Nissan Patrol

Nissan Patrol

Of all the cars that are being penciled in for the 2012 Geneva Motor Show , one of the most interesting has to be the Invader N40.

Unlike a lot of the tuning programs that are usually unveiled at a major show like Geneva, the Invader N40 isn’t based on a sports car or a luxury car. What it is is a Nissan Patrol , which, last we checked, isn’t exactly considered a tuning favorite.

Having said that, the Invader N40 is a different beast altogether. Built and designed by Invader Technologies, the N40 is considered the ultimate customization program for the Patrol, with about as many aerodynamic modifications as any other tuning program we’ve seen in quite some time.

The wide body kit is only the beginning of it. There’s also a restyled front end that features Invader signature LED lights to go with blackened headlights, and plenty of carbon fiber detailing added into the body panels of the SUV. On top of that, Invader also fitted the N40 with a brand-spankin’ new set of 22" forged multi-piece alloy wheels to give the SUV a far more aggressive stance and overall look.

Inside, the N40 sports plenty of other modifications, particularly the prevalent use of carbon fiber, high-grade leather, and Alcantara, three materials that you usually won’t find in a Patrol.

Invader has yet to reveal what they did under the hood of the N40, but one thing they did say was that it won’t come with the same 600-horsepower Invader supercharger that it’s previous creation, the L60, carried. It’s going to be interesting, to say the least, to see what kind of performance modifications they added to the N40 because if there’s one thing we know about these guys, it’s that they don’t hold anything back.

Nissan revealed details on the new generation Patrol, the biggest SUV in the company’s line-up, with a history of more than five decades. Featuring new exterior design and new roomier interior, the new Patrol will compete with models like Toyota Land Cruiser.

The SUV is powered by a 5.6-litre V8 engine with VVEL (variable valve event and lift) and DIG (direct injection gasoline) technologies that generate 400hp and 550Nm of torque. The SUV sits on four-wheel independent suspension, and features technologies like: hydraulic brakes, hill start assist, and hill descent control.

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You know when people say that they have good news and bad news?
Well, we have one for you loyal followers of the Nissan Patrol . The good news is that the next generation Patrol has been earmarked to have its world debut on February 14 in the United Arab Emirates and that six lucky people will get a chance to win an all-expense paid trip to see the event.

The bad news is that the competition is only eligible for a select number of countries in the Middle East (U.A.E., Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, and Kuwait). Now, if you’re a TopSpeed reader from these areas, all you need to do is answer a simple survey at the Welcome the Hero website to have a chance at getting a front-row seat to the world premier of the Patrol luxury SUV.

Incidentally, Nissan is building up the Patrol as ‘The Hero of All Terrain’, complete with its own website and a detailed history of the intrinsic communion between the luxury SUV and the Middle East dating back to the 50’s. Like we said, we all have to take the good news with the bad and while us folks here in the US won’t have a chance to enter this contest, we’ll settle for knowing that the next-generation Patrol has finally arrived.

That, in itself, is pretty good news.

On 17 December Nissan will launch special versions of both the Navara Pickup and Patrol 4x4 to commemorate its successful tie-up with the high-profile ‘Long Way Down’ expedition, currently being shown on Sunday evenings on BBC2. Travelling from John o’Groat’s to Cape Town earlier this year, actors Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman completed their epic 15,000 mile journey on motor bikes, supported for the entire trip by a crew traveling in two Nissan Patrols.

Nissan Australia revealed the latest version of the Patrol DX called Walkabout. It features 16” alloy wheels a six-disc in-dash CD player, alloy side steps, snorkel, cargo barrier, alloy bullbar and towbar.

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