Nissan Note

Nissan Note

Like most Japanese automakers, Nissan has come up with an array of technologies that aim to improve the automobiles in its lineup. The GT-R ’s advanced powertrain and chassis, the Leaf EV and its upcoming autonomous vehicle come to mind.

While the self-driving Nissan is still at least five years away and will probably arrive alongside similar vehicles from Toyota or Ford , the company has just announced a brand-new technology that might become available on production cars in the future.

This time we’re not talking about a revolutionary engine or a vehicle that runs on alternative fuels, but an innovative paint technology that repels the mud, rain and the dirt automobiles are subjected to each and every day. In short, Nissan claims it has created a self-cleaning car with help from a super-hydrophobic and oleophobic paint.

Dubbed Ultra-Every Dry, the innovation consists of a special coating that creates "a protective layer of air" between the paint and the environment that stops water and dirt from leaving marks on the car’s body. To demonstrate the technology, Nissan used an Euro-spec Note model that had one side coated with the said paint, while the other remained as it came from the factory.

The result is pretty impressive, but it won’t run car washes out of business just yet. The product is still in its testing phase and Nissan says there are currently no plan for the technology to be offered to the public. However, the feature could become available as a "future aftermarket option" at a date that has yet to be unveiled.

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Nissan has announced the first details on the new generation Note - a new global compact car which made its world premiere at the Osanbashi venue in Yokohama. The new model will go on sale in Fall 2012 and aims to become the most user-friendly car in its segment.

When compared to the previous generation, the new Note has adopted a new striking character line - known as the ’Squash Line’ - and an aerodynamic body shape identified thanks to its distinctive front grille, headlamps, and rear combination lamps.

The new Note was built on a lightweight platform and is offered with a choice of two new engines, including the new supercharged HR12DDR (DIG-S) and the HR12DE. The model has also received the next-generation XTRONIC CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) combined with a start-stop system for the new three-cylinder supercharged, direct injection DIG-S engine. With these improvements, the new Note delivers an impressive fuel economy of 25.2 km/L.

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. today announced that the new Note compact car will go on sale at dealers throughout Japan beginning on January 16. Since the original Note’s debut in January 2005, it has garnered customer accolades for its quick acceleration, quiet and comfortable driving manner, comfortable roomy interior and convenient double-decker multi-configurable trunk.

From 1 September 2007 NISSAN will introduce an alternative styling choice to the award winning NOTE range known as the ACENTA R with an on the road price starting from £11840. Before you run home to dust off your racing boots the R stands for Red to acknowledge the unique black on red detailing in the upholstery for the seats and door pockets, plus an exterior colour designed to get your heart pounding called Emotion Red. If Red is not your favourite paint colour then it can also be selected in a pearl Black metallic.

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Combining the interior space of an executive saloon with the agility of a conventional small hatchback, Nissan’s unconventional NOTE is designed to appeal to the head and the heart. Emotional and practical appeal NOTE, developed from the Tone show car shown at the 2004 Paris motor show, has been designed to appeal on both emotional and practical levels. As well as having the roomiest interior in its class – and a wealth of innovative storage opportunities – NOTE is also fun to drive. “After (...)

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