Nissan Juke

Nissan Juke

This commercial is a far cry from the last commercial we saw featuring the Nissan Juke – that one, for a lack of a better word, has ‘weird’ written all over it – and much to our delight, this new ad is certainly right up our alley.

We know the Juke is capable of a lot of things, but to be able to pull off some pretty sick donuts – the kind we enjoy doing to our cars, not the kind we stuff our mouths silly with – is a definite turn-on for prospective buyers of Nissan’s quirky little crossover.

We just hope that in the event you find yourself in that dude’s shoes – pun intended, by the way – you might want to take the more prudent action and use the doors of the donut shop instead of crashing through a glass window.

We’re just saying.

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There really isn’t a whole lot of words we could use to describe this video other than if you choose words like ‘spooky’, ‘creepy’ and ‘weird’. Whether or not Nissan intentionally made this Nissan Juke ad that way, well, they’re the only ones that can explain it.

Nevertheless, if you go past all the spookiness and look at this in a glass half full sort of way, Nissan is positioning the Juke as a vehicle that’s brimming with energy, enough to power an otherwise doldrum city. If you look at it that way, then this ad isn’t all that bad. Heck, that image of a pseudo Richard Simmons in a stationary bike does add a bit of humor to it, although that in itself is still a little creepy given how the whole tenet of this commercial runs.

In any case, there is something to be said about this commercial. If for nothing else, we can all take comfort in knowing that the Juke crossover can never be associated as a boring car. Weird? Maybe. Bland? Not after this ad.

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The Japanese automaker Nissan has revealed the first official details on it’s latest crossover, the Juke , a CUV that will be coming to America this fall, before the car’s official debut in March at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show. With an almost identical design to the Qazana concept, the new Juke was designed to "inject some masculinity and dynamism into the small car market" with its chunky wheels, wide tires, extended ground clearance and robust stance. Meanwhile the interior features a center console that was inspired by a motorcycle’s gas tank.

The European market will get three engine choices: one diesel and two 1.6 Liter gas burning units. The most powerful will be the new turbocharged MR16DDT complete with technologies like direct injection to deliver a total of 190 HP and 177 lb-ft of torque. Then there is a 16 valve naturally aspirated unit that produces a more economical 117 HP, while the 1.5 Liter dCi common rail diesel cranking out 110 HP takes over duties for the alternatively fueled crowd.

The new Juke will be offered in Visia, Acenta and Tekna trim levels, with a total of nine color choices for the exterior, including two shades of white, both solid and pearl, and three other hues unique to the Juke: Force Red, Haptic Blue and Machine Brown. One thing is for certain the new Juke will definitely turn the small CUV market on its head.

Updated 08/11/2010: Nissan today announced prices for the 2011 Juke crossover. The car will go on sale in October and will be priced at $18,960 USD. The 2011 Juke is available in eight models, each powered by a standard 1.6-liter Direct Injection Gasoline Turbo engine rated at 188 horsepower and 177 lb-ft of torque. Hit the jump to see prices for each of them.

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We have yet to see how well the new Nissan Juke will sell in the United States, but Japan is eating them up at record pace. It’s affordable, looks pretty good and offers plenty of room in a small compact crossover, all for under $20,000.

Nissan knew theJuke was going to sell, but they had imagined that it would be around 1,300 orders in the first month. Amazingly, Nissan has sold 11,000 Jukes in Japan, with over 5,296 orders in the first week alone.

The most popular color for the Juke buyers is Radiant Red and the most chosen interior color is red. Sapphire Black came in second with White Pearl in third. We would have chosen Pacific Blue, but only 2 percent did.

The Juke also appears to be a male car. Almost 20 percent of Jukes sold were to men, age 50 or over. Who said the older generation didn’t like change?

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Don’t look now, but a certain Nissan crossover is jukin’ and jivin’ it’s way to the top of the sales charts over in Japan. If you didn’t get our little play of words there, let’s do it in simpler terms.

The Nissan Juke - see! - has been such a hit in the Land of the Rising Sun that it’s been selling faster than a box set of discounted anime novels. According to Nissan, the little Juke that could has surpassed the company’s estimated orders in its first month by a whopping 300%. In just a week’s time since it was launched back in June 6, Nissan has already sold 1,300 units of the Juke and according to reports, orders for the Juke through Tuesday has already reached 5,296 units.

The Juke’s stronger-than-expected showing in its home country could be a sign of things to come for the quirky crossover as it is expected to set sail for Europe and North America in the coming months. When that happens, consumers should expect the crossover to be priced under $20,000. Whether or not it’s positive run in Japan translates to a positive reception in other parts of the world is still anybody’s guess, but if we were Nissan, we would take whatever good news came our way and the Juke’s strong showing in Japan is enough for us to open a bottle of sake and sing the night away in a local karaoke pub.

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Nissan ’s new baby crossover, the Juke , is scheduled to make its debut at the Geneva Motor Show, but according to Nissan, they’re planning to release the first batch of official photos and technical specifications a little ahead of schedule.

The official photos of the Juke will be released on Wednesday, February 10, giving all of us a sneak peek of the crossover that is being touted as being based on the polarizing Qazana concept that was unveiled last year.

Despite supposedly looking like the Qazana concept, the Juke is still expected to have a few unique modifications of its own. More importantly, Nissan will also be releasing details behind the car, which should end speculation regarding the performance capabilities of the baby crossover.

After its unveiling at the Geneva Motor Show concludes, Nissan is expected to start producing the Juke where, according to Carlos Tavares, chairman of Nissan America, the crossover is expected to find its way into dealerships in the US sometime towards the latter part of the year.

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The Japanese automaker Nissan will add a fourth crossover to their lineup at the Geneva Motor Show with the all new Juke. Inspired by the current Qazana concept. The compact CUV will be slotted somewhere between the compact family car, Note, and the other crossover, the Qashqai. According to the manufacturer, "The Nissan Juke has been designed and developed to give customers an alternative to the traditional small hatchback in Europe." and will feature a fresh fun design like the Kia Soul and open up a whole new market segment for Nissan.

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