Nissan Juke

Nissan Juke

So what’s a car buff to do when Nissan completely crushes your dreams of ever owning a Nissan Juke-R by building only a handful of them and charging €500,000 ($649,550 at the current exchange rate) for it? Build your own, silly. Then build more, market it, and hope to God that Nissan doesn’t sue you into bankruptcy.

Well, this is exactly what Russian Company, Shpilli Villi Engineering, has done – well, almost. So far Shpilli Villi has only built a one-of model and it’s downright ignorant. This custom-built Juke-R features the GT-R ’s 3.8-liter V-6 engine, but Shpilli Villi fitted it with a pair of HKS turbochargers and what sounds to us like the GT-R’s transmission and driveline too. This is good for a whopping 700-plus horsepower on regular pump gas or over 800 ponies when you manage to get a little 109-octane petrol in it.

This one-off Godzilla-meets-Juke features a coat of white paint – unlike the official Juke-R – a set of monstrously wide rims, wheel flares and a center-dump exhaust that produces all sorts of awesome tones. Though the images are a little scarce and the videos don’t show much of it, you can make out that this Juke-R does boast at least the instrument panel from the GT-R, but reports indicate that it has the entire GT-R interior.

What’s best is that the creator of this monster took it to the Nürburgring and let it loose, all while taking plenty of videos for us to see. We’re still trying to dig up more information on the vehicle, but at this point there isn’t much available on it. The only other bit of information we have is that Shpilli Villi will be building and selling these Juke-Rs to customers.

Hit the jump to see the video!

It was confirmed that the Juke-R will hit production, based on the 2012 GT-R specs, so this means it is time to pit it against some of the best sports cars on the planet. Car and Driver did just that with a great piece pitting the Juke-R against the best Porsche has to offer, the 911 GT2 RS. We need to keep in mind here that the test-model Juke-R is based on the initial run GT-R’s drivetrain, including its 495-horsepower, 3.8-liter (the video says 3.7-liter for some reason) V-6 twin-boost engine. The production Juke-R will come with the 2012 GT-R specs, including a boost to 530 horsepower, but will also cost about $590,000. No, that’s not a typo.

In the other corner sits the $245,000 Porsche 911 GT2 RS , which boasts a 620-horsepower 3.6-liter flat-6 and a significant weight advantage. In the video, this crazy driver decides to take the cars to Bedford Autodrome and put their lap times to the test. Following that test, the team hits up an airfield and puts the two to a 1-mile test.

Putting a 620-horsepower GT2 RS against a heavier Juke-R with a 125-horsepower deficiency typically means a win on all fronts for the GT2 RS. However, this test involves a slightly wet track and the Juke-R features the GT-R’s impressive AWD system, so the Juke-R just may come out on top.

To find out, you’re going to have to check out the video. Not only is the video chock-full of racing action, but it also features some kick-ass slow-motion scenes that will blow your mind and tons of sweet, sweet noise.


The Nissan Juke doesn’t lack in funkiness. It certainly has a design that can be best described as ’unconventional," so there’s no measure of surprise that Nissan is bullish on releasing special edition models of the Juke because, hey, it catches attention and, at the crux of it all, it sells.

The latest of these special edition models is the Midnight Edition Package, which is being made available as an accessory for a number of Juke trims, including the S, SV, and SL models. Among the new digs, the Juke Midnight Edition is set to include a choice of three new color options, including Atomic Gold, Brilliant Silver and Pearl White. The model will also get a new Sapphire Black rear roof spoiler, Sapphire black mirror caps, and a new set of 17" Black wheels.

Nissan is only charging $1,200 for these extras, which is pretty sweet considering the additions the crossover will carry in its Midnight Edition guise. As part of the 2013 model, the Juke SV will also get a RearView Monitor added to the Navigation Package while the SL model will get a revised Rockford Fosgate ecoPUNCH audio system for the SV Navigation Package.

Al Castignetti, vice president and general manager, Nissan Division, Nissan North America, Inc, commented on the Juke Midnight Package, saying: "The Midnight Edition JUKE stands out by its subtlety."

"The combination of black-on-black-on-black wheels, spoiler and mirrors gives JUKE a dramatic new look, which we think enhances its already bold styling. We expect it to be a very popular addition to the JUKE lineup for 2013," Castignetti adds.

