-car was resurrected with the 350Z , then the 370Z , but the SX lineup has since remained dormant. Now with Subaru and Toyota teaming up to bring a new mid-level sports car to the marketplace, Nissan has again begun talks of releasing its own mid-level sports car.

According to Australian newspaper The Sydney Morning Herald, Nissan’s head of design said "It is the time to look at that [smaller engines]. With 370Z, we still don’t know next generation will have a larger or smaller engine." The chances of a Z-car with a lower engine size are rather doubtful, given that it has always increased in size throughout its entire lifespan. Plus you have to add in that the Z-car crowd is a tight-knit group that will likely not take change too well.

Those points all lead to Nissan possibly creating an all-new mid-level sports car, maybe even bearing the “SX” nameplate . A good possibility could be a 250SX bearing the same – or maybe better version of – the 200-horsepower, 2.5-liter engine found in the 2012 Sentra SE-R. This could also spawn a base level 200SX that has the 140-horsepower engine that you can find in the base 2012 Sentra, maybe with a few upgrades to punch up the power a bit.

Given the fact that the Subaru BRZ and Toyota GT 86 are not speed demons, Nissan would need to worry more about it looking and handling well, as opposed to making it a screamer. As of now, this is purely speculation, but it damn sure would be a cool thing to see!

Image is of the 2011 Nissan Esflow Concept which is said to preview the future sports car.

The only Nissan sports car that us on everyone’s mind at the moment is the Nissan 370Z , so there’s a good chance that many have already forgotten about the old 350Z . Senner Tuning, however, has not and they have come up with a pretty cool upgrade package for the sports roadster. The package includes a polished exterior package, as well as an impressive upgrade under the hood. All of these changes do come at a significant cost, though. The package is priced at 23,900 Euro, or about $32,000 at the current exchange rates.

The exterior of the Nissan 350Z starts off with a chrome package for the front and rear blinkers, and the Z-symbol. A new LED Z-symbol has also been added on the back lights, as well as a new set of 20" matte black polished wheels.

The most significant changes were made under the hood. Thanks to some changes to the compressor and the addition of a new exhaust system, the engine’s output has been increased from 280 HP to an amazing 411 HP. Peak torque also went up from 267 lb-ft up to 342 lb-ft. Nothing has been said about how these power upgrades affected performance times, but they have surely been increased from the standard 0-60 mph sprint time of 5.4 seconds and top speed of 155 mph.

For anyone that was suckered into watching The Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift , first I am sorry for the 104 minutes of your life you’ll never get back. However, if you made it through the entire movie without going catatonic, you likely remember the scene where Sean races D.K. through the parking garage and D.K. pulls off this sweet drift up the entire parking garage ramp – you know, that constant loop that goes from floor to floor.

Being that’s the only part of the movie that’s really cool, I remember that scene well and I have never assumed it was possible in real life. I certainly guessed wrong on that one, as this video shows a guy drifting up the entire round-a-round until he reaches the top, with a chaser car following him.

It’s hard to see exactly what car he’s running, due to the body kit and graininess of the video. From what I can tell from the headlights, taillights and the sound of the exhaust, I think it is an early-1990s Nissan 300Z , a very heavily modified one at that.

Just for safety’s sake, you can tell that this is a professional setup with the entire parking garage vacated. Please don’t go running to the nearest parking garage and start drifting your car up the ramps.

For all intents and purpose, this full body kit for the Nissan 350Z looks pretty cool, although there might be a little confusion on the front bumper. Anyone else think it looks remarkably similar to the Mansory Porsche Panamera ? We don’t know if it’s a coincidence or not, but we’re prepared to let it pass.

The work on this 350Z was done by WEBER Sports, which introduced the car at the Tokyo Auto Salon earlier this year. It’s chalked loaded with a full body kit that includes the aforementioned front bumper, a new bonnet with air ducts, side sills, a rear wing, a rear bumper, an under duct center, and plenty of carbon fiber components to go around.

