Nissan 370Z

Nissan 370Z

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Nissan 370Z

You know why we love auto shows? Mainly because of all the new models we get to see, but also because we get to learn a lot about the future of the automotive industry. At the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show , a Toyota boss confirmed a hybrid GT 86 sports car is under "advanced development," and at the same show, Nissan Development boss Andy Palmer confirmed that the next-generation Z-car will be previewed next month at the Tokyo Motor Show.

The new model will initially be unveiled as a concept car and will be smaller and lighter than the current 370Z . What is really strange is that Palmer said that "the Juke Nismo offers some hints at what Nissan is looking at." So, what do you think this means? Should we expect a new Z-car with styling cues from the Juke? How odd will that look?

There are also some changes to come under the hood, and we expect to see a small-displacement turbocharged engine or even an electric powertrain. A Nismo version will also be offered.

Referring to the new car, Palmer said that the new model won’t be anything like the GT86. Instead it will be "more enjoyable to drive, a real sports car."

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Earlier this year ,Nissan announced the 370Z Nismo Euro-Spec , and today at the 2013 Chicago Auto Show, the company announced the U.S. version of the same model. The 2014 model continues with the same V-6 engine, but it adds distinctive new exterior and interior accents, plus refined suspension.

When compared to a standard 370Z, the Nismo version is 6.2 inches longer and adds a more aggressive look. Exterior features include an extended front nose design and a fully integrated chin spoiler, while the interior gains sports seats, steering wheel with Alcantara wrap and much more.

For the 2014 model year, most changes are limited to the addition of a new dark gray on numerous parts of the body, plus a new Solid Red replacing the previous Magma Red.

The 2014 Nissan 370Z Nismo will go on sale this summer.

UPDATE 4/30/2013: Nissan has released 17 new images of the upcoming 2014 370Z Nismo, including a few of the previously unseen interior. You can see the images in the gallery.

UPDATE 7/26/2013: Nissan has revealed the base pricing for the 2014 370Z Nismo. It will come in at the same price it did in 2013: $43,020.

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This isn’t the first time Senner Tuning has released a kit for the Nissan 370Z , but the last one was way back in 2010. This time around, it looks like Senner took its 370Z tune a little further.

As no surprise, Senner started its job under the Z’s hood where it installed an INJEN cold-air-intake system with hydro-shield wind deflector and remapped the ECU to squeeze a few more ponies from the 3.7-liter V-6. There is also a new stainless steel exhaust system connected to a fan-type exhaust pipe and 400-cell sports catalysts. All these updates have increased the 3.7-liter engine’s output from the standard 330 horsepower to a total of 368 horsepower. Peak torque also jumped from 269 pound-feet to 299 pound-feet.

Senner didn’t hang up its wrenched after tuning the engine, as is also slapped on a set of 20-inch Work Varianza T1S wheels wrapped in Continental Sport Contact 5P tires sized 245/30R20 up front and 295/25R20 out back.

Rims and tires aren’t quite enough to push the 370Z to another level, so Senner also added in a compression and rebound-adjustable KW variation 3-Inox coilover kit, and adjustable control levers on the rear axle to allow for fine alignment tweaks on the back end.

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The Gumball 3000 Rally is an event that brings some pretty interesting project cars out of the woodwork. This year, we’re already seeing a whole lot of them with the latest one coming from Nissan and French publishing house L’Ecurie and INTERSECTION Magazine.

The two will actually be part of the pan-European parade and for this trip, they decided to deck out a unique Nissan 370Z Nismo . In what could very well be an attempt to showcase the 370Z Nismo on the streets of Europe, the Japanese automaker and the French publication house entered the 370Z Nismo as "Car 56" for the parade as an ode to the garage number (56) the Nissan DeltaWing occupied at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

As far as aesthetics go, INTERSECTION Magazine gave it a pretty unique camouflage livery that it designed specifically for the event. That livery and all the added goodies Nismo added to the Z ensures that this special-edition model is different from the rest of the 370Zs out there.

Best watch out for this unique iteration of the Japanese sports car at the 2013 Gumball 3000 rally. It will be piloted by INTERSECTION Magazine contributors Patrice Meignan and Jeremy ‘Jey’ Taltaud.

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Do you remember that about a year ago Nissan asked you to help you design their Project 370Z ? For those of you who do not remember Project 370Z is a project car based on the Nissan 370Z sports coupe, of course, that delivers an amazing 500 horsepower – a huge bump from the standard 332 horsepower on a stock 370Z), and features updates like a GReddy twin-turbo kit with Type RZ blow off valves and a GReddy Turbo Ti-C Exhaust.

The car also received new VOLK TE37SL custom-finished wheels and an interior dress-up that’s comprised of Recaro seats and plenty of suede.

Now Nissan is inviting you to find the perfect challenge for this impressive 370Z Project. Nissan is inviting social media followers to vote for a privately owned Nissan Z to compete against this project car at Las Vegas Motor Speedway in mid-March.

So, all of you Z tuners can now hop online, head over to Nissan Performance’s Facebook page and show Nissan what your Z Car has. Check out the above video for all of the details.

The Nismo version of the new-generation Nissan Z was initially announced back in 2009 and has undergone no major updates since. Today, however, Nissan Europe announced that an updated version of the370Z Nismo will go on sale later in the summer, making it a 2013 model year.

Under the hood the car keeps the usual 3.7-liter V-6 engine, but output has been increased from the previous 328 horsepower up to 344 horsepower, while peak torque goes from 267 to 273 pound-feet of torque. The engine is mated to a six-speed manual transmission and will sprint the car from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in just 5.2 seconds — 0.1 seconds faster than the previous year.