Nissan GT-R

Recently, Auto Express had a sit-down with Andy Palmer, Nissan’s executive vice president of product planning, and he let us all in on what’s coming up for the Nissan lineup. In the interview, Palmer confirmed that the Nismo Leaf would make it to production with numbers expected to be in the 125-horsepower and 320 Nm (236 foot-pound) range. That’s nothing spectacular, but it is a significant bump from the standard specs.

Palmer also confirmed that the 370Z Nismo would make its way to the UK, which we already get here in the U.S. He also let us know that the GT-R would receive the Nismo treatment sometime in late-2013.

The biggest news comes in the form of the announced Nismo RS models. We already know that the Juke-R is heading to production , but it will almost certainly carry with it a $100,000+ price tag. Buyers can opt for a lower—powered Juke Nismo RS and still get good performance, without the huge price tag. This model will likely push 270 horsepower from its boosted 1.6-liter 4-pot.

The biggest of the big news is Palmer’s announcement that the 370Z and GT-R will both get an RS configuration in their next generations. We have no idea what to expect from these models and we likely won’t know until their respective base models arrive in 2014. The 370Z has a very high ceiling, as little has been done to make it perform on a higher level, but how exactly Nissan plans to add to the 545 horsepower that the GT-R already pumps from its 3.8-liter V-6 engine just baffles and excites us.

We will keep a close eye on the entire Nissan RS lineup and keep you updated as these models inch closer to production.

Source: Auto Express

To audiophiles, 18,900 watts of power in a sound system is music to their ears, but to us normal folk, it seems like ear drum torture. Regardless, Nissan decided to team up with the Ministry of Sound to create a Nissan Juke with a monstrous sound system in it and released it for public viewing at the 24 Hours of Le Mans festivities.

On the outside, this flat-black Nissan Juke looks wild enough, with its unorthodox paint job and various black matte decals affixed to its body. On the inside, however, this Nissan Juke takes a turn toward the extreme, in the form of an 18,900-watt mobile DJ booth.

With the hatch closed the two speaker boxes, which each house an 18-inch subwoofer and several mid- and high-range speakers, feed through a perfectly tuned box to provide 150 dB of bone-rattling audio through the compact crossover. When the hatch is opened, the massive speaker boxes go with it, turning this Juke into a rolling PA system.

Complete with a DJ station and ambient lighting, there is no need to go to the club; you are rolling the club around with you. The tunes are piped in through the head unit via Ministry of Sounds digital radio app, so there’s no CDs to change or logging songs onto an iPod or flash drive.

This type of system requires extreme electrical power and the puny 12 volts from the Juke’s system just isn’t enough. This system includes its own power source, which Ministry of Defense does not identify. We can only assume that it is a series of deep cycle batteries, or it runs at a limited capacity when running off of the Juke’s electrical system and can be cranked to full power only when its power supply is plugged into a standard household electrical outlet.

I am not a huge fan of rolling boom boxes, but even I have to say this thing is pretty bad ass!

UPDATE 08/20/12: Nissan has announced a multitude of updates on the Nissan Juke Box, beginning with it’s UK price of ₤17,895 ($28,000), a new batch of photos, and a new video of the crossover hitting the road! Plenty to check up on with the Juke Box.

After debuting the Juke Nismo Concept at the 2011 Tokyo Auto Show, Nissan brought out the production version at the 2012 Le Mans. It looks like the company wanted to give customers an alternative to those who can not afford the Juke-R ’s $590,000 asking price.

The new Juke Nismo will combine the radical Juke design with a unique blend of styling lines from Nismo. The new crossover has received a new aerodynamics kit that includes lower front and rear bumpers, wider wings and sill side skirts, and a modified grille and tailgate spoiler which control airflow. The final touch of the exterior is a new set of 18" alloy wheels. The same Nismo treatment continues on the interior where the crossover gets redesigned steering wheel, pedals, gauges, gear knob, and door trims, but also special suede-trimmed Nismo sports seats with red stitching.

Under the hood, Nissan has placed a tuned-up version of its 1.6-liter direct injection turbocharged petrol engine, combined with stiffened suspension settings and new steering modifications for sportier direct handling and improved traction control.

The new Nissan Juke Nismo will go on sale in Europe in January 2013. Sales in Japan and USA will begin at a later date.