All things considered, the whole kit looks awesome on the 350Z, arguably one of the most underrated Japanese sports cars in recent time. While there are some items that leave a lot to be desired - the front bumper being one of them - the overall treatment given by WEBER Sports on the sports car makes it an eye-catching piece of metal orange fire ball.

In today’s day and age, teenagers are often castigated for being a little too obnoxious with their demands. Not that all teens are like this, but for sure, there are those that feel entitled to have everything they want and will try to through crazy lengths to get it.

Take this 17-year old Florida teenager, for example. In her determined and desperate attempt to buy a car, she ended up pistol-whipping her mother and forced her to drive at gunpoint to a Nissan dealership in Fort Myers, Florida.

When the teenager went to the Sutherlan Nissan dealership and was told that she needed a co-signer to be able to buy a used 350Z , the teenager asked her mother if she could co-sign the papers for the car. When the mother said no, she pulled out the gun and threatened her mother.

Needless to say, the young girl didn’t get the car and is now being detained at a juvenile detention center. As any mother would want to protect their child, the mother of this crazy teen refused to press charges against her daughter out of fear that it would be frowned upon by some Ivy League universities that have apparently accepted her.

The police, however, arrested her anyway upon learning that the gun she used to threaten her mother was stolen last year and she was not charged in that particular crime.

Just goes to show that what goes around, certainly comes around. Poor mom.

When you think of Nissan, one of the first cars that pop into your head is the famous Nissan 350Z. Yes, it’s true Nissan brought the 370Z on the market as well, but the 350Z is and will always remain a true sports car. The proof is in the pudding and, today, the pudding consists of yet another tuning company taking a crack at the 350Z.

The European tuner, Unichip, revealed a new customization program that improves the engine’s specifications using only a Unichip Uni-Q Ecu. With this technology, the tuner managed to raise the output by 20 HP and 26 lb.ft of torque, to an impressive 284 HP and 262 lb.ft. Also, with an additional Unichip boost control module, the Uni-Q is also suitable for Nissan 350Z turbocharger conversions and is flexible enough to handle any future additional engine modifications.

The Uni-Q’s sophisticated system works by "intercepting the signals from the Nissan 350Z’s factory sensors, which are channelled through the Uni-Q, allowing the engine’s ignition and fuelling to be remapped to a high degree of control – and performance."

The Uni-Q is available at any of the 28 UniChip dealers in the UK.

Press release after the jump.

Snowy road conditions are always a handful to deal with, even for experienced drivers. The driver of this Nissan 350Z found that out first-hand after an accident resulted with his sports teetering on a metal guardrail in New York last week.

We don’t have details on the accident and how this 350Z ended up playing see-saw on the guardrail, but we figure that it may have something to do with the treacherously dangerous road conditions the Northeast has been plagued in for the past couple of weeks.

Note to drivers: be very careful in driving on poor road conditions because of the inherent, and not to mention, obvious, dangers that lie ahead.
This Nissan 350Z can surely attest to that.

Source: Jalopnik
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The sights at SEMA expand well beyond the air conditioned exhibit halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center and manage to spill onto the sidewalks and driveways surrounding the enclosed building. One such example of automotive excellence that just didn’t quite make it indoors is this wide body Nissan 350Z . It only takes a quick glance to see what makes this Japanese sports car so special, and as you slowly make your way around the vehicle you can see the color shifting Kameleon paint in action as it changes from an aqua green to a deep purple depending on how the light is reflecting off the Z’s aftermarket bodywork and onto your optic receptors.

Widebody Kameleon 350Z at the 2009 SEMA Show

While this custom House of Kolor paint is more than enough to make any automobile stand out from the crowd, this 350Z’s owner went a step further with a winged wide body kit and a set of 20 inch Speed Star Rims to fill the now oversized wheel wells. Hidden away inside the multi spoke rollers is a big brake kit from Stoptech, which will come in handy, especially because of the Stillen supercharger bolted to the top of the VQ35.

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