The exterior also receives a series of updates, including a bigger diffuser with integrated twin exhausts, wider side skirts, fixed rear wing and a new front splitter. The 370Z Nismo sits on a new set of 19-inch alloy wheels wrapped in Bridgestone Potenza tires sized 245/40R19 front and 285/35R19 rear.

The interior has also been updated with a new black and red trim, new Nismo sport seats and a new steering wheels wrapped in Alcantara.

There is no confirmation yet, but we assume that this is a nice preview for the 2014 U.S.-Spec 370Z Nismo.

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Supercars are our bread and butter. They are not only super-fast, but they also look amazing and are very rare. With all of those awesome features also comes a super price. This means that the normal person that reads about them can’t pull off the kind of financial gymnastics to afford one.

For these people (us included), we have a special list of sports cars that you can typically find for $9,999 or less, making them an obtainable goal. This may require dipping back a few years, but you’ll still get yourself a nice car that is both quick and agile. Sure, it may not have fancy leather, a killer stereo system, navigation, Bluetooth, or any other modern features, but you will get yourself a true sports car.

There are literally thousands of cars we can choose from in this group, so we have to make some tough decisions on who gets in and who’s left out.

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Nissan GT-R

Recently, Auto Express had a sit-down with Andy Palmer, Nissan’s executive vice president of product planning, and he let us all in on what’s coming up for the Nissan lineup. In the interview, Palmer confirmed that the Nismo Leaf would make it to production with numbers expected to be in the 125-horsepower and 320 Nm (236 foot-pound) range. That’s nothing spectacular, but it is a significant bump from the standard specs.

Palmer also confirmed that the 370Z Nismo would make its way to the UK, which we already get here in the U.S. He also let us know that the GT-R would receive the Nismo treatment sometime in late-2013.

The biggest news comes in the form of the announced Nismo RS models. We already know that the Juke-R is heading to production , but it will almost certainly carry with it a $100,000+ price tag. Buyers can opt for a lower—powered Juke Nismo RS and still get good performance, without the huge price tag. This model will likely push 270 horsepower from its boosted 1.6-liter 4-pot.

The biggest of the big news is Palmer’s announcement that the 370Z and GT-R will both get an RS configuration in their next generations. We have no idea what to expect from these models and we likely won’t know until their respective base models arrive in 2014. The 370Z has a very high ceiling, as little has been done to make it perform on a higher level, but how exactly Nissan plans to add to the 545 horsepower that the GT-R already pumps from its 3.8-liter V-6 engine just baffles and excites us.

We will keep a close eye on the entire Nissan RS lineup and keep you updated as these models inch closer to production.

Source: Auto Express

Months have come and gone since we first heard about Nissan’s Project 370Z. If you recall, the Project 370Z was born after Nissan decided to reach out to its Facebook fans and ask them how they would like to bring some more spice to the already sizzling sports coupe.

At that time, Nissan VP of marketing in North America, Jon Brancheau was even quoted saying: "Together we’ll create a vehicle that expands on the already outstanding performance and style of the Nissan 370Z with a balance of street and track ready modification".

After all the suggestions were read, the Japanese automaker decided to build the car themselves, and so ensued three months of waiting for this day to come.

Finally, the Nissan Project 370Z has arrived.

As expected, the sports coupe doesn’t lack in new digs. We already caught wind of the performance enhancements given to its 3.7-liter VQ37VHR engine as part of the Stage 1 build - a Greddy Twin Turbo kit, a Greddy Ti-C catback exhaust, KW Variant 3 coil-over suspension and StopTech Big Brake kit - and we were extremely impressed to find out that Nissan managed to improve the output from the standard 332 horsepower all the way up to 500 horsepower.

With the engine mods already done, Nissan then went about giving the sports coupe a number of aesthetic tweaks as part of its Stage2 build. These include dressing up the sports car’s body in a matte gunmetal gray - "metalloid", as they’re calling it - vinyl wrap while also adding in a new set of lightweight Volk TE37SL wheels, and an interior dress-up that comprises Recaro seats and plenty of suede.

About the only downside to this whole project is that the car isn’t expected to go on sale. Nissan hasn’t mentioned where it’ll end up, but it looks like dealerships are out of the question.

UPDATE 08/08/12: Nissan has decided to update us with new information of the completed Project 370Z, including a new video showing the car taking on the The Tail of the Dragon during the 2012 ZDaZ festival last May. Check out the video by clicking on the photo above!

Nissan unveiled the 370Z Coupe in 2009 as a replacement for the 350Z , and the roadster version followed one year later. Over its short life, the car has largely remained the same, with only minor modifications made to the list of equipment.

Compared to the 350Z, the new Nissan 370Z features a more aggressive design language, intentionally picking up elements from the 240Z’s design. These elements provide a sleek aerodynamic shape, a "dynamic motion" feel with a dramatic cantilevered roof, and a "low visual gravity."

Both the coupe and roadster versions of the 370Z are offered in standard and Touring variants, with a 332 HP 3.7-liter DOHC V6 engine and choice of a 6-speed manual transmission or a 7-speed automatic transmission. In addition to these options, Nissan also has a Nismo model that delivers a total of 350 HP.

UPDATE 07/20/2012: Nissan has announced prices for the 2013 Z line-up: the coupe version is priced from $33,120; the roadster from $41,470; and the Nismo version is priced at $43,020. All models are now on sale at Nissan dealers nationwide. Hit the jump for full model and accessories pricing details.

Updated 08/08/2014: Nissan announced a series of updates for the 2015 370Z which is now on sale at dealers nationwide. For 2015 the 370Z Coupe will receive two new trims: Sport and Sport Tech, plus a new set of wheels and Bluetooth® Hands-free Phone System. Prices will range from $29,990 for the base version and will go up to $39,270 for the Touring 7AT version. Details after the jump.

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