The Nissan Juke-R has become kind of like a cult vehicle that people have been dying to see go to production. Well, to all you expecting folks out there, your prayers are about to be answered as Nissan acquiesced to the clamoring.

The Japanese automaker will be building the Juke-R in a build-to-order basis. And that’s not the end of the good news either.

According to Nissan, the production version of the Juke-R will carry the 2013 Nissan GT-R’ s twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter V6 engine, one that carries an impressive output of 542 horsepower and 466 lb/ft of torque. That’s a significant output increase from the 485-horsepower Juke-R Concept!

Talking about Nissan’s decision to give the production green light for the Juke-R, Nissan’s marketing product manager for the Juke, Gareth Dunsmore, said: "The Juke-R was originally intended as a one-off concept to marry two of Nissan’s most innovative models. But the reaction we had to the car in Dubai was amazing – people were making offers for the original on the street!"

We know that a lot of people are jumping at the chance to be one of the owners of the Juke-R. So to give you a small taste of what you’re going to be in store for, check out a video of the vehicle, called "Desert Nemesis" after the jump. Join GT Academy winner Lucas Ordóñez as he takes the Juke-R to the streets of Dubai to take on some of the fastest and most powerful supercars on the planet!

Hit the jump to watch the car in the Dubai desert.

Source: Nissan

We are quite aware of the fact that the Nissan Juke-R has the same chance of appearing in Nissan’s lineup as the Prowler has a chance to come back into Chrysler’s stable of vehicles. Despite its rarity and the slim chance it’ll ever see production, there are more sightings of the satin black Juke-R than there are of Bigfoot. The latest sighting shows this twin-turbo 3.8-liter V-6-powered crossover SUV tearing up Goodwood Hill.

The Nissan GT-R simply sounds awesome and not much else can compete with it from a pure sound standpoint. Well, after viewing the video of the Juke-R accelerating through Goodwood hill, we are convinced that this supercrossover is right up there with the GT-R. You are likely thinking “of course it sounds as good as the GT-R, it has the same engine.” For some reason, the Juke-R has a different sound than the GT-R does. This could quite possibly be due to the lack of sound insulation, but you sure can hear the 3.8-liter’s two turbochargers whistling away more in the Juke-R.

There is also something extra in the exhaust note that the Juke-R emits. It just sounds more like a racecar than the GT-R. Don’t get me wrong, we love the GT-R, but we would prefer the Juke-R to dilly dally around town in… Well, dilly dallying at a rather high speed, that is.

The Nissan Juke-R is arguably one of the most intriguing cars on the planet. Matching that quirky look with an aerodynamic package and the Nissan GT-R ’s engine can do that. Suffice to say, the Juke-R’s existence owes itself to the Nissan supercar.

So what happens when you put one against the other? Auto Express went to the Bedford Autodrome to find out the answer.

While we certainly won’t disillusion anybody to think that the heavier and less powerful Juke-R can actually match wits with the GT-R, the video does have some interesting bits of information about both cars that we didn’t know about before.

What we do know is that the Juke-R comes packed with a 3.8-liter V8 engine that develops 480 horsepower with a 0-60 mph time of 3.7 seconds and a top speed of 171 mph. Compare that to the Nissan GT-R and its 3.8-liter V8 engine that produces 542 horsepower with a 0-60 mph of just 2.72 seconds, and there’s no question which one comes out on top.

Check out the video of the Nissan GT-R and the Nissan Juke-R get put through their paces.

Source: Auto Express

If there was every any skepticism surrounding the Nissan Juke-R , this amateur video of the Nissan UK project taking on some of the world’s most powerful supercars is all the evidence Nissan needs to validate the tuned-up crossover.

The site of this race is the Dunlop 24 Hours of Dubai, where the Juke-R incidentally served as the official safety car. We can imagine that this race was set up pretty quickly with the Juke-R taking on a Lamborghini Gallardo , a Ferrari 458 Italia, and a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG on a short and improvised sprint track.

With the credentials of the European exotics, it appears that the Juke-R has some serious competition - at least until the light turned green. That’s when the Juke-R simply flexed its GT-R-powered muscles, blasting the three exotics like they were plastic traffic cones.

Surprising is an understatement, but we do have to pay attention to the track conditions. It wasn’t the best one for racing, but all things considered, elements included, the Juke-R more than held its own against three of the most powerful exotic cars in the world.

Consider us very impressed.

Source: YouTube

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